July 2020 Dividend Income – *Record Month*

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Hello everyone, as we start a new month I get to take a look back at the previous month and share with you everything I did when it comes to investing for the month of July. July was a great month for me on the investing front. On the personal side of things nothing really happened I just went to work and stayed home as much as possible. As I mention in the title I had a record month of dividend income. This was because Power Corp decided to pay in July instead of June as Bert from Dividend Diplomats says “you can’t control the dividend cuts or the month a company pays their dividend.” If Power Corp didn’t pay then July would have been my fifth highest paying month.

I received dividends from 21 stocks and 1 ETF, these paid me a combined $870.34 an increase of 37.6% over July of 2019. Looks like my investments earlier in the year are starting to payoff.

The income per account is as follows:

  • RRSP  $534.97
  • TFSA  $331.42
  • LIRA  $3.95


I had two US stocks pay me, here is the currency that I received the dividends in. Just a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD  $122.43
  • CDN  $747.91


Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

2019 2020
TC Energy $109.50 $120.69
BCE $110.95 $119.88
Power Corp $109.19
Altria Group $48.80 $71.40
Telus $58.50 $62.33
Algonquin Power & Utilities $45.12 $51.03
North West Company $0.33 $0.33
Leon’s Furniture $0.14 $0.12
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Realty Income Corp $10.65
Total $420.84 $534.97

As mentioned above Power Corp decided to pay this month, without them dividend raises and new dripped shares are the cause for income growth in the major stocks that paid me. On a percentage basis growth came in at 27% it would be great to achieve this every month.

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

2019 2020
Bank of Nova Scotia $39.15 $108.90
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79 $35.04
Plaza Retail Reit $24.61 $27.76
Transcontintenal $27.45
New Flyer Group $16.58
Aecon $14.40
Go Easy $13.95
BCE $12.49
Inter Pipeline $34.84 $12.36
Telus $11.65
Power Corp $11.19
SmartCentres Reit $10.79
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $28.38 $10.75
Canadian Apartment Properties Reit $9.55 $9.55
European Residential Reit $12.28 $7.72
Alimentation Couche-Tard $0.84
Andrew Peller Ltd $2.42
Chorus Aviation $18.16
Total $208.18 $331.42

Over the last year or so I have poured a lot of time and money into growing my TFSA account and that showed in this month’s results. Growth came in at a whopping 59% new investments clearly the reason for the increase especially in Bank of Nova Scotia. You will notice that I have Telus, BCE and Power Corp in this account as well as my RRSP, over the next several years I am planning on buying shares of these stocks in my TFSA and eventually sell them in my RRSP.

Locked In Retirement Account (LIRA)

2019 2020
Diversified Royalty Corp $3.52 $3.95
Total $3.52 $3.95



# of Shares Forward Income
Plaza Retail Reit 8 $2.24
Algonquin Power & Utilities 4 $2.48
Power Corp 4 $7.16
Telus 2 $2.32
BCE 2 $6.66
Diversified Royalty Corp 2 $0.40
Altria Group 1 $3.36
New Flyer Group 1 $0.85
Transcontinental 1 $0.90
Bank of Nova Scotia 1 $3.60
TC Energy 1 $3.24
Total 27 $33.21

July 20 Forward Income From DRIP Shares

I had a great month in this area as well I boosted my forward income by a record $33.21 and received 27 new shares in my portfolio.

Year Over Year Dividends

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
January $298.97 $377.99 $436.34 $620.32 $680.27
February $205.66 $273.04 $309.75 $455.70 $475.32
March $249.31 $424.96 $519.44 $696.89 $808.35
April $346.87 $403.82 $533.09 $760.67 $755.16
May $288.53 $284.35 $369.72 $482.69 $540.21
June $269.00 $362.19 $650.27 $718.53 $695.72
July $367.33 $402.11 $543.91 $632.54 $870.34
August $298.23 $289.40 $388.99 $535.11
September $285.41 $403.27 $568.42 $721.71
October $380.23 $399.38 $546.38 $669.14
November $293.02 $287.15 $438.59 $460.48
December $287.58 $404.51 $689.97 $752.25
Total $3,570.14 $4,312.17 $5,994.87 $7,506.03 $4,825.37


2020 Dividend Goal

July 20 2020 Dividend Goal

I was able to cross the halfway mark to my goal this year. It will be interesting to see where I finish up the year, I’m betting I will end the year with around $8,300.

Stock Purchases

July was quieter than June in terms of purchasing stocks. I made three buys in the month.

  • Algonquin Power & Utilities  54 shares
  • Manulife  23 shares
  • Fortis  10 shares

The Fortis and Manulife purchases were for my TFSA account.

Dividend Increases

I received two raises in the month both from US stocks.

  • Walgreen’s Boots Alliance  2.2%
  • Altria Group   2.4%


How was July for you? Please feel free to let me know before.

Thanks for reading!



17 thoughts on “July 2020 Dividend Income – *Record Month*

  1. Matt! You’re crashing it big time! Solid growth rate! Yes, your early investments definitely are paying off. Slowly but surely approaching the first 1,000 milestone. Keeping the fingers crossed. You’re not posting the monthly dividend graph anymore?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent results, Matthew. Congrats a establishing a new monthly record! I’m sure you will move the bar even higher in a short amount of time.
    Plenty of new dividend payers in your TFSA, that’s for sure. Almost double digits for new payers… Wow.
    I loved seeing those impressive numbers from dividend reinvestments. The number of new shares and the forward dividend income boost were terrific. You’ve really picked up steam in this category over the course of 2020.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Matthew,

    Congratulations on a strong dividend month right! That’s what I’m talking about right there. Your dividend income continues to grow at an insane clip in 2020. Your chart shows that you have found some high quality dividned stocks to invest in right there. Freaking amazing. Keep it up my friend.


    Liked by 2 people

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