February 2019 Dividend Income


Hello everyone and welcome to my February dividend income post. We all know that February is best known for Valentine’s Day but I think investors should declare it the month of dividend raises. Everyday it seemed I was hearing a company raise their dividend also it seems every blogger or investor received at least 4 to 6 of these raises (I received 6).

In February I received $455.70 from 13 stocks and 1 ETF. February is one of my weaker months, but is it really weak when you receive over $400? Since January I keep my US dividends in US currency, and to keep things simple I am not converting the US currency I keep it all the same. Here is the breakdown currency wise for February.

  • US     $51.26
  • CDN $404.44

My portfolio consists of three accounts and here is what I received in each for the last month.

  • RRSP $256.80
  • TFSA $196.68
  • LIRA $2.22


2018 2019
Royal Bank of Canada $70.07 $75.46
Bank of Montreal $66.03 $71.00
AbbVie $40.66
Inter Pipeline $36.85
BMO International Dividend ETF $22.23
Realty Income Corp $6.00 $10.60
BMO US Dividend ETF $29.50
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76
Potash Corp $5.65
Total $194.01 $256.80

A couple of new investments (AbbVie & Inter Pipeline) late in 2018 contributed to the growth for this account. Also the dividend increases from the banks had a nice effect as well.


2018 2019
Laurentian Bank $61.75
Inter Pipeline $18.52 $34.84
Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.38
Plaza REIT $11.65 $24.61
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $18.16
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $8.85 $9.20
Artis REIT $13.95 $7.43
Corus Entertainment $17.48
Total $115.74 $196.68

My purchase in October of Laurentian Bank is the big reason for the jump in income here.


Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22

I currently own 2 stocks in this account and Diversified Royalty Corp is the only monthly paying stock.

2016 to 2019 Dividends

Everything continues to trend in the right direction in terms of dividend income flowing into the portfolio.

Dividend Goal For 2019

For this year I have set an ambitious goal of wanting to receive at least $8,000 in dividends. At the moment my forward dividend income is projected to reach $7,128 so I have some work to do.

Stock Purchases

I made three purchases in February all of them small. Two of the buys were to open new positions for me, and the other was to add to an existing positon.

  • Andrew Peller Ltd (for my TFSA) 45 shares
  • AbbVie (RRSP) 22 shares
  • Lockheed Martin (RRSP) 8 shares


Dividend Increases

I received six raises in February.

  • BCE raises to $0.7925 up from $0.755
  • TransCanada raises to $0.75 up from $0.69
  • RBC raises to $1.02 up from $0.98
  • ScotiaBank raises to $0.87 up from $0.85
  • Home Depot raises to $1.36 up from $1.03
  • Canadian Apartment Properties REIT raises to $0.1105 up from $0.1108


Well folks that will do it for my dividend post. I hope all of you had a great month and collected lots of dividends. Thank you for reading this I appreciate it.




Dividend Increases 5,6,7 and 8 of 2019

Dividend increases keep on rolling in this month and I’m here to share four with you that I received in the last couple of weeks.

The first raise comes from TransCanada.

TransCanada logo

On February 14th the Board of Directors announced an 8.7% increase to the dividend. This increases the quarterly payout to $0.75 per share up from $0.69. This is the fifth raise I have received from TransCanada.

I currently own 146 shares and with this announcement my quarterly income increases by $8.76 and annually by $35.04.


The second raise comes from Royal Bank of Canada.



On February 22nd as expected Royal Bank of Canada raised their dividend. Along with Bank of Montreal, RBC has been raising their dividend every other quarter over the last few years. The announcement boosts RBC’s quarterly payout to $1.02 per share up from $0.98. This is the tenth raise I have received from the bank and I look forward to many more in the future.

I currently own 77 shares and my quarterly income will increase by $3.08 and annually by $12.32.


The third increase comes from a new holding for me ScotiaBank.



On February 26th ScotiaBank announced a 2 cent increase to its quarterly dividend bringing the payout to $0.87 up from $0.85. This is the first increase I have received from the bank as I only bought my first shares last fall.

I currently own 27 shares and my quarterly income goes up by $0.54 and annually by $2.16.

My fourth raise is also from a new holding of mine and it is Home Depot.

Home Depot


On February 26th Home Depot announced a massive 32% increase to its dividend. The quarterly dividend jumps to $1.36 per share up from $1.03.

I currently own 12 shares of Home Depot and my quarterly income increases by $3.96 and annually by $15.84.


Congratulations if you own these stocks as well.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week to share my February dividend income post with you.


Fourth Dividend Increase Of 2019



Hello everyone I’m back to share another dividend raise with you. On Feb 7th the board of directors of BCE announced a 5% raise to its dividend. This is the fifth raise I have received since owning the stock. BCE will now pay a quarterly dividend of $0.7925 up from $0.755.

I currently own 140 shares and with this announcement my quarterly income will increase $5.25 and annually by $21.

If you own BCE then congrats on the raise fellow shareholders.




First Two Purchases of 2019

Hi everyone thank you for stopping by today! Today as the title of the post tells you I will be telling you about the first two purchases I made this year. Before I do this I need to mention a change I made to my portfolio and why I chose the sectors that these stocks are in. In my January 2019 Dividend Income post I mentioned that I sold two stocks Corus Entertainment and ZCL Composites Inc. this obviously gave me some money to spend in my TFSA account. In my RRSP I held the BMO International Dividend ETF well I decided to sell it and use the funds in my TFSA to buy the exact same amount of shares. I did this because this now allowed me to have cash in my RRSP account, and allowed me to buy US stocks.

At the beginning of the year I decided to review my portfolio to see what sectors I am invested in. In doing this I seen areas where I need to stop investing, and areas where I need to increase my investments.  I found that Health Care, Consumer Defensive, Industrial and Tech are my weakest sectors and where I’m going to hopefully invest my money this year.

With that said my two purchases were in the health care and industrial sectors. Here is my first buy.


AbbVie Inc. (AbbVie) is a research-based biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of a range of pharmaceutical products. Its products are focused on treating conditions, such as chronic autoimmune diseases in rheumatology, gastroenterology and dermatology; oncology, including blood cancers; virology, including hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis; metabolic diseases, including thyroid disease and complications associated with cystic fibrosis, and other serious health conditions. It offers products in various categories, including HUMIRA (adalimumab), Oncology products, Virology Products, Additional Virology products, Metabolics/Hormones products, Endocrinology products and other products, which include Duopa and Duodopa (carbidopa and levodopa), Anesthesia products and ZINBRYTA (daclizumab).

(Source: RBC Direct Investing)

AbbVie has seen a decline in it’s share price since their last earnings release in January. The reason why is concern about their drug Humira as European generic drug competitors have eaten into it’s sales. Back in December I purchased 38 shares at a price of $87.41, so when I seen the price drop to under $80 I looked at it as a good buying opportunity and a chance to lower my costs.

On Feb 4th I purchased another 22 shares at a price of $79.93, this lowers my overall costs to $84.67. AbbVie pays a quarterly dividend of $1.07 and with this purchase my income will increase $23.54 quarterly and $94.16 annually.


My second purchase is a new position for me and it is an industrial stock. I have been looking at this stock for awhile now and believe it is positioned to do well over the long term. The stock is Lockheed Martin.

sacl_lmt_lockheed_martin_logo-e1514654491275 Lockheed Martin Corporation is a security and aerospace company. The Company operates through four segments. Aeronautics segment is engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, sustainment, support and upgrade of military aircraft, including combat and air mobility aircraft, unmanned air vehicles and related technologies. Missiles and Fire Control segment provides air and missile defense systems; fire control systems; manned and unmanned ground vehicles, and energy management solutions. Rotary and Mission Systems segment provides design, manufacture, service and support for a range of military and civil helicopters; mission systems and sensors for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft; simulation and training services, and unmanned systems and technologies, among others. Space Systems segment is engaged in the research and development, design, engineering and production of satellites, strategic and defensive missile systems and space transportation systems.

(Source: RBC Direct Investing)

I have wanted to buy a stock is in the defence industry for awhile now as America has the biggest defence budget in the world and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Lockheed Martin is a big player in the defence world, it currently has a $130.5 billion backlog in orders.

Lockheed has four business segments and their 2018 sales were as follows:

  1. Aeronautics $21.2 Billion
  2. Rotary & Mission Systems $14.3 Billion
  3. Space $9.8 Billion
  4. Missiles & Fire Control $8.5 Billion


According to Morningstar Lockheed Martin is currently undervalued and has a fair value of $324.79.

On Feb 4th I purchased 8 shares at a cost of $291.12 per share. Lockheed pays a quarterly dividend of $2.20 and with this buy my income will increase $17.60 quarterly and  $70.40 annually.

Well folks so what do you think of my purchases? Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading


Third Dividend Increase of 2019



Hi everyone today I just wanted to share with you a dividend increase I received back on Jan 29th. On January 29th the Board of Directors of Canadian National Railway announced an 18% increase to their dividend. This is the biggest dividend increase I have received from one stock which was great to see. This is the second increase I have received since owning the stock.

I currently own 15 shares of Canadian National Railway and with this announcement my quarterly income will increase by $1.23 and annually by $4.92.

If you own the stock then congrats on the raise.




January 2019 Dividend Income

Protecting a good investment and making money concept

Hi everyone and welcome to my January 2019 dividend income post. I will share with you all of the things that happened within my investing accounts in the month of January. 2019 got off to a great start for me, I was able to crack the $600 mark in dividends received for just the third time. I received a total of $620.32

high five

Income per account was as follows:

  • RRSP  $421.07
  • TFSA  $197.03
  • LIRA   $2.22

I would like to point out a change I have made to how I receive my dividends. Back in about the middle of December I moved all of my USD paying stocks to the US side of my RRSP accounts in order to keep the dividends in USD. The reason why I did this is because I want to buy more US stocks and this will help me to avoid converting my Canadian money into US which is expensive at the moment.

Starting with this update I will share with you what I received in both currencies. I am not going to convert my US dividends into Canadian money, I will keep it simple.

Income Per Currency

  • Canadian $520.11
  • US $100.21


2018 2019
BCE $78.93 $104.95
TransCanada $63.75 $100.74
Telus $50.50 $56.14
Altria Group $48.80 USD
Algonquin Power & Utilities $44.87 $41.02 USD
Inter Pipeline $36.34
BMO International Dividend ETF $22.23
Realty Income Corp $10.39 USD
North West Company $0.32 $0.32
Leon’s Furniture $0.12 $0.14
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76
BMO US Dividend ETF $33.53
Total $288.78 $421.07

New investments were the contributing factor within this account. This is a nice solid start to 2019 for this account, hopefully this will continue throughout the year.


2018 2019
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $20.68 $37.38
Inter Pipeline $18.52 $34.34
ZCL Composites Inc $27.24 $30.65
Plaza REIT $11.25 $24.61
Bank of Nova Scotia $22.95
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $18.16
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $8.85 $9.20
Artis REIT $13.95 $7.43
Corus Entertainment $17.48
Total $147.56 $197.03

Good growth here as well. The goal over time is to receive more dividends in this account than my RRSP. Investments I made last year are the main reason why my income increased this month. Towards the end of 2018 I did receive a dividend cut from Artis REIT which was disappointing, I am hanging onto the stock for now.


Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22

This account currently only has two stocks Enbridge which pays a dividend in March, June, September and December and Diversified Royalty Corp which pays monthly.


Another change I made in mid December was I decided to cancel the drip to all of my stocks. I did this because I would like to build up my cash and direct the money to where I want it. Also this year I am going to focus on investing more of my money into my TFSA as I have quite a bit of unused contribution room available.

That being said when I made the decision the ex dividend date on already passed on three stocks so I did drip three stocks in January:

  • Telus 1 share
  • BCE 1 share
  • Inter Pipeline 2 shares

These 4 additional shares will boost my income this year by $8.62.

2016 to 2019 Dividends

2019 Dividend Goal

This year I have set a goal of wanting to collect $8,000 in dividends. Wish me luck!

Dividend Increases

In January I received three raises.

  • Canadian Utilities raised their dividend to $0.4227 up from $0.3933 per share
  • Realty Income Corp raised their dividend to $0.2255 up from $0.2210
  • Canadian National Railway raised their dividend to $0.5375 up from $0.455

Sold Stocks

In January I sold two of my stocks in my TFSA account:

  • Corus Entertainment
  • ZCL Composities Inc.

I sold Corus after a recent rally in its share price. I believe they are in a tough industry and have a long road ahead of them. After they cut the dividend last year the stock dropped to under $4, lately the stock had been rising and I decided to sell at $5.78 per share so I was able to recoup some of my money.

With ZCL Composites Inc. I sold because they were going to be purchased and taken private by Shawcor when the stock rose to near the buyout price I decided to sell and put my money to better use elsewhere.

Well folks that wraps up my month of January. How did you do? Please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.




Second Dividend Raise of 2019

Realty Income Corp

Hi everyone I’m here to share another dividend raise with you. Yesterday the board of directors of Realty Income Corp announced a 3% raise to their dividend. This is the 5th raise from Realty Income Corp that I have received since I first bought shares early in 2018. The company will now pay a monthly dividend of $0.2255 up from $0.2210.

I currently own 47 shares and with this announcement my monthly income will increase by $0.21 and annually by $2.52.

If you own Realty Income Corp then congrats on the raise 🙂

Thanks for reading!


First Dividend Raise of 2019



Hi everyone, well it happened! It only took 10 days into the new year to receive my first dividend increase. On Thursday January 10th the board of directors of Canadian Utilities announced a 7.5% increase to the dividend. This marks the 47th consecutive year that Canadian Utilities has raised its dividend. This is the fifth increase I have received since owning the stock.

The new dividend will be $0.4227 up from $0.3933. I currently own 154 shares and my quarterly income will increase by $4.51 and annually by $18.04.

Congrats to all my fellow shareholders on the raise.

Thanks for reading


2019 Goals

2019 goals


Hey everyone it’s that time of year again. It’s time to share my goals for 2019, I see on social media many of my fellow bloggers have shared their goals so I thought I better get mine posted to share with the world. I’m not sure what’s in store for me in 2019, I hope it’s filled with financial success with a side of fun and excitement. This year I have decided to set 8 goals spread out in three different categories savings, investing and health.


  1. Have $15,000 in a High Interest Savings Account By Year End

At the start of the year I only had $2,558.97 in my savings account which in my opinion isn’t a lot and in case something happens I should put money away to protect myself from any unforeseen circumstances. Another reason is I am currently part of a union at work and our contract is up later this year, so I should be prepared for that in case we don’t get a new contract.

2. Become Debt Free

Now I had this as a goal last year and didn’t complete it. I stopped making extra payments on my car last September as I found out that I was paying a fixed interest rate of 0.74%, I put that money earmarked towards the car into investing. Last October I borrowed some money from my parents to also invest with. As of Jan 1st I currently own $5,054 on my car and another $5,000 to my parents. This is the year folks where I become debt free and hopefully stay debt free for a long long time.

3. Stop Having a One Tracked Mind

I put this as a goal because over the last 15 years I have solely focused on investing and my savings have suffered. For example last year in October I had an emergency fund of $5,000 and I withdrew $4,000 to invest in a stock leaving only $1,000 left in case of an emergency. I can’t let that happen again, ideally I want to both invest and put money into my savings accounts.

4. Get a Travel Rewards Credit Card

This year I would to get a travel rewards credit card. I am currently researching different cards and it is hard to decide. I would like this card because in the future I would like to do some travelling and the card might be able to help reduce costs.


1.  Receive $8,000 In Dividends

In 2019 I’m going to try and push myself again to boost my dividends in a big way. In 2018 I received $5,994 that was an increase of $1,600 over my 2017 dividends.

2. Invest $15,000 In My TFSA

This year I am going to invest the majority of my money in my Tax Free Savings Account. I would like to max out this account soon as I have unused contribution room from prior years.


This year is going to be big for me in terms of my health. Back in November I found that I have type 2 diabetes so the last couple of months I have been changing what I drink and watching what I eat. By improving my health and being active I can keep the effects of diabetes at bay. To help with this over the Christmas holidays I got a treadmill.

1. Lose 25 pounds

I currently weight 224.8 pounds and I would like to try and get under 200. Over the last five and a half years I have lost 80 pounds.

2. Walk At Least 70,000 Steps Per Week

On January 1st I was asked by @MissMazuma if I wanted to join the 70k step challenge that she is participating in this year, I said yes. Here is her post about the challenge New Year, New Challenge… 70k Steps Per Week Join Us!!  

I thought this would be a great challenge for me to do as if will challenge me to be more active and I can get in shape, so a double win in my books. There are currently 13 of us participating. So far it has been great we are all supporting and cheering each other on.

Well folks there are my goals for 2019, what do you think? Did you set any goals? If you want to share them please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading



2018 Year In Review


Hello and welcome to my year in review post. In the post I will be recapping the year for each of my accounts. 2018 for me was a successful year, at the beginning of the year I set an ambitious goal and I might as well say I achieved it as I was only $5.43 short. In 2018 I invested a record amount of money close to $30K. Also during the year I added a third account under my control.

The first account that I will talk about is my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). In 2019 this is where I am going to be investing the majority of my money in an attempt to max out my contribution room from previous years.


On December 31st the value of this account was $38,518.10 compared to December 31st, 2017 value of $25,989.00. This is a nice increase of $12,529.10, however since I invested just over $17k into the account the growth isn’t all that great. One thing that I am very happy about is the growth of dividends in my TFSA. I crossed the $2k mark in 2018.

Stock Purchases for TFSA

  • Corus Entertainment 115 shares
  • Inter Pipeline 100 shares
  • Plaza REIT 502 shares
  • Canadian Utilities 154 shares
  • Laurentian Bank 94 shares
  • ScotiaBank 27 shares
  • The Keg Royalties Income Fund 131 shares

Looking at the stocks I bought I only regret one and that would be Corus Entertainment. I say that because shortly after I bought it the company cut its dividend quite drastically and the share price dropped at the moment I am down around 50% with the stock.


On December 31st this account had a value of $92,681.83 compared to the same time last year in which the value was $84,694.00. Again it’s the same with my TFSA account I actually invested more than I gained. The October to December market swings had a impact on my portfolio.

On the positive side my dividends continue to grow at a healthy pace.

Stock Purchases

  • Johnson & Johnson 16 shares
  • Bank of America 72 shares
  • Realty Income Corp 47 shares
  • Microsoft 11 shares
  • BCE 25 shares
  • Fortis 39 shares
  • Power Corp 119 shares
  • BMO International Dividend ETF 247 shares
  • TransCanada 41 shares
  • Altria Group 61 shares
  • AbbVie 38 shares
  • Home Depot 12 shares
  • Inter Pipeline 255 shares

Stocks I Sold

  • Nutrien
  • Westjet
  • Exco Technologies
  • Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp
  • BMO US Dividend ETF

Locked In Retirement Account (New Account)

During 2018 I took over a third account in my portfolio the LIRA, before the bank had it and I was invested in mutual funds I decided I wanted to take over and invest in dividend stocks.

With this account I am unable to add money to it so I am limited in how much I can buy. I currently own two stocks in this account Enbridge and Diversified Royalty Corp. Enbridge was as a result of a merger between Enbridge Income Fund and the parent company Enbridge. My dividends from the year in this account stood at $310.28. The value of this account as of December 31st was $4,809.75.

Combined Dividends


Dividend Increases

I love being a dividend investor! Why do you ask? Well if you invest in company’s that continually raise their dividends that in turn raises your income and you didn’t even have to work for it. In 2018 I received 27 raises plus two special distributions these will boost my income by $383.59. In my opinion that is pretty good for not having to do anything.


2018 Goal Results

Become Debt Free – This was a fail I didn’t become debt free I currently owe $10,054 half on my car and half to my parents.

Have a 50% Savings Rate – I am marking this as a fail because I stopped tracking my expenses in September. I probably did have a 50% savings rate but I can’t give myself a pass for stopping in Sept.

Increase Net Worth By $50,000 – I started 2018 with a net worth of $126,641.77 and as of Jan 1st, 2019 this stands at $137,453.08. So I didn’t accomplish this goal. But it was still an increase.

Invest At Least $10,000 – This I passed by a wide margin I invested $29,882.07 for the year which really surprised me. I did borrow money throughout the year to invest so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Receive $6,000 In Dividends – I am going to mark this down as a pass my final number was $5,994.57 as you seen above my income had a big increase.

Well everyone that will do it for this post thank you for reading. How was your 2018?

Thanks again