This page is dedicated to my portfolio it shows you my investments. My portfolio is made up of three accounts. A Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and a Locked In Retirement Account (LIRA).


  • Aecon 155 shares
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard 103.1421 shares
  • BCE 97.3057 shares
  • Brookfield Renewable Partners Corporation 145.3938 shares
  • Bank of Montreal 104.9352 shares
  • Chorus Aviation 509 shares
  • Canadian National Railway 54.436 shares
  • Emera 31.5553 shares
  • Enbridge 148.2382 shares
  • Equitable Bank 70 shares
  • Fortis 96.2233 shares
  • Go Easy Ltd 35 shares
  • Manulife Financial 259 shares
  • Power Corp of Canada 122 shares
  • Royal Bank of Canada 92.518 shares
  • Telus 238 shares
  • TC Energy 76.5272 shares


WealthSimple Trade RRSP

Canadian Stocks/ETFs

  • iShares Core MSCI All Country ex Canada Index ETF  241 shares
  • Algonquin Power & Utilities 512 shares     

RBC Direct Investing RRSP US Stocks

  • Apple 52 shares
  • AbbVie 78.7348 shares
  • Bank of America 100 shares
  • General Dynamics 40 shares
  • Home Depot 23 shares
  • Johnson & Johnson 40 shares
  • Lockheed Martin 30 shares
  • 3M Company 20 shares
  • Altria Group 144 shares
  • Merck & Co Inc 55 shares
  • Microsoft 26 shares
  • Organon & Co. 39 shares
  • Pfizer 75 shares
  • Pinnacle West Capital 50 shares
  • Texas Instruments 39 shares
  • Verizon Communications 95 shares
  • Visa 15 shares


  • Enbridge                                   132 shares


15 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. I am officially an economist, but the profession has become so bogged down in the most ridiculous crap. I do not work specifically as an economist I work for NGO and I am currently doing another degree in Political Economy, and then a Masters in Public Policy. My aim is to get the public educated about the realities of how our federal and provincial monetary systems really operate. Politicians and 99 percent of orthodox economist suffer from cognitive dissonance, economics is a social science, but economist are not even close to be able to call them self scientists, they are subjective rather than objective. Well I wish I knew how to set up this kind site, the main reason I am contacting you is I am turning 45 in september and have 0000 investments or savings, and I know that my profession pays above average for other social science disciplines,but I can teach you all about macro and micro economics, but I do not know anything about investing in the markets , now I actually do have a little over $100, 000.00 in trust at the court of queens bench, and its been there almost 6 years, so I have decided that I am getting a lawyer and requesting my money and I want to do my own investing, how did you learn so much about this topic, I was honestly gpoing to put it all int Mainstreet Equity Corporation, and then just keep putting all my extra cash into MSEC and hope that by 65 thats 20 years I will have $1,000,000.00 in stock and that would afford me enough income to retire in latin america. How does one calculate your dividends to see if a million would be enough, naturally you would have to estimate the price of the stock and whatever other variables, and guess what that is exactly what economists do make a really confusing mathematical model that no one else including themselves really understand, and they of course (ask Greenspan, and Bernanke) always get it wrong and the more time you are wrong you economic model falls apart, then you get a Nobel Peace Prize in Economic Science. So I do not expect absolute accuracy just a general rough estimate.
    Sorry for blabbing,


    1. Hi Chris

      Like you I started late in life at 50 years old. I started almost 3 years ago and have had some ups and downs but I love this side of things and am constantly learning. What Mathew is doing is not rocket science and is looking fairly safe long term. He can probably teach both of us a thing or two. But so could I and so could you. The difference between him and us is that he is 20-30 years ahead of us. But we have our own education and experience also.

      Myself, I need more growth to achieve my goals and so I have some large cap dividend payers like Shaw (SJR.A), Parkland Corp (PKI) and Canwel Building Products (CWX) I swing trade Nutrien (NTR). The balance of my funds I mostly swing trade for short terms (anywhere from a day or two to a couple of months or so). I don’t always win but I am starting to win more. As I build my pot I will put some away in long term holds like I mentioned. The other thing I do is try to have cash on hand for big drops in the large caps (TD, Telus, Enbridge, Suncor etc.) and plan on buying in on those events.

      I envy your education in economics as I feel it would help me better with Macro in particular. If you are interested in exchanging ideas and sharing your knowledge a bit. I would be more than willing to share some of my experiences. I am not selling anything (other than Cedar Products through my work – LOL) but I can maybe help fill in some blanks on where to start and where to find some good information. Once you get past the BS that is out there you will find your way. If you are interested please look me up on Twitter or Facebook and DM me.

      Mathew, I really like your portfolio and have more questions for you as well. I will definitely stay in touch as you strike me as a positive and successful person and I like exchanging ideas with people like you. I have been following Mark Seed and Twentyfree something among others on Twitter. I’m glad I came across your blog there.

      John Shafi

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  2. Great Portfolio for only 13 years of investing. I am starting late in life. I started at 50 and am now 53. I envy you starting so young. That said, I do not beat myself up for how late I started. Life and family got in the way. I plan on making up for lost time so I read, lots! Keep up the good work. I will book mark this and check in from time.


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  3. I am 30 this year and my portfolio is about $100k. Am aiming to reach $150,000 maybe at 35 or 37? My target milestone of passive income from my dividends is $1000/mth. Cheers to dividend reinvesting Matthew!

    Love from Singapore

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  4. Nice article,
    any thoughts on this BTSX portfolio 30yr record.
    A 30+ year track record
    As of the end of 2020, the 30 year average rate of return using the “Beating the TSX” method was 11.41%. To put this in context, the benchmark index rate of return was 9.19% over the same time period.

    There is not a single mutual fund in Canada with a track record of such out-performance. In fact, even though 2020 was a rare down year, BTSX has outperformed the benchmark over the last 10, 20 and 30 years.


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