August 2019 Dividend Income

August Dividend Post

Hello and welcome everyone to my August dividend income post. I will share with you everything that happened in August with my investment accounts. I bet there are some very happy parents today as the kids go back to school this morning. This month I received dividend payments from 12 stocks and 1 ETF. My income for August was $535.14 I skipped the $400’s and went straight to the $500’s lol.

The income breakdown per account is as follows:

  • RRSP $310.84
  • TFSA $220.78
  • LIRA $3.52

I had two US stocks pay me so here is the currency in which I received the dividends in. Just as a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD $82.34
  • CDN $452.77


2018 2019
Royal Bank of Canada $72.38 $97.92
Bank of Montreal $68.16 $93.73
AbbVie $71.69
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Realty Income Corp $13.45 $10.65
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $17.18
BMO International Dividend ETF $9.72
Alimentaion Couche-Tard $4.20
BMO US Dividend ETF $32.02
Total $217.11 $310.84

The banks led the way for me this month with those nice juicy dividends that they pay. I decided to sell my Inter Pipeline shares for this account so this is the last month I will receive dividend in my RRSP account.


2018 2019
Laurentian Bank $62.70
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79
Inter Pipeline $33.04 $34.49
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.47
Plaza Retail Reit $23.96 $24.61
Chorus Aviation $17.72 $18.16
Canadian Apartment Properties Reit $9.20 $9.55
European Residential Reit $4.01
Artis Reit $14.49
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Corus Entertainment $18.91
Total $145.33 $220.78

Some nice growth here thanks to the payments from Laurentian Bank and the ETF. I have the drip up and running now on all stocks so we should see some modest growth this time next year.


2018 2019
Diversified Royalty Corp $3.52
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $3.52

Nothing going on with this account I still just have the two stocks in it.


With my drip up and running now I was able to drip a few more shares and add some additional forward income to my portfolio.

# of Shares Forward Income
Plaza Retail Reit 5 $1.40
Chorus Aviation 2 $0.96
Inter Pipeline 1 $1.71
The Keg Royalties Income Fund 1 $1.13
Total 9 $5.20

I thought I was going to be able to drip a share of Bank of Montreal but I guess I missed the ex dividend date. I can’t complain though I will take a $5.20 boost to my future income.

2016 to 2019 Dividends

The chart shows the upward trajectory of my dividend journey to date. Hopefully it will continue years into the future. 🙂

Dividend Goal For 2019

I’m just $3,097.55 away from my goal. I will need to receive $774.39 per month in order to reach my goal.

Stock Purchases

August was very busy for me in terms of stock purchases, here is what I bought.

  • 21 shares of Suncor
  • 20 shares of Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • 10 shares of Microsoft
  • 10 shares of Texas Instruments
  • 10 shares of 3M (MMM)
  • 59 shares of Bank of Nova Scotia


Stock Sells

I sold a couple of stocks this month.

  • 256 shares of Inter Pipeline (RRSP shares only, I still own shares in TFSA)
  • 95 shares of Laurentian Bank


Dividend Raises

I received three raises from in the month.

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Altria Group
  • Bank of Nova Scotia


Well folks there is my August recap for you. Please feel free to comment below. How did you guys do this month?

Thanks for reading




*New Post* Sold One Bank and Bought Another

Laurentian Bank


Hi everyone I decided to do a Labour Day weekend post on a trade I did Friday. Over the past week I was looking at my portfolio specifically at my Tax Free Savings Account and wondered if I had too many stocks at this present time. I came to the conclusion that I only needed to have one bank stock in this account for the time being. Before Friday I held Laurentian Bank and Bank of Nova Scotia.

Over the past couple of weeks the Canadian Banks announced their recent quarterly earnings and Bank of Nova Scotia had a decent quarter whereas Laurentian had a somewhat so so quarter with earnings down. The earnings reports didn’t influence my decision to sell, but they did I guess help reinforce that you will have better opportunities with Canada’s big six banks over the regional ones. I feel at this present time that Bank of Nova Scotia has the better growth opportunities and business model.

The Sell

I sold all of my shares (95) of Laurentian Bank at $43.64 I made a small profit of 3.47% on capital appreciation.

The Buy



With the money from the Laurentian Bank shares I was able to purchase another 59 shares of Bank of Nova Scotia at @70.93 per share. With these new shares my share count now stands at 104. I will now be able to drip one additional share in October when the bank pays their dividend on Oct 29th.


By making this decision in the short term my dividend income will actually fall by  $38.40 per year. But I figure that I can quickly close this shortfall by dripping new shares and the dividend increases the bank announces every year.

So what do you think of my decision? Do you have thoughts on both banks? I would love to hear them so please feel free to leave a comment bottom.

Thanks for reading


Four New Stock Purchases

Hey everyone today I wanted to share some purchases I made last week with you. Last Monday I sold some of my shares of Inter Pipeline and you can read about that here.  From that transaction I put the proceeds into the US side of my account leaving me with about $5,200 to spend. Last week we saw some volatility in the markets, they began the week down then up and back down again. After Wednesday I stopped looking. Why did I stop looking? I stopped because I am a long term investor who try’s to buy quality stocks and hold them for long periods of time, and also because I spent all my money on Wednesday 🙂

Before making my purchases I took a look at my portfolio and noticed that I was weak in the following sectors: industrials, healthcare, tech and consumer defensive. My weakest being tech so I tried to focus on stocks in those sectors. I believe I selected some good quality stocks to help boost my portfolio. As the title says I made four purchases all on Wednesday and they were all US. Not only do these buys help me in the sectors above they also help me to diversify away from my home Country of Canada. Three of these stocks are brand new to my portfolio. All of these stocks were purchased in my Registered Retirement Savings Plan account for tax purposes.

The first stock I bought was: Walgreens Boots Alliance


Walgreens Boots Alliance is the largest retail pharmacy, health and daily living destination across the U.S. and Europe. Walgreens Boots Alliance and the companies in which it has equity method investments together have a presence in more than 25 countries and employ more than 415,000 people. The company is a global leader in pharmacy-led, health and well being retail and, together with its equity method investments, has more than 18,500 stores in 11 countries as well as one of the largest global pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution networks, with more than 390 distribution centers delivering to more than 230,000 pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals each year in more than 20 countries. In addition, Walgreens Boots Alliance is one of the world’s largest purchasers of prescription drugs and many other health and well being products.

The company’s portfolio of retail and business brands includes Walgreens, Duane Reade, Boots and Alliance Healthcare, as well as increasingly global health and beauty product brands, such as No7, Soap & Glory, Liz Earle, Sleek MakeUP and Botanics.

(Source: Walgreens Boots Alliance website)

I thought Walgreens would be a good addition to my portfolio as it helps me in the consumer defensive sector. Walgreens as mentioned above is a huge business with more 18,500 stores located in 11 countries. The stock is near its 52 week low and thought it was a good time to buy.

On July 10th Walgreens announced their latest dividend increase and this marked their 44th consecutive year in which they have raised their dividend. With the announcement they now pay a quarterly dividend of $0.4575.


I purchased 20 shares @ $50.74. These shares will provide with $9.15 in quarterly income and $36.60 in annual dividend income.

The second stock I bought was: 3M (MMM)


3M Company develops, manufactures, and markets various products worldwide. It operates through four business segments: Safety & Industrial, Transportation & Electronics, Health Care, and Consumer. The Safety & Industrial segment offers personal safety products, adhesives and tapes, abrasives, closure and masking systems, electrical markets, automotive aftermarket, and roofing granules. The Transportation & Electronics provides electronics, such as display materials and systems, electronic materials solutions; automotive, aerospace, and commercial solutions; advanced materials; and transportation safety products. This segment serves transportation and electronic original equipment manufacturer customers. The Health Care segment offers medical solutions, oral care, separation and purification sciences, health information systems, drug delivery systems, and food safety products. The Consumer segment provides home improvement, home care, and consumer health care products, as well as stationery and office supplies. This segment is also involved in the retail auto care business. The company serves automotive, electronics and automotive electrification, appliance, paper and printing, packaging, food and beverage, construction, medical clinics and hospitals, pharmaceuticals, dental and orthodontic practitioners, health information systems, food manufacturing and testing, consumer and office retail, office business to business, home improvement, drug and pharmacy retail, and other markets. 3M Company was founded in 1902 and is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

3M is a stock I’ve had on my radar for awhile now and I finally decided to pick up some shares when I had the cash. 3M helps me in the industrial sector. 3M over the last few months has had it’s share price continue to slowly drop I believe this is due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China. This stock was also near it’s 52 week low and looked like a good entry price for me.

3M is a dividend aristocrat and that means the company has raised their dividend at least 25 consecutive years. In fact according to the company’s website they have raised the dividend for the last 60 years. Quite impressive if I may say so. 3M currently pays a quarterly dividend of $1.44.


I purchased 10 shares @ $159.68, these shares will add $14.40 in quarterly income and $57.60 annually.

The third stock I purchased was: Texas Instruments


texas instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated designs, manufactures, and sells semiconductors to electronics designers and manufacturers worldwide. It operates in two segments, Analog and Embedded Processing. The Analog segment offers power products to manage power requirements in various levels using battery management solutions, portable components, power supply controls, point-of-load products, switches and interfaces, integrated protection devices, high-voltage products, and mobile lighting and display products. This segment also provides signal chain products that sense, condition, and measure signals to allow information to be transferred or converted for further processing and control for use in amplifier, data converter, interface product, motor drive, clock, and sensing product end-markets; and integrated analog and standard products, which are primarily for sale into personal electronics, industrial, and automotive markets. The Embedded Processing segment offers connected microcontrollers, such as microcontrollers, microcontrollers with integrated wireless capabilities, and stand-alone wireless connectivity solutions that are used in electronic equipment to sense, connect, log, and transfer data; digital signal processors for mathematical computations; and applications processors for specific computing activity. This segment offers products for use in various markets, principally industrial and automotive. The company also provides DLP products, primarily for use in projectors to create high-definition images; calculators; and application-specific integrated circuits. Texas Instruments Incorporated markets and sells its semiconductor products through direct sales and distributors, as well as online. The company was founded in 1930 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

I selected Texas Instruments because it would fit perfectly in my portfolio and help boost my technology holdings. The company is a free cash flow machine in 2014 free cash flow was $3.8B and in 2018 it reached $6.1B representing 38% of the company’s revenue. When I purchased the stock shares were were much closer to their 52 week high than it’s low. I’m not too worried about that I have plans to hold this stock for quite awhile.

Texas Instruments have grown their dividend for the past 15 consecutive years with impressive growth. Over the last five years the dividend has had a compounded annual growth rate of 21%. The 2018 dividend only consumed 42% of the company’s free cash flow meaning their is still plenty of room for the dividend to continue to grow. The dividend currently sits at $0.77 quarterly.

The Purchase

I purchased 10 shares @ $121.18, these shares will provide me $7.70 in quarterly dividend income and $30.80 in annual income.

The fourth and final purchase is: Microsoft



Microsoft Corporation develops, licenses, and supports software, services, devices, and solutions worldwide. The company’s Productivity and Business Processes segment offers Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Security and Compliance, and Skype for Business, as well as related Client Access Licenses (CAL); and Skype,, and OneDrive. It also provides LinkedIn that includes Talent and marketing solutions, and subscriptions; and Dynamics 365, a set of cloud-based and on-premises business solutions for small and medium businesses, large organizations, and divisions of enterprises. The company’s Intelligent Cloud segment licenses SQL and Windows Servers, Visual Studio, System Center, and related CALs; GitHub that provides a collaboration platform and code hosting service for developers; and Azure, a cloud platform. It also provides support services and Microsoft consulting services to assist customers in developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft server and desktop solutions; and training and certification to developers and IT professionals on various Microsoft products. The company’s More Personal Computing segment offers Windows OEM licensing and other non-volume licensing of the Windows operating system; Windows Commercial comprising volume licensing of the Windows operating system, Windows cloud services, and other Windows commercial offerings; patent licensing; Windows Internet of Things; and MSN advertising. It also provides Microsoft Surface, PC accessories, and other intelligent devices; Gaming, including Xbox hardware, and Xbox software and services comprising Xbox Live transactions, subscriptions, cloud services, and advertising; and video games and third-party video game royalties, as well as Search, including Bing and Microsoft advertising. Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

I already own shares of Microsoft (11 shares) before this purchase. I thought this was a good time to add to my position. I believe Microsoft has a long and bright future ahead of itself.

Microsoft pays a quarterly dividend of $0.46.

The Purchase

I purchased an additional 10 shares @ $134.70, these will provide me $4.60 in quarterly income and $18.40 annually.

Well folks that’s a wrap. I’ve now spent all of my money and will be on the sidelines for the next couple of months. What do you think of my purchases? I feel like I have better diversified my portfolio for the future, for example my tech sector only consisted of 11 Microsoft shares before these buys.

Thanks for reading


Sold Some Inter Pipeline Shares



Hi everyone I just wanted to share with you a transaction I made on Monday August 12th. I decided to sell some of my shares in Inter Pipeline. I’ve held the stock for a few years now and like the company.

Why Did I Sell

At the time that I sold my shares I held the stock in two accounts my TFSA and RRSP. I only sold the shares in my RRSP account. Back in December of 2018 I bought 2018 shares and placed them in my RRSP account I did so because at the time I was taking the dividends I received in cash and the shares would help boost my income. A couple of weeks ago I decided to start the DRIP (Dividend Re-Investment Plan) for all of my stocks. By making this decision in my opinion in didn’t make sense to keep the stock in two accounts.

The Sell

Last week a takeover rumour and later confirmed by Inter Pipeline that they had received an offer to sell the company for $30 per share drove the shares up by about 13% taking my overall capital appreciation to about 25% so I thought it was a good time to sell my shares.

I sold 256 shares @ $24.82 per share. This decision has a major impact to my dividend income by selling these shares I will lose $438 in income annually.

With the proceeds I am going to invest in some US stocks that will better diversify my portfolio as I am weak in some sectors. So in the short run my dividend income becomes weaker but I think in the long run this will be a good decision on my part.

What do you guys think of my decision to sell Inter Pipeline shares?



Suncor Energy Purchase


Hi everyone just wanted to share with you a new purchase I made. On Tuesday August 6th I made a small buy and started a new position in Suncor Energy. The stock was purchased in my TFSA account.

What is Suncor Energy?

Suncor Energy Inc is a Canada-based integrated energy company. The Company is focused on developing Canada’s petroleum resource basin, Athabasca oil sands. The Company operates in three business segments: Oil Sands, Exploration and Production (E&P), and Refining and Marketing. The Company’s Oil Sands segment includes Oil Sands operations and Oil Sands ventures operations. Its E&P segment consists of offshore operations off the east coast of Canada and in the North Sea, and onshore assets in North America, Libya and Syria. The Company’s Refining and Marketing segment is engaged in Refining and Supply, and Marketing operations. In addition, it explores for, acquires, develops, produces and markets crude oil and natural gas in Canada and internationally. It transports and refines crude oil, and markets petroleum and petrochemical products primarily in Canada. It markets third-party petroleum products. The Company also conducts energy trading activities.

(Source: RBC Direct Investing)

On Tuesday a lot of the Canadian market was lower due to what happened with the stock market on Monday (Canadian market was closed on August 5th) so I signed into my trading account and noticed Suncor Energy was down and close to its 52 low I decided to buy a small position within the stock. The 52 week low is $35.53 and the high is $54.51. I believe the stock price is lower because of the regulatory environment here in Canada as it is increasing difficult to get pipelines built in this country. I believe if Keystone XL or Trans Mountain pipeline gets built or given the go ahead the share price will start climbing again.

Key 2018 Suncor Numbers

  • Oil production reached an all-time high of 732k barrels up from 685.3 (2017)
  • Funds from Operations reached $10.172B up from $9.139B in 2017
  • $5.4B returned to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases



Suncor Energy currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.42 per share. Which equates to an annually dividend of $1.68. The dividend has been raised for the 16 straight years including the 17% increase that was announced in the first quarter of 2019. The payout ratio is currently 43.2% (according to Yahoo Finance) so there is plenty of room for Suncor to continue to raise the dividend in future years.

The Purchase

I was able to purchase 21 shares @ $37.00 per share. This purchase will boost my forward income by $35.28

So what do you think of my purchase? Do you own Suncor or is it on your watchlist? Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading


July 2019 Dividend Income

dividends_cubes July 2019

Hey everyone and welcome to my July dividend income post. In this post I will look back and share with you everything I did in terms of investing. July turned out to be a busy month I made four purchases and sold one stock. I received payments from 16 stocks and 1 ETF my income for July was $632.54.

The income breakdown per account is as follows:

  • RRSP $420.84
  • TFSA $208.18
  • LIRA $3.52

I had three US stocks pay me so here is the currency in which I received the dividends in. Just as a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD $104.57
  • CDN $527.97


2018 2019
BCE $102.68 $110.95
TC Energy (TransCanada) $71.07 $109.50
Telus $53.03 $58.50
Altria Group $48.80
Algonquin Power & Utilities $52.37 $45.12
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Realty Income Corp $13.54 $10.65
North West Co. $0.32 $0.33
Leon’s Furniture $0.12 $0.14
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.95
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $17.11
Total $342.19 $420.84

Not too much going on with this account a couple of new investments in TC Energy and Altria Group helped boost the income, plus dividend increases from BCE and Telus.


2018 2019
Bank of Nova Scotia $39.15
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79
Inter Pipeline $32.90 $34.84
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.38
Plaza Retail REIT $23.84 $24.61
Chorus Aviation $17.64 $18.16
European Residential REIT $12.28
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $9.20 $9.55
Andrew Peller Ltd $2.42
Artis REIT $14.40
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Corus Entertainment $18.53
ZCL Composites Inc $30.65
Total $175.17 $208.18

There was a lot of turnover in my TFSA new investments from Bank of Nova Scotia and European Residential REIT helped propel my income over $200. At the bottom you can see four stocks that are no longer in my portfolio as I sold them or lost them when they went private (ZCL Composites Inc).


2018 2019
Diversified Royalty Corp $3.52
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $3.52

A tiny boost to my income from Diversified Royalty Corp this month as it was one of the stocks I purchased at the beginning of the month before the ex dividend date.


At the beginning of the month I had the broker turn on the DRIP (Dividend Re-investment Plan) for the stocks in my TFSA account. At the end of the month I decided to do this for all of my accounts. By the time the DRIP took effect I was able to DRIP from one stock.

  • The Keg Royalties Income Fund  1 share

This additional share adds $1.13 to my forward dividend income.

2016 To 2019 Dividends

2019 Dividend Goal

I crossed over the $4,000 mark in July so now I’m passed the halfway mark to reaching my goal of $8,000 in dividends this year.

Stock Purchases

  • 110 shares of Transcontinental
  • 70 shares of Diversified Royalty Corp
  • 20 shares of Bank of Montreal
  • 19 shares of Royal Bank of Canada


Stock Sell

I decided to take my 39% profit from Alimentation Couche-Tard and sell. I reinvested the profits into Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank of Canada.

Well fellow investors that is a wrap for my July. How was your month? Please feel free to comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading



Busy Week of July 8th to the 12th



Hi everyone I hope you are all well and getting a chance to enjoy summer. Today’s post is going to take a look back at last week. Last week turned out to be a busy week for my portfolio. Last Tuesday as you know I purchased Transcontinental here is the link to that post. After that though I made three more purchases and one sell, also I made a decision in regards to my Tax Free Savings Account which I think will help grow the account quicker.


Yes the drip (dividend re-investment plan) folks, on Wednesday July 10th I contacted my brokerage and asked them to turn on the drip for every stock in my Tax Free Savings Account. As you know over the last couple of years I have turned the drip on and off as I wasn’t able to make up my mind. I have chose to turn it on because I believe this will help grow my dividend income quicker in the years ahead. It is my goal double, triple and quadruple this account over the next few years.

I don’t think I will be able to drip any new shares in July so it should start in August 🙂


On July 11th I purchased 70 shares of Diversified Royalty Corp for my Locked In Retirement Account. I decided to add to my position within this company has I had some money available and wanted to put it to work for me. The company pays a monthly dividend of $0.0185 so this purchase will boost my income by $1.29 per month and $15.48 annually.


On July 12th I decided to sell my 42 shares in Alimentation Couche-Tard and take my 39% profit that I had since I first started buying the shares. I really like the company and maybe in the future I will buy their shares again. I sold because I wanted to invest in two of my bank stocks. I gave up capital appreciation for dividend growth.


The first stock that I used the proceeds on from Couche-Tard sale is the Bank of Montreal I purchased an additional 20 shares. BMO is one of the very first stocks I purchased when I started buying individual stocks. I am very happy to have been able to buy more shares. BMO pays a quarterly dividend of $1.03 per share. With this purchase my quarterly income will increase $20.60 and annually by $82.40.


The second buy from the Couche-Tard sale is Royal Bank of Canada. Royal Bank is also one of the very first stocks that I bought and I am always happy to buy more shares in this bank. On July 12th I was able to buy an additional 19 shares. Royal Bank of Canada pays a quarterly dividend of $1.02 and these new shares will boost my quarterly income by $19.38 and annually by $77.52.

After all these transactions my forward dividend income now stands at $7,690.

Well fellow investors what do you think of my decisions? Please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for reading!


New Purchase


Hi everyone thanks for stopping by. Today I just wanted to share with you a new purchase I made. On July 8th I purchased 110 shares of Transcontinental (Ticker: TCL.A). The stock was purchased in my Tax Free Savings Account.

Company Description

Transcontinental Inc is a Canada-based printing company. The Company has operations in print, flexible packaging, publishing and digital media, both in Canada and the United States. The Company’s segments include the Printing and Packaging Sector, and the Media Sector. The Printing and Packaging Sector includes the manufacturing activities of the Company, and generates revenues from various activities, such as the printing of retail flyers, magazines, newspapers, color books, personalized and mass marketing products, and the production of flexible packaging solutions in Canada and the United States. The Media Sector generates revenues through print and digital publishing products, in French and English, of various types, such as newspapers, educational books, specialized publications for professionals, retail promotional content, mass and personalized marketing, mobile and interactive applications, and geotargeted door-to-door and digital distribution services.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Over the last several months Transcontinental has popped up on my radar as I have seen other dividend investors purchase the stock. The company has been performing nicely in my opinion in terms of financials and executing their business plan. The stock is trading much closer to its 52-week low ($14.05) than its 52-week high ($32.36). The P/E ratio currently is 9.31 which is cheap.

The company has been increasing its dividend for the last 17 years. The payout ratio currently stands at 55.92% according to Yahoo Finance which provides the company to continue to raise the dividend if they choose. The dividend is paid quarterly at $0.22 per share.

The Purchase

I bought 110 shares @$14.75. This purchase will boost my income by $96.80 annually.

So what do you think of my purchase? Do you own the stock?



June 2019 Dividend Income

Hello and welcome everyone to my June income post. Also today is Canada Day so I would like to wish my fellow Canadians a happy and safe holiday.

Canada Day

June was a busy month for me in terms of dividends received. I had a great month, it was the best month I had in which no special distributions were paid out by any of my investments. I received payments from 17 stocks and 1 ETF. My income collect from these stocks came in at $718.53.

June money gif

The income breakdown per account is as follows:

  • RRSP $412.07
  • TFSA $227.49
  • LIRA $78.97

In June most of my US stocks paid me so my US income was higher this month here is the currency breakdown for June.

  • USD $75.60
  • CDN $642.93

To keep things nice and easy I pretend the US money is Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it.


2018 2019
Enbridge $98.64 $112.91
Power Corp $44.31 $93.56
Fortis $85.43 $93.15
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Lockheed Martin $17.60
Home Depot $16.32
Johnson & Johnson $18.59 $15.20
Bank of America $5.70 $10.80
Realty Income $13.44 $10.62
Microsoft $5.97 $5.06
Canadian Utilities $61.35
US Dividend ETF $31.88
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $17.04
Total $382.35 $412.07

New investments as well as dividend increases paved the way for growth in my RRSP. I did eliminate three positions, well really only two as Canadian Utilities is now in my TFSA account. You may notice that my US stocks paid me more last year well that was when my brokerage was converting the income for me. As mentioned above I now keep the US income in US dollars.


2018 2019
Canadian Utilities $65.10
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79
Inter Pipeline $32.76 $34.84
Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.38
Plaza REIT $23.73 $24.61
Chorus Aviation $17.56 $18.16
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $9.20 $9.55
Canadian National Railway $6.83 $8.06
Artis REIT $14.31
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Corus Entertainment $18.24
ZCL Composites Inc $90.80
Total $241.44 $227.49

My income decreased slightly here only because ZCL Composites Inc was bought and taken private earlier this year, so I no longer receive that special distribution.


2018 2019
Enbridge $76.75
Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $78.97

Not too much happening in this account 🙂

2016 To 2019 Dividends

Dividend Goal 2019

With the start of the second half of the year beginning today I look back at the first half and realize that I am pretty close to being on track to achieve my goal of receiving $8,000 in dividends this year. At the end of May I must admit I was having some doubts but now after looking at the gauge above I believe I can do it. I will just need to make some more purchases.

Stock Buy

  • Bought 7 shares of AbbVie

I bought 7 shares last week when the news broke that AbbVie was going to buy Allegren for $63 billion and the stock dropped 16%. This purchase added $29 to my forward dividend income.

Dividend Increases

  • Realty Income
  • Andrew Peller Ltd
  • Bank of America

These three increases I received will boost my forward dividend income by a further $9. After the increases and one purchase I made in June my forward dividend income now stands at $7,439.

Well folks that is a wrap on my June income post. I hope all of you had a great month as well. Please feel free to let me know how you did in the comment section.

Take Care!




May 2019 Dividend Income

May income

Hello and welcome to my dividend income post for May. In this post I will show you everything that happened in my portfolio. I will share all of the income I received from the 14 stocks and 1 ETF that paid me. Also all of the dividend increases (5) that I received and finally all of the trades I made (5).

In May I was paid a total of $482.69 from 14 stocks and 1 ETF in all three of my investment accounts. The account breakdown is as follows:

  • RRSP $261.21
  • TFSA $219.26
  • LIRA $2.22

Two of the stocks that paid me were US based and so I received some US money. Here is the breakdown of the currency that was received:

  • Canadian $407.87
  • US              $74.82

To keep things nice and easy I pretend the US money is Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it.


2018 2019
Royal Bank of Canada $72.38 $78.54
Bank of Montreal $66.03 $71.00
AbbVie $64.20
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Realty Income $13.14 $10.62
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.81
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.97
Total $200.33 $261.21

A quiet month for my RRSP account as not too many stocks pay me. My income did see a nice increase from my purchases of AbbVie and Inter Pipeline last December.


2018 2019
Laurentian Bank $61.75
Inter Pipeline $32.62 $34.84
Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.38
Plaza REIT $23.61 $24.61
BMO International Dividend ETF $22.23
Chorus Aviation $17.48 $18.16
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $8.85 $9.55
Artis REIT $14.22 $7.43
Corus Entertainment $18.05
Total $142.84 $219.26

A fairly busy month for my TFSA since most of the stocks are monthly dividend payers. The big reason for the income boost is from Laurentian Bank which I bought last fall.


2018 2019
Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $2.22

2016 To 2019 Dividends

Dividend Goal For 2019

As you can see I was able to cross the $3,000 mark in May. I am off track of reaching my goal of $8,000 but I am happy at my progress this year.

Stock Buys/Sells


I made the following buys in May.

  • Bank of Nova Scotia 18 shares
  • Power Corp 48 shares
  • BMO International Dividend ETF 184 shares


I sold two stocks this month.

  • Artis REIT
  • Boston Pizza Royalties Fund


Dividend Increases

May was a good month for my portfolio in terms of dividend increases. I received five raises, here they are.

  • Telus increases the dividend to $0.5625 up from $0.5450
  • Power Corp increases to $0.4050 up from $$0.3820
  • Algonquin Power & Utilities increases to $0.1410
  • Bank of Montreal increases to $1.03 up from $1.00
  • Laurentian Bank increases to $0.66 up from $0.65


Well folks that is all of my news for the month of May. I hope you all had a great month! Please feel free to share how you did in May in the comment section.