December 2017 Net Worth

December 2017 Net Worth

Hey guys it’s net worth time. That’s right it is time for me to share with you my net worth that I had at the end of December. This is only my third net worth update but it is quickly becoming one of my favourite posts to write. This my first update I have found myself wanting to see that number grow and grow. It has made me want to save more, invest more. So far my net worth continues to climb in an upward trajectory it increased by over $2k in December.

All numbers are as of December 31st, 2017

December November Change
Cash & Savings $10,431.21 $8,587.49 $1,843.72
Investments $114,643.64 $114,439.70 $203.94
Car $15,343.00 $15,343.00 0
Liabilities $13,987.16 $14,679.78 -$692.62

Cash & Savings (+$1,843.72)

December November Change
Car Account $733.96 $247.28 $486.68
Savings $2,544.18 $1,335.89 $1,208.29
Emergency Fund $7,364.15 $7,004.32 $359.83

Cash – $3,278.14 (+$1,694.97)

I had some big savings in December even through the Christmas spending I was able to increase my cash by $1,694.97. How did I do this? Well I received 5 pays from my two jobs and that’s what’s allowed me to increase my cash by so much.  My car account had a nice increase to in and hopefully in January it will reach $1k once that happens I plan on withdrawing the money and putting it on my car loan.

Emergency Fund – $7,364.15 (+$359.83)

I also had a big gain in my emergency fund because in December I received two interest payments from my bank combined were worth a total of $9.83. Also I received $350 as a Christmas gift and thought my emergency fund would be a good place to put it as there was nothing I needed to buy at the moment.

Investments $114,643.64 (+$203.94)

December November Change
Locked in RRSP $3,960.64 $3,980.44 -$19.80
TFSA $25,989.00 $25,614.39 $374.61
RRSP $84,694.00 $84,844.87 -$150.87

December was not a great month for growth for my investments as two of my three accounts were negative. What helped keep my investments value growing was the dividends I received in the month ($404) and the extra $300 I deposited into my TFSA. Hopefully in January all three of my accounts will be in growth mode.

Car – $15,343.00 ($0)

I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GLS that has a current value of $15,343.00 it is the same value as last month. I will be checking the value of it every three months so next update it should be different.

Liabilities – $13,987.16 (-$692.62)

December November Change
Credit Card $0.00 $247.27 -$247.27
Car $13,987.16 $14,432.51 -$445.35

Credit Card – $0 (-$247.27)

I completely paid off my credit cards, I don’t owe anything on them 🙂

Car – $13,987.16 (-$445.35)

In December I made three payments towards the car loan for a total of $445.35 bringing the amount I owe to just under $14k.

Total Net Worth

As we enter January my net worth stood at $126,430.69 an increase of $2,740.28. This month my savings helped in a big way. Hopefully the market will continue to rise and just maybe I can see if my net worth can grow by $3k next month.

All in all I am very happy with December I continue to go in the right direction.

I hope your net worth continues to grow. So what do you guys think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.



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