Dividend Increase #5 of 2021

Hi folks, I have some news to share with you. On February 17th Go Easy Ltd (ticker: GSY) announced a whopper of a dividend increase when they reported their earnings. I was expecting a raise during the earnings release but didn’t know what to expect. I know others were expecting a big one but I didn’t want to guess. Well Go Easy delivered a massive 47% increase to their dividend, beyond my expectations for sure.

With this announcement Go Easy’s annual dividend will be $2.64 per share up from $1.80. The company pays quarterly and so those payments will be $0.66 per share up from $0.45. I currently own 31 shares and I really really wish I owned more lol. With the boost to the dividend my income will increase by $6.51 quarterly and $26.04 annually. The new dividend will take effect with the April 9th payment to shareholders of record on March 26th.

Portfolio Raises of 2021

StockOld DividendNew DividendForward Income
Canadian National Railway$0.575$0.615$4.16
3M Company$1.47$1.48$0.80
Brookfield Renewable Partners Corp.$0.2893$0.30375$2.96
Go Easy$0.45$0.66$26.04

Congratulations to all my fellow shareholders.




5 thoughts on “Dividend Increase #5 of 2021

  1. Go Easy has been performing amazingly well lately. Congrats man. 🙂 I don’t own any yet but looking for a good entry point as it seems to be a great dividend grower. Do you ever consider trimming your positions if the investment goes up too much?

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    1. Hi Liquid, thank you. I seen on Yahoo Finance yesterday that Go Easy stock has increased 561% in the last five years that is just crazy. I wish I would have bought more last year when the share price fell to $25. I’ve always been of the opinion that it is best to let the stock if growing it share price do it’s thing and not trim the position. I try to lower my exposure to a stock by adding new capital and buying others. How about yourself?


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