June 2021 Dividend Income

Hello and welcome to my monthly dividend income post. I hope you all had a great month, for me June was a good month, I received over $600 which is a nice bit of change to receive. This month all three of my investment accounts contributed.

I received $645.23 this month from 17 stocks and 2 ETFs.

I had three accounts contribute this month, here is the total per account:

  • RRSP $351.23
  • TFSA $190.46
  • LIRA $103.54

If you’re new to the site my RRSP is all in US dollars and all of my Canadian stocks sit in my TFSA. When sharing with you the income I receive I don’t convert the US dividend income into Canadian for simplicity.

  • USD $317.10
  • CDN $328.13

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Lockheed Martin$33.60$78.00
Johnson & Johnson$24.24$42.40
Pinnacle West Capital$41.50
Home Depot$18.00$37.95
XAW ETF$3.23$34.13
Walgreens Boots Alliance$9.15$21.04
Bank of America$12.96$18.00

I just missed last year’s total, however that being said I’m happy with the number I ended up with. Over the last year I have made investments in new stocks and in buying more of the existing stocks I already owned. One number I’m happy with is the XAW ETF, last year I started investing in this to help diversify me away from North America and at the beginning of this year I set a goal of wanting to contribute $400 to this ETF every month. I’m happy to report that I am maintaining this goal so far.

Tax Free Savings Account

Brookfield Renewable Partners Corp$23.19$29.37
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Reit Index ETF$24.16
Canadian National Railway$14.95$20.91
The Keg Royalties Income Fund$10.75$10.75
Equitable Group$1.85
BMO International Dividend ETF$37.23
Canadian Utilities$67.92
European Residential ETF$7.72
Inter Pipeline$12.36
Sun Life Financial$11.00
Plaza REIT$27.76
Canadian Apartment REIT$9.55
SmartCentres REIT$10.79

Not too much happening with this account, I received my first payments from Equitable Group and Metro.

Locked In Retirement Account

Diversified Royalty Corp$3.92

I received a nice payment from Enbridge this month, I was able to drip an additional two shares so my income will be increasing in September.

Month to Month Dividends

Dividends Received Per Year

I remember seeing another blogger put this graph in one of their posts and thought I would do the same. Sorry I can’t remember who to give them credit.

2021 Dividend Goal

After six months I’ve received $3,576.63 in dividends. I’m happy with this because I should at least reach $7,000 by year’s end, back in January after the moves I made I thought I would end up in the $6,000 area.

Stock Purchases

Here is what I purchased throughout the month of June.

  • Greenlane Renewables 40 shares
  • XAW ETF 12 shares
  • Equitable Group 11 shares
  • Manulife 3 shares
  • Metro 2 shares

In my RRSP account with my US stocks a new company entered my portfolio. The company is called Organon & Co and it spun off from Merck. Because I own Merck I received 5 shares. For now I will hold the five shares and possibly look to buy more shares in the future.

Dividend Increases

I received one dividend increase this month and that came from Bank of America and it was a 17%.

Thanks for reading!



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