Five Buys In Two Days

Hello friends, today’s post is all about the stocks I bought last Friday and this past Monday. Last week we seen the markets take a turn downward and create some buying opportunities. Being in my mid 30’s, and being a dividend investor I wasn’t concerned about what the market was doing. I try to look to add to my positions in stocks or start a new invest. Last week I had the following motto.


For my time horizon being about 30 years before I retire I thought this was the perfect motto. In my opinion if you have a long time horizon you should buy during downturns never sell.

I made two purchases on Friday and three on Monday I will post them in the order that I purchased them.

Buy #1 (TFSA Account)


Canadian Utilities Limited is a global enterprise company. Its segments include Electricity, Pipeline & Liquids, and Corporate & Other. Its Electricity segment’s activities are conducted through two regulated businesses; ATCO Electric Distribution and ATCO Electric Transmission, and three non-regulated businesses, ATCO Power, ATCO Power Australia and Alberta PowerLine (APL). The Pipelines & Liquids segment’s activities are conducted through three regulated businesses, ATCO Gas, ATCO Pipelines and ATCO Gas Australia, and one non-regulated business, ATCO Energy Solutions. It delivers natural gas distribution and transmission services, energy storage, and industrial water solutions to existing and new customers. The Corporate & Other segment includes retail energy business, which through ATCOenergy, sells electricity and natural gas to large commercial retail customers. It also includes the commercial real estate in Alberta, and the strategic investment and expansion into Mexico.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Yes folks another purchase of Canadian Utilities, the stock is now trading under $30 and I think that is a buying opportunity.


Bought 21 shares @ $29.56 for a total cost of $630.71


This purchase will increase my quarterly income by $8.26 and $33.04 annually.


Buy #2 (RRSP Account)

Power Corp


Power Corporation of Canada is a diversified management and holding company. The Company has interest in the financial services, renewable energy, communications and other business sectors. Its principal asset is the controlling interest in Power Financial Corporation (Power Financial). Its segments are Great-West Lifeco Inc. (Lifeco), IGM Financial Inc. (IGM) and Pargesa Holding SA (Pargesa). Lifeco offers life insurance, health insurance, retirement and investment services, and is engaged in the asset management and reinsurance business. IGM is a financial services company operating in Canada, primarily within the advice segment of the financial services market. Pargesa is a holding company with diversified interests in Europe-based companies active in various sectors, such as minerals-based specialty solutions for industry; cement, aggregates and concrete; testing, inspection and certification; wines and spirits, and electricity, natural gas and energy and environmental services.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Power Corp is another stock that I like. The stock hasn’t really moved much over the last few years usually sitting under $30 but I feel that the future is bright and the stock will climb over time. I made this purchase to lower my average cost per share.

The Purchase

I bought 63 shares @ $27.10 for a total cost of $1,717.25. With this buy my average cost drops from $29.09 to $28.63.


My quarterly income increases $24.07 and $96.28 annually.


Buy #3 (RRSP Account)

TransCanada logo

TransCanada Corporation is an energy infrastructure company. The Company is engaged in the development and operation of North American energy infrastructure, including natural gas and liquids pipelines, power generation and natural gas storage facilities. Its segments include Canadian Natural Gas Pipelines, U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines, Mexico Natural Gas Pipelines, Liquids Pipelines and Energy. The Company operates in three businesses: Natural Gas Pipelines, Liquids Pipelines and Energy. The Natural Gas Pipelines and Liquids Pipelines segments principally consist of its respective natural gas and liquids pipelines in Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as its regulated natural gas storage operations in the United States. The Energy segment includes its power operations and the non-regulated natural gas storage business in Canada. TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TCPL) is its principal operating subsidiary.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

This is my second purchase of TransCanada I’ve been watching this stock for a few weeks. On Monday it was trading for pretty much the same price that I first bought it for so I decided to pickup a few shares.

The Purchase

I bought an additional 41 shares @ $51.37. The cost was $2,116.12


My quarterly income will increase by $28.29 and $113.16 annually.


Buy #4 (TFSA Account)



The Bank of Nova Scotia is an international bank and a financial services provider in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America, and Asia-Pacific. The Bank offers a range of advice, products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, corporate and investment banking, and capital markets. Its segments include Canadian Banking, which provides a suite of financial advice and banking solutions to retail, small business, commercial and wealth management customers in Canada; International Banking, which provides a range of financial products, solutions and advice to retail and commercial customers in select regions outside of Canada; Global Banking and Markets, which provides corporate banking, investment banking, capital markets and transaction banking solutions, and Other, which represents smaller operating segments, including Group Treasury.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Yes I bought another bank lol. With this buy I now own five, I think this will be my last one but you never know. I purchased ScotiaBank for two reasons. The first being their operations in South America (Chile, Peru and Colombia) and Mexico. The second reason is the stock has been falling and I found it to be a buying opportunity.

The Purchase

I bought 27 shares @ $71.53 for a total cost of $1,941.26


ScotiaBank pays a quarterly dividend of $0.85 so the purchase will provide me $22.95 quarterly and $ 91.80 annually.


Buy #5 (TFSA Account)




The Keg Royalties Income Fund is a limited purpose, open-ended trust. The Trust’s objective is to provide consistent monthly distributions to unitholders at the highest sustainable level, and the Trustees of the Trust review distribution levels on an ongoing basis to fulfill that objective. The Trust pays distributions on a monthly basis to unitholders. The Trust is administered by its trustees and by the Keg Rights Limited Partnership (Partnership). The Trust, through the Partnership, owns The Keg trademarks and other related intellectual property from Keg Restaurants Ltd. The Trust makes cash distributions to its unitholders of amounts received by the Trust pursuant to interest paid on the Keg Loan and the Notes and pursuant to distributions on the Trust Units, less estimated amounts required for the payment of expenses, any cash redemptions of Units and reasonable reserves. The Keg GP Ltd. is the managing general partner of the Partnership and administrator of the Trust.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

This buy is similar to my purchase of Power Corp, I saw an opportunity to lower my average cost as the stock was trading $1 under my original purchase price. With this purchase I will now be able to drip 1 new share per month.

The Purchase

Bought 131 shares @ $17.01 for a total cost of $2,233.26. My original price that I paid for the stock was $18.02 and with this buy I was able to lower my cost to $17.56 per share.


The stock pays a monthly dividend of $0.0946 and I will receive $12.39 monthly and $148.68 annually.


Well friends as you saw last Friday and this past Monday were quite busy for my portfolio I made five buys and spent $8,638.60. These purchases will increase my future dividend income by $482.96. I can tell you I will be sitting back now and collecting my dividends to rebuild my cash supply.

Thanks for reading everyone please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. Did you buy any new stocks lately?





September 2018 Dividend Income

money preview

Hello everyone and welcome to my favourite post to write. Before I start I hope each and everyone of you had a great month and received lots of dividends. September for me was a busy one for my portfolio, I had some dividend raises and I also made some stock purchases and sold one stock. I would also like to mention that when I was adding up my dividends for the month I discovered that I had received more dividend income this year than I had in all of 2017 which I can’t believe and am super excited to see where I will finish this year.


My investing portfolio consists of three accounts and they are the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), and the Locked In Retirement Account). In September I received $568.42 in dividend income, my second highest total in my young investing life.

Income By Account

RRSP $375.94
TFSA $165.93
LIRA $26.55


2017 2018
Enbridge $88.45 $99.98
Fortis $64.40 $86.28
Power Corp $21.15 $44.69
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.29 $32.09
Canadian Utilities $55.41 $29.50
Johnson & Johnson $18.86
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76 $17.25
Bank of America $14.02
Realty Income Corp $13.37
BMO International Dividend ETF $9.72
Microsoft $5.98
Alimentation Couche-Tard $3.78 $4.20
Westjet $7.00
Exco Technologies $8.00
Total $296.24 $375.94

Big increase for this account is due to my increased investments into Fortis & Power Corp. Also my American stocks which I bought earlier this year contributed as well. I would like to say there is no need to worry about Canadian Utilities, the payment is lower as I have been selling my shares in this account and buying shares in my TFSA account.


2017 2018
Inter Pipeline $17.87 $33.18
Canadian Utilities $32.25
Plaza REIT $24.08
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $17.80
Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.24 $15.70
Artis REIT $13.95 $14.58
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $9.20
Canadian National Railway $6.19 $6.83
Boardwalk REIT $17.63
Corus Entertainment $6.56
Total $107.03 $165.93

Received my first dividend from Canadian Utilities in my TFSA account since I started moving the stock into this account. I must say I am going to miss my monthly payments from Corus Entertainment, September began Corus’s move to a paying a quarterly dividend instead of monthly. The decision to do this will affect my income over the next 12 months. Other than that news I am quite happy with the progress with this account.


Enbridge Income Fund Holdings $26.55

This account only has this stock. In either November or December the stock will change to Enbridge as they are planning on bringing their subsidiaries back into the fold.


In September I was able to receive 16 new shares through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). Here is what I received.

# of Shares
Plaza REIT 6
Enbridge 2
Fortis 2
Chorus Aviation 2
Canadian Utilities 1
Power Corp 1
Inter Pipeline 1
Artis REIT 1
Total 16

Below is a chart that shows the dollar amount that these new shares.

Since I started dripping my shares my forward income has increased by $111.81 not too bad for doing nothing.

2016 to 2018 Dividends

2018 Dividend Goal

My goal this year is to receive $6,000 in dividend income this year. In September as I mentioned above I have surpassed my 2017 dividend income total. It’s going to be close as to whether I can achieve my goal.


  • Bought 49 shares of Canadian Utilities (TFSA account)
  • Bought 139 shares of BMO International Dividend ETF
  • Bought 94 shares of Laurentian Bank



  • Sold my entire position of Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp



  • Microsoft raised dividend to $0.46 from $0.42
  • Realty Income Corp raised dividend to $0.2205 from $0.22


Thank you for reading this post I appreciate it. I hope you liked it. Please feel free to let me know how you did in September.




Dividend Increases 18 and 19 of 2018

Hi everyone, today I just wanted to share with a couple of increases I received on September 19th.

The first raise I received was from Microsoft, they raised their dividend 9.5% to $0.46 per share.


I currently own 11 shares of Microsoft so with this announcement my annual income will increase by $1.76 USD.

My second raise that I received came from Realty Income Corp. This is the third raise in 2018 from the company.

Realty Income Corp


I own 47 shares of the stock and with this raise my income will increase by $0.08 annually. That isn’t a lot but I’m not complaining a raise is a raise 🙂


Congrats to all of my fellow shareholders.


New Purchase: I Bought A New Bank

Hey everyone, today I am going to share with you a recent purchase I made. As the title of the post says I bought a new bank. The bank is Canadian but not one of the big six that we have in the country. I decided to purchase a regional bank that I thought was a good buying opportunity. The bank I purchased is Laurentian Bank.

Laurentian Bank

What Does This Company Do?

Laurentian Bank of Canada provides personal banking, business solutions as well as real estate and commercial financing to individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. Laurentian Bank’s business-to-business, or B2B, subsidiary provides banking products to brokers and financial services across Canada. The bank also provides investors with brokerage services through its Laurentian Bank Securities subsidiary. The business operates through five lines: retail services, business services, B2B bank, Laurentian Bank securities and capital markets, and LBC financial services.

Source: Morningstar

Laurentian Bank is mostly based and focused on the Quebec market. The majority of its branches are in Quebec, but does have some spread out throughout Canada. In 2017 the bank established a small presence in the United States when they purchased Northpoint Commercial Finance which is among the leading US and Canadian inventory finance lenders.

Over the past few years Laurentian Bank has been growing steadily, there were a couple of hiccups profit wise in 2013 and 2015 but other than that the numbers continue to rise. I will now share with you some charts I created to show you some of the areas I researched before making this purchase.


Like any business it is important to grow your revenue and build up your business. In nine years Laurentian has gone from having revenues of $666 million to $996 million in my opinion that is impressive for a regional bank. So far through three quarters of their current financial year revenue has increased another 8%.

Net Income

Along with its growing revenue the bank’s net income is also increasing. Last year it earned over $200 million for the first time. Through three quarters this year net income has increased 18%.


The bank continues to attract new money from their current client base and new clients. As of July 31st deposits stood at just over $29 billion so they are continuing to grow in 2018.


As a dividend investor I tend to look at a company’s dividends first to see if their dividends are growing every year, and if the can afford to pay a dividend. With Laurentian Bank they have been growing their dividend for quite awhile now, and I don’t see this stopping anytime soon.

Dividend Payout Percentage

The bank’s payout percentage is under 50% as of July 31st it stood at 47.6%. This tells us that the dividend is sustainable and they should be able to continue to raise the dividend in the years to come.

The Purchase

So let’s get to the purchase shall we! On September 7th I purchased 94 shares of Laurentian Bank. The purchased was in my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), when I made the purchase the shares were trading 7 cents of their 52 week low. The shares were priced $42.27 when the buy was made.


Laurentian Bank currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.64, so my income will increase $60.16 quarterly and $240.64 annually.

So what do you think of my purchase? Do you own Laurentian Bank? Please feel free to leave a comment I always enjoy reading what you have to say.




New Purchases: CU and ZDI

Hey everybody I hope you are well, and thanks for stopping by. In today’s post I am going to share with you a couple of purchases I made back on September 4th.

The first purchase I made was in my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and it’s another purchase of Canadian Utilities.


Over the course of the summer I have been buying Canadian Utilities in my TFSA and selling the stock in my Registered Retirement Savings Plan account (RRSP) I have been doing this to free up money in my RRSP account so I can buy US stocks or an international ETF.

Here is a brief description of Canadian Utilities in case you are unfamiliar with the company.

Canadian Utilities Limited engages in the electricity, and pipelines and liquids businesses. It operates through Electricity, Pipelines & Liquids, and Corporate & Other segments. The Electricity segment engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity using coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, and wind resources, as well as related infrastructure development in Western Canada, Ontario, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Australia, and Mexico. The Pipelines & Liquids segment is involved in the integrated natural gas transmission, distribution, and storage activities; and related infrastructure development activities, as well as provision of industrial water solutions throughout Alberta, the Lloydminster area of Saskatchewan, Western Australia, and Mexico. It owns and operates approximately 9,400 kilometers of natural gas pipelines, 30 compressor sites, and approximately 4,000 receipt and delivery points. The Corporate & Other segment engages in retail electricity and natural gas businesses; and commercial real estate holding activities. The company was incorporated in 1927 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Canadian Utilities Limited is a subsidiary of ATCO Ltd.

Source: Yahoo Finance

The Purchase

On September 4th I purchased 49 shares @ $31.85. With this purchase I now hold 132 shares of the stock in my TFSA. I still need to buy 26 shares to hold the exact amount I held in my other account.


Canadian Utilities currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.3933 and with this purchase my income will temporarily increase $19.27 quarterly and $77.08 annually. I say temporarily because I still hold 75 shares in my RRSP account I will hang onto them until the stock price goes up.


My second purchase of the day was for my RRSP account, and this is the money from selling my pizza pizza shares. I used those proceeds to buy more shares of BMO International Dividend ETF.

International ETF pic

Going into 2018 I wanted to make this year more about diversifying my portfolio. Looking back on a post I wrote back on October 16, 2017 Here’s My Portfolio. How Does It Look? My geographic diversification was 85% Canada, 11.7% US and 3% cash, that is not a very diversified portfolio. This is my second purchase of this ETF so I am making an attempt to improve my portfolio.

The Purchase

On September 4th I purchased 139 shares @ $21.47. I now own 247 shares.


The BMO International Dividend ETF (ZDI) currently pays a monthly dividend of $0.09. With this purchase my income will increase $12.51 monthly and $150.12 annually.

After this purchase my dividend income is slightly lower if I compare Pizza Pizza vs ZDI ETF but my portfolio is in a much better position now and that is more important.


Thanks for reading and sharing I appreciate it. Do you own Canadian Utilities or the BMO International Dividend ETF? Please feel free to let me know what you think of my purchases.



Recent Sale: Pizza Pizza



Hi everyone I recently sold one of my stocks Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp and I thought I would share that with you.

About Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. owns the trademarks and trade names used by Pizza Pizza Limited (PPL) in its Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 restaurants. PPL operates its Pizza Pizza Restaurants as franchise oriented restaurants and Pizza 73 Restaurants are owned, and operated as independent businesses. It operates through receipt of royalty income from the ownership of the Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 Rights and Marks segment. Pizza Pizza is a franchise-oriented restaurant business operating in the province of Ontario in which it dominates the pizza quick service restaurant (QSR) segment. Pizza Pizza Restaurants operate in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. There are approximately 100 Pizza 73 locations operating in the QSR segment, in the province of Alberta. Pizza 73 has over five traditional locations outside of Alberta; approximately three in Saskatchewan, and over two in British Columbia. The Pizza 73 business also includes over two central food distribution centers.

Source: RBC Direct Investing


Why did I sell? That is an excellent question! First off it wasn’t an easy decision as I have held Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp shares for years. But I have been keeping an eye on the stock the past few quarters and same store sales which is a key metric has been close to zero or starting to drop. A couple of weeks ago when they released their quarterly report sales were down a combined 3.3%, Pizza Pizza down 3.5% and Pizza 73 down 1.7%. Also the company has been hit by Ontario and Alberta raising their minimum wage. Another key reason I believe for declining sales is there are so many healthy alternatives now a days people maybe shying away from pizza.

The company currently has a 3 to 5 year plan to turn the business around but I didn’t want to wait that long to see if it works or not. Also the dividend payout ratio was over 100%. I think the dividend is safe for the time being but down the road if sales don’t improve it could potentially get cut.


On September 4th I sold all 242 shares of the stock, I sold the shares @$10. My average cost was $13.54 so I was down 25.79% or $845.06. That is not including dividends. I received a total of $760.98 in dividends from the company so I almost broke even.

With this sale I will lose an expected $208.12 in annual dividend income, but I will have peace of mind and I can help diversify my portfolio further with the funds from the sale.


So what do you think? Do you own this stock? Would you sell or possibly buy on the downturn? I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Next Tuesday I will share with you what I purchased with the funds from the sale.

Thanks for reading


Recent Sale

September 2018 Net Worth

September 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to my September net worth post. Above is a picture of a beach why did I chose that picture? Well I chose it because when I retire (hopefully) I want to spend a lot of time on a beach relaxing, so I kind of use it for motivation to push me to become better with my finances.

My last net worth post was for June, back in August I took a break from blogging and missed July so this post will cover July and August. Looking back over the last couple of months not a lot has happened. The only big thing was in August I bought an iPhone that was expensive but I had saved for it and didn’t go into debt to purchase it. I have slowed putting money away to make lump sum payments on my car, hopefully in September I can start putting money away again to pay off the car. My investments continue to rise along with the market. Since I have so much of my net worth tied up in the market I am always happy to see it go higher, however I do realize at some point the market will go down which will affect my numbers.

Let’s get to the numbers shall we!

September June Change
Cash & Savings $5,961.09 $5,510.52 $450.57
Investments $129,831.77 $125,685.24 $4,146.53
Car $13,907.00 $14,282.00 -$375.00
Liabilities $6,406.28 $6,989.30 -$583.02

Cash & Savings (+$450.57)

September June Change
Car Account $575.07 $154.70 $420.37
Cash $478.28 $449.85 $28.43
Emergency Fund $4,907.74 $4,905.97 $1.77

My cash increased slightly over the last couple months as I mentioned above I had one big expense in August I purchased a new cellphone. About the middle of July I started saving for it so I stopped setting aside money in my car account and emergency fund. In September I expect to resume putting aside some money to help pay off my car.

Investments (+$4,146.53)

September June Change
Locked in RRSP $4,815.78 $4,641.42 $174.36
TFSA $32,635.41 $31,213.42 $1,421.99
RRSP $92,380.58 $89,830.40 $2,550.18

Nothing really new to report here other than my portfolio continues to grow alongside the market. At the end of August I made a big contribution to my TFSA account so I could buy a stock in September so helped the growth for the account.

Car (-$375)

I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GLS and according to Canadian Black Book the value of the car is now $13,907.00. I check this every three months.

Liabilities (-$583.02)

September June Change
Credit Card $24.50 $30.18 -$5.68
Car $6,381.78 $6,959.12 -$577.34

I continue to pay off my car debt my making a payment every two weeks, slowly but surely I will pay off this debt. I also pay my credit card bills every two weeks so that is why it is a low amount.

Net Worth

That’s a wrap folks thank you for reading.


August 2018 Dividend Income

August 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to my post where I share with you the income I received in the month of August from dividends. If your a parent you are probably very happy as school starts today. I hope you all had a great month of August. For me it was a quiet month I sat on the sidelines and didn’t make any purchases, I did however make a nice contribution to my TFSA account so I could make a purchase in early September if I want.

In August I received $388.99 in dividend income which is a very nice number to get. Compared to last August my income increased by just under $100. I received payments from 14 stocks and 2 ETFs. The income breakdown is as follows in my Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) I received $217.11. My Tax Free Savings Account received $145.33, and finally my Locked In Retirement Account received $26.55.


2017 2018
Royal Bank of Canada $66.99 $72.38
Bank of Montreal $63.90 $68.16
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.29 $32.02
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76 $17.18
Realty Income Corp. $0.00 $13.45
BMO International Dividend ETF $0.00 $9.72
Alimentation Couche-Tard $3.78 $4.20
Total $188.56 $217.11

There are three reasons for the increased income for this account. New purchases such as Realty Income Corp and the BMO International Dividend ETF. Dividend increases for all my stocks except Pizza Pizza, and finally dripping new shares of Pizza Pizza and BMO US Dividend ETF.


2017 2018
Inter Pipeline $17.87 $33.04
Plaza REIT $0.00 $23.96
Corus Entertainment $6.56 $18.91
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $17.72
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.24 $15.70
Artis REIT $13.95 $14.49
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $0.00 $9.20
Boardwalk REIT $17.63 $0.00
Total $100.84 $145.33

Pretty much the same reasons apply here as they do to my RRSP account. My purchases of Plaza REIT and Canadian Apartment Properties REIT helped this month. Also contributing were new investments I made earlier in the year into existing stocks Inter Pipeline and Corus Entertainment. Dripping shares has also slowly increased my income from stocks as well.


Enbridge Income Fund Holdings $26.55

This account only has one account and it pays me monthly. Enbridge is attempting to bring this fund back into it’s fold so if that happens I will receive Enbridge shares in exchange for my current Income Fund Holdings shares. If this sale happens I am not sure what I will do, as I already have a large position in Enbridge in my RRSP account so stay tuned to see what I do.


In August I was able to receive 15 new shares through the DRIP (Dividend Re-Investment Plan) this will certainly help grow my future income. Here is what I received.

# of Shares
Plaza REIT 5
Corus Entertainment 4
Chorus Aviation 2
BMO US Dividend ETF 1
Inter Pipeline 1
Artis REIT 1
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp 1
Total 15

Below is a chart that will show you the $ amount I will receive from these new shares.

February, May, August and November are my lower dividend receiving months so there is no surprise that my number is a little lower than the other months. Since I started dripping my forward income has increased by $94.55.

2016 to 2018 Dividends

Looking at this chart as an investor I am very happy. We always try to improve, to grown our passive income and every month so far in 2018 I have been able to do that. Hopefully I can continue this into the future.

2018 Dividend Goal

This year I set a goal of wanting to receive $6,000 from dividends. With four months to go in the I am $2,248.49 away. I will need to average $562.12 in income per month to achieve the goal.

Buys & Sells

In this area I was quiet, I did not make any buys or sell any of my stocks.

Dividend Increases

  • Royal Bank of Canada increased their dividend 4.3% raising their dividend to $0.98 per share.


I hope each and everyone of you had a great month of August. Thank you for reading I appreciate it.


Dividend Increase #17 of the Year


Hi everyone hope all of you had a great summer. I am back from my mini writing break, I hope to start writing more often now as I get back into my normal routine as school starts next week. Today’s post is going to focus on a dividend increase I received back on August 22nd from Royal Bank of Canada when they announced their quarterly results.


About RBC

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), is a diversified financial services company. The Company provides personal and commercial banking, wealth management services, insurance, investor services and capital markets products and services on a global basis. The Company serves personal, business, public sector and institutional clients in Canada, the United States and approximately 40 other countries. The Company’s business segments include Personal and Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, Investor and Treasury Services, Capital Markets. The Company, through its segments, serves various lines of businesses, which include Personal Financial Services, Business Financial Services, Cards and Payment Solutions (Canadian Banking), Caribbean and United States Banking, Canadian Wealth Management, United States and International Wealth Management, Global Asset Management, Canadian Insurance, International Insurance, Corporate and Investment Banking, Global Markets and Other.

Source: (RBC Direct Investing)

Dividend Announcement

As mentioned above RBC announced a raise to their dividend, the raise was 4.3%. The dividend will rise to $0.98 per share up from $0.94. This is the 9th raise I have received this I began owning shares in 2014.


I currently own 77 shares so with this announcement my quarterly income will increase $3.08, annually it will rise by $12.32.

Congrats to all of the other shareholders who received this raise.

Thanks for reading


July 2018 Dividend Income

July Dividends

Hello everyone and welcome to my favourite post. As we are in a new month I get to share with you how my portfolio did last month. From all of the blog posts I’ve seen from other bloggers everyone seems to have had a very good July, I hope you are one of them. For me July was a good but quiet month, it was good because I received a high dividend total and quiet because I did not buy and new stocks. If you have been following my blog than you know that I turned my drip on for all my stocks so my cash goes up a little slower than normal.

For the month of July I received a total of $543.91. A very good total as it beat last July’s total. Also on a positive note I have a goal of wanting to receive at least $6,000 in dividends so I need to average $500 per month so this total helps get me closer to that figure. My portfolio consists of three accounts here they are and the amount I received for each. First is the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) I received $175.17, next up is the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) for this account I received $342.19. Finally my Locked In Retirement Account received $26.55.


2017 2018
Inter Pipeline $17.87 $32.90
ZCL Composites Inc $15.24 $30.65
Plaza REIT $0.00 $23.84
Corus Entertainment $6.56 $18.53
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $17.64
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.24 $15.70
Artis REIT $13.95 $14.40
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $0.00 $9.20
Boardwalk REIT $17.63 $0.00
Total $116.08 $175.17

I saw a nice increase in July for this account due to my increased investment in Inter Pipeline and Corus Entertainment earlier this year. Later this my income will drop from Corus. I plan for the time being to stick with Corus and see what happens to the stock.


2017 2018
BCE $78.93 $102.68
TransCanada $63.75 $71.07
Telus $49.25 $53.03
Algonquin Power & Utilities $45.61 $52.37
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.29 $31.95
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76 $17.11
Realty Income Corp $0.00 $13.54
North West Company Inc. $0.32 $0.32
Leon’s Furniture $0.12 $0.12
Total $286.03 $342.19

Some nice big payouts for me in July, I love getting payments from BCE especially my first stock to pay five figures. New investments (BCE & Realty Income Corp) plus dividend increases are the reason for the increase in dividends received.


Enbridge Income Fund Holdings $26.55

Just one stock in this account and it pays monthly.


In July because I drip (Dividend Re-Investment Plan) all of my stocks my portfolio received 22 new shares which helps grow my future dividend income. Here is what I received.

# of Shares
Plaza REIT 5
Algonquin Power & Utilities 4
Corus Entertainment 4
Chorus Aviation 2
Telus 1
BMO US Dividend ETF 1
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp 1
Artis REIT 1
Inter Pipeline 1
TransCanada 1
Total 22

Below is a chart of the income I expect to receive from these new shares. As you will see the money adds up quickly through dripping shares.

Since I starting dripping my shares I have increased my forward income by $87.36.

2016 to 2018 Dividends

I always like to look back and track my progress, whether it’s month to month or year to year. So far every month in 2018 has surpassed their 2017 totals.

Dividend Goal

Well I have crossed the halfway mark for my 2018 goal. In two to three months I should be passing my 2017 income which is incredible to think about.


July was a quiet month in this area. I did not buy or sell any stocks.


  • Alimentation Couche-Tard increased their dividend to $0.10 per share.


Well that will do it for my July income report. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I also hope that you all had a fantastic month and received lots of dividends.

Thanks for reading


July 2018 Dividends