Dividend Increases 3 & 4 of 2021

Hi folks, back on February 4th I received two dividend increases and I thought I would share them with you. Both of the raises were expected from the two companies and I believe both delivered the expected increase percentage as well.

Dividend Increase #3

So increase number one on the day was from Brookfield Renewable Partners (ticker: BEP). I own Brookfield Renewable Partners Corporation (ticker: BEPC) which was created last year to allow more investors to invest in the company. Since they are the same company the dividend increase applies to both. During the earnings release it was announced that the dividend would be increasing 5%.

With this news the dividend will increase to $0.30375 per share up from $0.2893. I currently own 51 shares and my income will increase by $0.74 quarterly and $2.96 annually. It should be noted that the company pays it’s dividend in US dollars so my income will be higher slightly due to the exchange rate when the money is converted into Canadian.

Dividend Increase #4

Bell Canada Enterprises (ticker: BCE) or BCE as we probably know it also announced their yearly dividend increase on February 4th. With BCE you don’t get a lot of share price appreciation but you can kind of expect them to delivery dividend increases in the area of 5% every year. This year was no different despite what we are going through with the pandemic BCE announced another 5% raise to their dividend

The dividend rises to $0.875 per share up from $0.8325. I currently own 77 shares and with this raise my income will increase by $3.27 quarterly and $13.08 annually.

Portfolio Raises in 2021

StockOld DividendNew DividendForward Income
Canadian National Railway$0.575$0.615$4.16
3M Company$1.47$1.48$0.80
Brookfield Renewable Partners Corp.$0.2893$0.30375$2.96

If you own these both of these stocks then congratulations on your raises.




5 thoughts on “Dividend Increases 3 & 4 of 2021

  1. You’ve got to love those raises. I own BIP/C as well and liked seeing their solid 5% raise. 2021 is off to a great start for my holdings especially after the muted dividend growth from 2020.

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