November 2020 Net Worth

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest net worth post. In this post I will share what I am worth financially as of October 31st. This month was a so so month for me, my net worth declined for a second month in a row but it was a small decline of 0.3% or $564. Near the end of the month my old laptop died and instead of trying to get it fixed I made the decision to buy new and bought a MacBook Air. Which is expensive but I hear they last for quite awhile. I received some positive news at work during the last week of October I applied and was awarded a position at a school in the town next to mine. This means that I will be saving 40 mins a day in driving and I will be saving money on gas and maintenance on my car, so it is like receiving a raise.

Cash & Savings ($8,999.31) + $1,437.90


Emergency Fund$2,000.25$1,895.13-$105.12

As you can see I had a huge increase in my cash this month. The increase is to purchasing the MacBook as I mentioned above money in my cash will be directed towards my credit card bill once it arrives.

EQ Bank

Yearly Bills$1,315.97$1,417.80$101.83
Car Fund$775.18$876.30$101.12
Travel Fund$2,129.44100.59 ($2132.42 GIC)$103.57
Future Housing$1,148.65$1,250.26$101.61

I was able to put money into my savings accounts this month which made me happy. I earned $5.15 in interest with this month from the bank. In early October EQ Bank sent out an email informing me that their interest rate will be dropping from 1.7% to 1.5% which isn’t that surprising considering the Bank of Canada’s interest rate. The bank was offering a three month GIC with a rate of 1.7% for a short time and I decided to take them up on the offer. Above you can see in my travel account I have two numbers in the November column, I went with that account because I won’t be using that money for awhile yet.

Investments ($179,612.44) – $2,789.34

RRSP (RBC)$114,632.33$111,904.00-$2,728.33
RRSP (WST)$1,186.49$1,377.60$191.11
WST= WealthSimple Trade

Another down month for my portfolio. I’m not too worried about this I rarely check the balance of the portfolio, usually only a couple times per month. In October I received a record about of dividends over $900. The changes I made in September were a big reason for this.

Car ($24,000)

I own a 2020 Hyundai Kona which I bought in June. I plan on updating this annually.

Liabilities (26,204.85) – $786.78

Car Loan ($22,104.85) – $436.78

Loan ($4,450) – $350

I make bi-weekly payments towards my car and a monthly payment to my parents towards the loan I have with them. In early October I received a GST payment from the Federal Government and decided to put that towards the car.

Net Worth

A secondly monthly decline of 0.3% for me which is basically saying it was a flat month for me. With having the stock market make up so much of my net worth I’m at the mercy of the market. Hopefully in November the stock market will rise and get me back to growth.

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “November 2020 Net Worth

  1. Not too bad of a month, considering how things were going stock-wise in October. I think November is already treating your portfolio a little better :). Don’t dismiss 0.3%, though! At your portfolio size even a small change adds up to a lot of money!


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