1st Dividend Increase of 2021

Hi everyone today I thought I would share my first dividend increase of 2021 with you. On January 26th after the markets closed Canadian National Railway released their recent earnings. In the earnings release the company announced a 7% increase to their quarterly dividend, this marks the 25th consecutive year that the company has raised the dividend.

Canadian National Railway is currently a small holding of mine as I currently hold 26 shares, over time I would like to increase this. With this announcement the dividend is being raised to $0.6150 per quarter, this will increase my income by $1.04 quarterly and $4.16 annually.

Do you own Canadian National Railway? If so congrats on the raise!

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “1st Dividend Increase of 2021

  1. Oh wow…I didn’t even realize that I got a raise as I had been paying attention to the GME shenanigans. I only have 4 shares of CNR, but had been meaning to build out this position. Either way…congrats on the raise.

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