I like to challenge myself, so I have decided to dedicate a page to goals. I have set goals for my portfolio, twitter account and blog. These goals will be challenging but I believe I can succeed and accomplish them.

Goals for 2016


  • Receive $3,500 in dividends
  • Invest $4,000

I have decided to only make two goals for my portfolio this year as I try and keep things simple. Last year I received $2,426.28 in dividends so I have set my sights on increasing that my another $1000 this year. With my recent investments in February and with dividend increases that have been announced this year I believe I can accomplish my goal. My second goal of $4,000 is a goal of mine because I currently have a low income job so money is tight, I usually invest around $2,500 each year but I want to push myself to invest more.



I have set an ambitious goal of reaching 1000 followers by the end of this year. I currently have 253 followers, I am coming off of my best month in which I received 104 new followers in February.


  • 15,000 page views
  • 100 subscribers to blog
  • 45 posts

Being brand new to blogging I wasn’t sure how high to set these goals. I believe these will be tough to achieve since we are now into March but I will give it my all to reach these numbers. For posts my goal is to create one post per week minimum.


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