October 2018 Dividend Income

Hands grasping at falling Canadian money.

Hello everyone and welcome to my October income post. Wow it feels weird typing in October. Where has the time gone? I hope everyone had a great month and received lots of dividends. In October we seen some volatility in the market, my portfolio lost a few thousand dollars in value. Since I am 35 with a long investing horizon it front of me I’m not worried. One reason why I’m not worried is because my dividends continue to increase month after month. October was a busy month for me, I made five purchases, had one dividend increase and even one dividend decrease. 😦

In October I received $546.38 in dividends in my three accounts

  • RRSP = $349.48
  • TFSA = $170.35
  • LIRA = $26.55


2017 2018
BCE $78.93 $103.44
TransCanada $63.75 $71.76
Telus $49.25 $53.55
Algonquin Power & Utilities $44.67 $52.52
BMO US Dividend ETF $29.50 $32.09
BMO International ETF $0.00 $22.23
Realty Income Corp $0.00 $13.43
North West Company $0.32 $0.32
Leon’s Furniture $0.12 $0.14
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76
Total $283.30 $349.48


2017 2018
Inter Pipeline $17.87 $33.32
ZCL Composites Inc $15.24 $30.65
Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.24 $28.10
Plaza Reit $0.00 $24.22
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $17.88
Artis Reit $13.95 $14.67
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties Reit $0.00 $9.20
Boardwalk Reit $17.63 $0.00
Corus Entertainment $6.56 $0.00
Total $116.08 $170.35

Some more nice growth from this account. The growth comes from new investments. The Keg Royalties Income Fund was one of my purchases in October I was able to buy it before the ex dividend date so it helped grow my income this month.


Enbridge Income Fund Holdings $26.55


In October I was able to drip 19 shares. Here is what I received:

# of Shares
Plaza Reit 5
Algonquin Power & Utilities 4
Chorus Aviation 2
Telus 1
BMO US Dividend ETF 1
Inter Pipeline 1
Artis Reit 1
TransCanada 1
Keg Royalties Income Fund 1
Total 19

Below is a chart that will some what these new shares will provide me in future income.

So far this year since I started dripping my shares my forward dividends have increased by $131.32.

2016 to 2018 Dividends

This year has been very successful so far, as you can see every month in 2018 I have been able to increase my dividend total in each month.

2018 Dividend Goal

I’m inching closer guys towards my goal. I’m just $1,133.69 away from reaching my $6,000 dividend goal for the year.


  1.  Bought 21 shares of Canadian Utilities
  2.  Bought 63 shares of Power Corp of Canada
  3.  Bought 41 shares of TransCanada
  4.  Bought 27 shares of ScotiaBank
  5.  Bought 131 shares of The Keg Royalties Income Fund



  • Fortis increased their dividend to $0.45 from $0.425



  • Artis Reit cut their dividend in half to $0.54 annually from $1.08


Well folks that is going to do it for my October income post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Did you receive lots of dividends in October? Please feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.



16 thoughts on “October 2018 Dividend Income

  1. I’ll be rooting for you hit your annual dividend goal, Matthew. Even if you don’t, I agree you’ve made some outstanding progress this year. Certainly all those purchases from October will jump start the income in 2019.
    Great to see the significant impact of those DRIPped shares as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think it will be really close this year I think the difference will be around $200 as to whether I reach my goal or not. The DRIPped shares are really starting to add up, I wish I had started doing that earlier. Can’t wait to see how you make out in November and December.


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