August 2020 Net Worth

Net WorthF


Hi everyone and welcome to my August net worth post. Last month was pretty quiet for me the complete opposite from June. Nothing to exciting to report.

Cash & Savings ($7,625.62) + $415.36


July August Change
Cash $1,426.49 $633.53 -$792.96
Emergency Fund $2,000.00 $2,000.09 $0.09
Total $3,426.49 $2,633.62 -$792.87

A negative month for my cash this month only because it wasn’t a pay day when the month changed over. This month I earned a big nine cents in interest in my emergency account.

EQ Bank

July August Change
Yearly Bills $1,172.17 $1,474.63 $302.46
Car Fund $297.25 $598.20 $300.95
Travel Fund $1,645.33 $1,948.57 $303.24
Future Housing $669.02 $970.60 $301.58
Total $3,783.77 $4,992.00 $1,208.23

I was able to increase my savings in EQ Bank by 32% this month due to getting paid three times. It felt good to be able to put a little extra away. Soon I will hit my goal for my travel fund which will be exciting.

I earned $7.32 in interest with EQ Bank for the month. On a sad note EQ Bank announced in early August that they will be reducing their interest rate to 1.70% down from 2% which is disappointing but still higher than what the big banks pay.

Investments ($180,765.51) + $3,381.05

July August Change
RRSP (RBC) $111,779.37 $114,130.12 $2,350.75
TFSA $60,282.08 $60,976.64 $694.56
LIRA $4,936.55 $5,107.16 $170.61
RRSP (WST) $386.46 $551.59 $165.13
Total $177,384.46 $180,765.51 $3,381.05

I seen growth in all of my accounts which makes me very happy. I received a record amount of dividends in the month ($870) which definitely helped the portfolio increase in value. My TFSA account is slowly recovering from the stock market declines of March, it is currently down 14%.

Car ($24,000)

I own a 2020 Hyundai Kona which I bought in June. I plan on updating this annually.

Liabilities ($29,505.77) – $703.48

Car ($23,355.77) – $353.48

Loan ($6,150) – $350

Net Worth

It was another successful month financially for me, my net worth at the end of the month stood at $182,885.36 a gain of 2.5%

Aug 20 Net Worth

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