Dividend Cut/Suspension #4 of 2020



Hi folks I’m back to share with you another dividend cut/suspension I received with you. On Monday April 6th, Chorus Aviation announced some significant measures to help the liquidity of the company during these difficult times for the world and aviation sector.

Chorus’s main customer and partner Air Canada has cut capacity in the in second quarter by 85 to 90% which means Chorus’s flying is cut by a similar amount. Also in the company’s leasing division pretty much all of their customers have asked for relief on the rent of the planes they have.  They were also expecting to take delivery of new planes from Bombardier this year now that is delayed as well as customers accepting new planes to their fleet which will have a significant impact to the finances of Chorus.

After having these things happen Chorus has chosen to take the following measures:

  • Suspend dividend and drip program – will save $77 million
  • Opened a new US$100 million credit facility with Export Development Canada.
  • Raising an additional US$30 to $50 million in financing
  • Laying off staff
  • CEO forgoing 70% of salary
  • Executive team forgoing 50% of salary
  • Board of Directors taking a 25% reduction in fees


Because the dividend was suspended instead of cut I believe once the aviation sector bounces back the dividend will be reinstated. Chorus at the time of this decision was paying a monthly dividend of $0.04 or $0.48 annualized.

I currently own 509 shares and my income will be dropping by $20.36 beginning in May. If the suspension lasts a year I will lose $244.32.




6 thoughts on “Dividend Cut/Suspension #4 of 2020

  1. I’ve got hit by 2 so far but one was a real doozy from .50 a quarter to .05 a quarter so it hurt but they plan on raising again after this is done I don’t know if they will get up to where they were but I’ve added some more of course I’ve been adding to stuff that is down hope you are doing great my friend.

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    1. Thanks buddy I’m doing well thanks. How are you doing? I hope your two stocks raise their dividends again after the pandemic. I think with my four cuts/suspensions I’ve lost over $600 in forward income.


  2. Definite bummer, Matthew. 4 cuts is no fun. I’ve been lucky to avoid any cuts/suspensions so far, but won’t be too surprised if I find one in my near future.

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