September 2020 Net Worth

Hello everyone and welcome to another net worth post. How was your August? Mine was just ok, I seemed to spend more money than I would have liked as less went into savings. I wish I knew where it went but oh well I guess those things happen from time to time. Despite what I just said my net worth actually increased 3.6%, bigger than July’s 2.5% increase so my portfolio is still heading in the right direction.

Cash & Savings ($7,708.15) + $82.53


Emergency Fund$2,000.09$2,000.17$0.08

As you know from previous posts I don’t tend to keep much money lying around outside of my emergency fund. This month was no different as that $208 was earmarked to go on my credit card bill.

EQ Bank

Yearly Bills$1,474.63$1,601.85$127.22
Car Fund$598.20$724.12$125.92
Travel Fund$1,948.57$2,076.49$127.92
Future Housing$970.60$1,097.07$126.47

I was able to continue putting money aside and into these accounts not as much as I wanted. In July I was able to save $1,208 and this month just $507 which is still good but something I would like to improve upon in the future. On a positive note I am now less than $500 away from achieving my travel fund goal for 2020.

Investments ($186,137.94) + $5,372.43

RRSP (RBC)$114,130.12$117,015.73$2,885.61
RRSP (WST)$551.59$900.78$349.19
(WST = WealthSimple Trade)

My investments led the way as they usually do this month growing 2.97%. In August I was able to max out my contribution room in my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and made a bigger contribution in my WealthSimple Trade RRSP account. From now till January I will be making larger contributions into my Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) account. In August I received $437 in dividends from my investments.

Car ($24,000)

I own a 2020 Hyundai Kona which I bought in June. I plan on updating this annually.

Liabilities ($28,664.73) – $841.04

Car loan ($22,864.73) – $491.04

Loan ($5,800) – $350

Net Worth

I saw a bigger increase to my net worth this month as it grew 3.6%.

Hope you all had a great month.

Thanks for reading!



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