Dividend Increase #8 of 2020


TC Energy

Hey everyone it’s time to share another dividend raise I received with you. On February 13th the board of directors of TC Energy announced an 8% dividend increase. TC Energy is one of my biggest holdings so it is always great to see a raise like this.

With this announcement the dividend which is paid quarterly will rise to $0.81 per share or on an annual basis to $3.24 per share. I currently own 148 shares and my income will rise by $8.88 quarterly or $35.52 annually.

Portfolio Raises in 2020

Stock Old Dividend New Dividend Forward Income
Canadian Utilities $0.4227 $0.4354 $7.92
Realty Income Corp $0.2275 $0.2325 $2.88
Canadian National Railway $0.5375 $0.5750 $2.24
3M Company $1.44 $1.47 $1.20
Suncor $0.42 0.465 $8.80
BCE $0.7925 $0.8325 $22.68
Diversified Royalty Corp $0.2300 $0.2350 $0.98
TC Energy $0.7500 $0.8100 $35.52
Total $82.22

If you own TC Energy congrats on the raise as well.




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