August 2021 Dividend Income

Welcome everyone to my August dividend post. August is one of my lower paying months but I received a decent amount of income. I had 9 stocks and 1 ETF pay me this month. My income total for the month was $427.18 here is the breakdown per account.

  • RRSP $250.42
  • TFSA $176.76

If you’re new to the site my RRSP is all in US dollars and all of my Canadian stocks sit in my TFSA. When sharing with you the income I receive I don’t convert the US dividend income into Canadian for simplicity.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

General Dynamics$47.60
Texas Instruments$20.70$39.78
Bank of Montreal$97.52
Royal Bank of Canada$104.76

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Bank of Montreal$10.60$61.48
Royal Bank of Canada$5.40$49.01
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Reit Index ETF$33.30
The Keg Royalties Income Fund$10.75$21.49
BMO International Dividend ETF$35.04
European Residential Reit$7.79
Inter Pipeline$12.36
Plaza Reit$27.95
Canadian Apartment Reit$9.55
SmartCentres Reit$10.79

Month to Month Dividends

My income was about $10 lower this year compared to last year, that should change next year as I’m not planning on selling any of my current investments. Also with the ability to buy fractional shares of my two banks and Emera I will be able to increase my dividends from them.

Dividends Received Per Year

2021 Dividend Goal

Looking at my goal for this year and the remaining months left, I believe I’m going to finish with around $7,000 which isn’t too bad.

Stock Purchases

  • XAW ETF 11 shares
  • Manulife 6 shares
  • Power Corp of Canada 1 share
  • Royal Bank of Canada 0.3669 of a share

Dividend News

I received one dividend increase in August and that came from Altria Group which raised the dividend by 4.65%

Also I received some good news from a newly created stock. Earlier this year Organon & Co (ticker: OGN) was spun off from Merck & Co, in August the company announced an inaugural dividend of $0.28 per share that will be paid in September. I currently own 5 shares so the income won’t be much, however with this news I might purchase more shares in September.

Thanks for reading!



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