Welcome to my Income page below is a list of all the stocks I currently hold or have held in my portfolio. Also below you will find the income total I have received since owning these stocks. I thought it would be good to show you what you can receive by buying and holding quality stocks that pay and regularly increase their dividends.

I started investing in individual stocks in 2014, so below all of the numbers are from 2014 to present day.


Chorus Aviation $466.62
Inter Pipeline $438.75
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $375.24
Boardwalk REIT $329.73
Artis REIT $348.57
Long Run Exploration $288.10
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $307.75
ZCL Composites Inc. $175.83
Corus Entertainment $153.04
Evertz Technologies $37.26
Plaza REIT $45.85
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $17.59
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $30.82
Canadian National Railway $12.38
Grand TFSA Total $3,027.53


BCE $1,020.07
Fortis $825.44
Bank of Montreal $888.51
Royal Bank of Canada $878.07
TransCanada $784.44
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $675.78
Algonquin Power & Utilities $615.36
Canadian Utilities $607.31
Proctor & Gamble $514.39
Enbridge $487.79
JP Morgan $439.84
Telus $402.80
BMO US Dividend ETF $455.48
Coca-Cola $130.62
Power Corp of Canada $122.90
McDonald’s $91.57
Potash Corp of Sask/ Nutrien $58.37
Westjet $35.42
Exco Technologies $32.00
Magna $25.77
Alimentation Couche-Tard $14.97
Tim Horton’s $8.96
North West Company $2.83
Leon’s Furniture $0.86
Realty Income Corp $19.25
Microsoft $5.93
Johnson & Johnson  $17.16
Bank of America
Grand RRSP Total $9,161.89

Locked In RRSP

Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Grand Locked In RRSP $26.55

Percentage of Where Dividends Are Received