My February Investing Activities

Hey fellow investors, today I thought it would be a good time to share with you my investing activities for the month of February. The month was filled by a lot of small buys, I did however have one big sell in my portfolio that took place in my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) more on that later.

February 2nd

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

  • iShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada Index ETF (XAW) 6 shares @ $31.84


  • BCE 3 shares @ $54.93
  • TC Energy 3 shares @ $55.60
  • Telus 5 shares @ $26.63

I continued by bi-weekly purchase of XAW etf I am planning on doing this throughout the year in my RRSP account. For my TFSA I continued to add to my existing stocks. I will also continue to do this into the future.

February 4th


  • XAW ETF 2 shares @ $31.99


  • TC Energy 2 shares @ $54.56

I had two people use my referral code with WealthSimple Trade and that added $50 to my account, as you see I was able to buy a couple more shares of the ETF. I had a little extra cash in my TFSA account so I decided to buy a couple more shares of TC Energy.

February 17th


  • XAW ETF 6 shares @ $32.57


  • Brookfield Renewable Partners Corporation (BEPC) 4 shares @ $62.50

I bought more shares of BEPC this time as the stock has been falling and thought it was a good opportunity.

February 19th


On February 19th I decided to sell one of my long term holdings Inter Pipeline (IPL). I’ve held the stock for several years and thought it was time to sell. At the moment Brookfield Infrastructure has launched a hostile bid to buy the remaining part of the company that they currently don’t own. They’ve offered $16.50 a share and they said they could potentially boost this to $18.25 per share. Inter Pipeline is currently building a petrochemical complex called Heartland in Alberta, this project has run into delays and cost overruns. Last year Inter Pipeline cut the dividend by 72% and sold a portion of its oil storage terminal business in Europe to help fund the project. They are also looking for a partner to help them fund/run the Heartland project. All this being said I believe this makes Inter look ripe for the picking and that is why Brookfield are trying to take the company private. I think Brookfield will be successful in their takeover, I think they will increase their current offer but not by much.

  • Sold Inter Pipeline 309 shares @ $17.50

I sold above their current offer and don’t see it rising much further so I decided to sell. Here is what I did with the money.

  • Alimentation Couche-Tard 20 shares @ $38.13
  • Telus 20 shares @ $26.07
  • Brookfield Renewable Partners Corporation 15 shares @ 61.35
  • Enbridge 11 shares @ $43.42
  • TC Energy 10 shares @ $56.73
  • Fortis 10 shares @ $51.00
  • Royal Bank of Canada 5 shares @ 109.04
  • Bank of Montreal 5 shares @ $100.20
  • Canadian National Railway 4 shares @ $138.00

I took all of the money I received from the Inter Pipeline sell and reinvested it back into all of the stocks I hold in my account except for BCE and XRE REIT ETF.

February 22nd


  • Algonquin Power & Utilities bought 65 shares @ $16.44
  • Pfizer bought 25 shares @ $34.19
  • Merck & Co. bought 15 shares @ $74.39
  • Apple bought 10 shares @ $126.80

I decided to spend the remaining money in my RRSP account on this day. With Algonquin I added to my position when the stock was trading 4.81% lower as the company announced that due to the terrible weather that hit Texas the company was going to see a $55 million hit to its earnings. With Pfizer, Merck and Apple I thought it was a good time to lower my costs.

Well folks that wraps up all of the transactions I did in February.

Recently Bob from the site Tawcan asked me to be a part of a post he was doing. Bob wanted me to name three of what I thought would be the best Canadian dividend stocks to own in 2021. I happily accepted his request, as well as other bloggers. I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out the post, Bob and the others did a fantastic job in my opinion. Here is the post

Thanks everyone!



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