New Purchase

Happy Monday everybody 🙂 and welcome to my latest post. I made another purchase and thought I would share it with you.


Last Friday June 9th I added to my position in Enbridge (ticker: ENB). This is my second purchase of Enbridge this year, you can read about my purchase last month here. For the past month I have been watching the stock and the price has continued to drop as well as the price of oil. When I see the stock of a quality company such as Enbridge fall I always look to try and purchase some shares to reduce my average costs, this time I was successful.


On June 9th I purchased 26 shares at a cost of $51.79 per share. The total cost of the purchase is $1,356.53.

After this purchase I now hold a total of 145 shares of Enbridge with an average cost per share of $54.51. With this latest buy I was able to reduce my costs by $0.75.


The additional 26 shares will boost my quarterly income by $15.86. Annually my income will increase $63.44.

Enbridge is now one of my biggest holding’s in my portfolio. I believe the company has a bright future and will continue to add shares if the price drops further.

Well folks thanks for reading. What do you think of my purchase? Please feel free to leave a comment I always enjoy reading them.

Thanks for stopping by.



7 thoughts on “New Purchase

  1. Enbridge is a great buy. I was lucky enough to add to my position a couple of days ago when the stock pulled back to around $50 per share. Let’s hope the company stay on track and continue to increase the dividend payout.

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