November 2017 Net Worth

November 2017 Net Worth #2

Hi everyone and welcome to my second ever net worth post. The month of November was a pretty good month for me both financially and personally. On the financial front I had a very good month my net worth increased by over $2k. Personally I got a new job which pays significantly more than my other two jobs. The new job should allow me to further increase my savings and investing.

Let’s go see how I did in each category.

All numbers are as of November 30, 2017

November October Change
Cash & Savings $8,587.49 $7,586.27 $1,001.22
Investments $114,439.70 $113,348.20 $1,091.50
Car $15,343.00 $15,343.00 No Change
Liabilities $14,679.78 $14,799.41 (-119.63)

Cash & Savings (+$1,001.22)

November October Change
Car Account $247.28 $0.00 $247.28
Savings $1,335.89 $586.27 $749.62
Emergency Fund $7,004.32 $7,000.00 $4.32

Cash – $1,583.17 (+$996.90)

My cash balance currently sits at $1,583.17 a big increase over October’s figure. This number does not include my emergency fund.  I now have 4 savings accounts, one of my accounts I have with Tangerine Bank the money that goes into that account is from my credit card which is a cash back card and the money is deposited into the account at the end of the month. Depending on how much I spend the amount is deposited is usually between $4 to $7.

I have created a new account named Car Account I will be using this account to save up money, then use that money to put on my car to help pay it off sooner. The goal is to add money to this account each month until it reaches $1k then remove the money and put it towards my car payments.

Emergency Fund – $7,004.32 (+$4.32)

My emergency fund grew $4.32 last month that is from the interest my bank paid me.

Investments (+1,091.50)

November October Change
Locked In RRSP $3,980.44 $3,934.84 $45.60
TFSA $25,614.39 $25,544.44 $69.95
RRSP $84,844.87 $83,868.92 $975.95

Car – $15,343.00 ($0)

I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GLS that has a current value of $15,343.00 it is the same value as last month. I will check the value every three to four months. I found the value of my car on the site Canadian Black Book. 


November October Change
Credit Card $247.27 $70.00 $177.27
Car $14,432.51 $14,729.41 $296.90

Credit Card $247.27 (+$177.27)

My credit card bill increase this month over last due to a little more spending.

Car $14,32.51  (-$296.90)

I made two car payments in November totaling $296.90. Slowly I am paying off my car.

Total Net Worth

As we entered December my net worth stood at $123,690.41 an increase of $2,212.35. The stock market continues to rise which was a big help to me. Also I was able to add $1k in my savings account.

Well that wraps up my second ever net worth post. What do you guys think? How did you do in November?

Thanks for reading



18 thoughts on “November 2017 Net Worth

  1. Nice month. That graph at the end makes the jump look huge lol. Receiving $4 from interest from your bank seems high actually. But you have those good Canadian banks. I feel like in the US we get pennies even if we have decently large sums in the bank. Which is probably why people are looking for ways to invest that money instead so it doesn’t sit there doing nothing. Keep that net worth going up!

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    1. That graph does make it look huge lol. Hopefully the banks both in Canada and the US will start to raise the interest rate they pay to account holders soon. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Very detailed post. Cannot go wrong with such a rigorous approach. Nice jump in net worth. Well once the interest rates go up, people might start moving away from value stocks. But, I agree interest rates are way too low. Some of the online banks do offer some good interest rates (for 1 Year CD).

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  3. Nice matt great progress and a very good breakdown. One thing you should be doing is depreciating your car in the asset column. I knock the value of each car we own by 200$ per month. It might seem like alot but 100 a month is nothing. Minor detail… keep it up though man. Great networth for a single young buck! Haha

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  4. Hey Matthew,

    congrats on your net worth numbers! – pretty impressive. And cool that you got a new job that pays you more than the ones before. It doesn’t hurt to have more cash for investments:-). Hope you like that job too, i remember a post where you told the story of your application and the firm turning it down.


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    1. Thanks buddym. Yes I do really like this job. I got this job due to the fact I was turned down by that other company. It always pays to treat people with respect and be friendly to them.


  5. Awesome progress all around, Matthew. Have to like seeing green next to nearly all of those categories. Were going to have to take away those credit cards though (the only red!) 🙂
    Seriously, congrats on an outstanding report.

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