My November Investing Activities

Hi everyone and welcome to December, can’t believe it’s December in this crazy world we live in. I for one can’t wait to see 2020 end, since my last post my family had a health scare with my mother coming in contact with someone who had COVID, thankfully she tested negative. Today’s post is another wrap up of my monthly activities usually stock purchases. I am doing wrap up posts because usually these buys are from dividends that I have received in my accounts and no new money being added. Since the buys are tiny I decide to save them up and announce them in one post.

In November I made three buys, two for my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) using dividends and one in my Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) using contribution money I deposited into the account.

Buy #1

My first buy of the month was Enbridge. I seen that it was trading under $37 and bought 3 shares @ $36.41 per share. This purchase was made on November 2nd and in my TFSA account. Enbridge pays a quarterly dividend of $0.81 or $3.24 annually. Hoping to hear them announce a raise in December. With this purchase my income will increase $2.43 quarterly and $9.72 annually.

Buy #2

On the night of November 2nd more dividend money was deposited into my account so I decided I had to spend it right away. This purchase was in my TFSA account as well and I bought 6 shares of Telus @ $22.67 per share. Telus seems to be my favourite stock as the moment as I’m buying them all the time. Telus just recently raised their dividend and reinstated their multi annual dividend growth program which was great news to hear as a shareholder.

Telus currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.3112 or $1.24 annually. These six shares will boost my dividend income by $1.87 quarterly and $7.48 annually.

Buy #3

My last purchase occurred on November 24th when I added some money to my second RRSP account. In this account I only hold the iShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada Index ETF (Ticker: XAW). The great thing about this ETF is that it holds over 8,000 stocks and none are in Canada, my portfolio is too focused on the Canadian market and needs to diversify. Every month I add a few more shares to my total to try and fix my diversification issue.

On the 24th I was able to buy 7 more shares @ $30.44 per share. This buy brings my share count to 56. This ETF pays a semi-annual distribution usually paid in June & December. I didn’t try and calculate what my dividend income would be with these shares because with ETFs it usually changes all the time.

Well folks what do you think of my purchases in November?




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