August 2020 Dividend Income

Hi everyone and welcome to my August dividend income post. This is my favourite post to write, in it I will share with you everything that went on with me in terms of investing. On the personal side August was a sad month for me as we had to say goodbye to our dog who got sick very quickly.

Let’s go from that sad news and talk investing as that is why you are here. For me and probably a lot of investors August is quiet for me I had 12 stocks and 1 ETF pay me a dividend. My income saw a decrease this month, in fact a 18.27% decline. Mostly due to me selling a couple of stocks over the last few months but the dividend cuts also had an impact. In my TFSA account I am happy to report that at the end of the month I maxed out my contribution room. Also another bit of good news in my TFSA in regards to Brookfield Renewable Partners the company created Brookfield Renewable Corporation by doing this it will allow them to draw in more investor dollars. This is beneficial to me because I was awarded 7 shares of the new corporation.

My August dividend income came in at $437.33 as mentioned above this is a decline of 18.27% or $97.78 compared with last August. My income per account is as follows.

  • RRSP $302.04
  • TFSA $131.31
  • LIRA $3.98

I had two US stocks pay me this month so here is the currency that I received the dividends in. Just a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I donโ€™t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD $99.76
  • CDN $337.57

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Royal Bank of Canada$97.92$104.76
Bank of Montreal$93.73$97.52
Texas Instruments$20.70
Inter Pipeline$36.85
Realty Income Corp$10.65

As you can see my income fell slightly here as the stocks I sold off were the cause of the decline. Nothing new happened in this account other than I was able to drip a new share each of Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal.

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

BMO International Dividend ETF$38.79$35.04
Plaza Retail REIT$24.61$27.95
Inter Pipeline$34.49$12.36
SmartCentres REIT$10.79
The Keg Royalties Income Fund$28.47$10.75
Bank of Montreal$10.60
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT$9.55$9.55
European Residential REIT$4.01$7.79
Royal Bank of Canada$5.40
Chorus Aviation$18.16
Laurentian Bank$62.70

Big decline in this account mainly due to my selling of Laurentian Bank shares. My new investments helped narrow the loss. My dividend ETF at the top cut it’s distribution again for September which is probably to be expected with the pandemic ongoing.

Locked In Retirement Account (LIRA)

Diversified Royalty Corp$3.52$3.98


# of SharesForward Income
Plaza Retail REIT7$1.96
Diversified Royalty Corp2$0.40
Royal Bank of Canada1$4.32
Bank of Montreal1$4.24
European Residential REIT1$0.15
BMO International Dividend ETF1Keeps Changing

I did pretty good in the month for new shares added to the portfolio. I didn’t write in a dollar value for my new share of the International Dividend ETF as they go up & down more frequently with ETTs, in fact for the September payment the distribution has dropped again.

Year Over Year Dividends

2020 Dividend Goal

Well folks I am just $4,237.30 away from reaching my goal for the year. Over the next four months I need to average $1,059.32 to achieve this.

Stock Purchases Or Additions

  • Open Text 8 shares
  • Brookfield Renewable Corporation 7 shares. Awarded when Corporation was created.
  • XAW ETF 1 share

Dividend Increases/Decreases

There were no dividend increases or decreases this month. In September I am expecting at least two or three raises.

How was August for you?

Thanks for Reading!



18 thoughts on “August 2020 Dividend Income

  1. Sorry to hear about the dog…we had to put ours down a few months back too…always sucks losing a pet/friend.

    On the plus side, nice news about maxing out the TFSA! Curious to see what you decide to do with your portfolio going forward (based on your comments on twitter).


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  2. Not bad Matthew $437.33, me too, I only got 321,47$ for August, one of my lowest month in dividend actually. I choose the ETF XIT for the canadian tech, less trouble than investing individually like OTEX or ENGH. Keep up the good work man ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘ #dividendinvesting #dividendincome

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  3. Seems like a relatively quiet month. But that can be a good thing in this environment.
    Outside of the income drop due to the portfolio changeup, it’s looking good. You continue to add some shares here and there. Pair that with those raises you are expecting and the growth will resume.

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