February 2021 Net Worth

Hi folks and welcome to my latest net worth post. I’m happy to report another month of growth, the way January ended on the stock market I wasn’t too sure what my numbers would look like, but I was able to come out ahead of my January numbers.

Cash & Savings ($8,489.55) + $89.38


Emergency Fund$1,407.23$1,606.99$199.76

A jump in cash on hand to begin February this is due to having a larger than normal credit card coming due in the middle of the month. I paid my car insurance with my Aeroplan credit card to collect the points. I was also able to put more money into my emergency fund.

EQ Bank

Yearly Bills$1,621.71$297.25-$1,324.46
Car Fund$1,078.85$1,180.22$101.37
Travel Fund$100.84 ($2,132.42)$2,318.81$85.55
Future Housing$1,453.75$1,555.60$101.85

As you can see I am down over $1,000 in my accounts with EQ Bank. This is where the money came from for my insurance bill. I had the money sitting in yearly bills, this year my car insurance was $1,426.00, I was able to save $115 this year due to the fact I have snow tires on the car and because I am driving less now as I work much closer to home.

Investments ($203,701.07) + $3,824.61

RRSP (RBC)$120,973.45$121,863.27$889.82
RRSP (WST)$2,132.29$2,747.83$615.54
WST = WealthSimple Trade

Despite all of the craziness that was going on at the end of the month on Wall Street my portfolio grew 1.9%. In the middle of January I sold all of my Canadian stocks that were sitting in my RRSP account and began buying US stocks with that cash. I am looking forward to seeing how those new stocks effect my portfolio in terms of growth. My TFSA account jumped quite a bit this month due to my making contributions again. When January began Canadians could once again contribute $6,000 for the year in this account. By my continuing to make bi-weekly contributions to my RRSP account at WealthSimple Trade I saw nice growth and hopefully that will continue.

Car ($24,000)

I own a 2020 Hyundai Kona which I bought in June. I plan on updating this annually.

Liabilities ($23,734.21) – $770.47

Car loan ($21,034.21) – $420.47

Parents loan ($2,700) – $350

I continued to make my monthly payment to my parents to help repay that loan. With my car I continue with the bi-weekly payments please the government sent me a GST cheque and put that towards the car as well.

Net Worth

Entering February my net worth stood at $212,456.41. A gain of 2.25% for the month, this is the third month in a row that I have grown my net worth over $200k.

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