Dividend Increase #6 of 2021

Hi everyone, last Thursday February 18th TC Energy (ticker: TRP) announced a 7.4% increase to its dividend. This was the second increase of the week for me, the first being Go Easy Ltd the day before. TC Energy has been in the news a lot lately with the Keystone XL pipeline permit being revoked by President Biden. This increase and the earnings that were announced just show that the company didn’t really need the pipeline to grow its business.

TC Energy’s quarterly dividend will increase to $0.87 per share up from $0.81, this will take effect with the company’s next dividend payment on April 30th to shareholders of record on March 31st. I currently own 38 shares and with this news my quarterly income will increase by $2.28 and annually by $9.12.

Portfolio Raises In 2021

StockOld DividendNew DividendForward Income
Canadian National Railway$0.575$0.615$4.16
3M Company$1.47$1.48$0.80
Brookfield Renewable Partners Corp.$0.2893$0.30375$2.96
Go Easy$0.45$0.66$26.04
TC Energy$0.81$0.87$9.12

If you own TC Energy congratulations on the raise.




4 thoughts on “Dividend Increase #6 of 2021

  1. I wasn’t entirely sure about dividend investing before I came across your posts. Clearly, when done properly, it can produce smooth passive income!! Definitely plan on allocating a portion of my portfolio towards these stocks 👍👍

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