Dividend Increase #16 of 2020



Hi everyone in today’s post I will share a dividend increase with you that I received this month. Raises this year have really tapered off, that is why I am happy to share this with you. I am a little late with posting this but as they say it’s better late than never lol.

On July 9th Walgreen’s Boots Alliance’s board of directors announced they were going to raise the dividend by 2.2%. The dividend is now going to be $0.4675 per quarter up from $0.4575. I currently own 20 shares of the company so my income will grow $0.20 per quarter. It’s obviously not a lot of money but I’m happy to see it go up.

Portfolio Raises In 2020

Stock Old Dividend New Dividend Forward Income
Canadian Utilities $0.4227 $0.4354 $7.92
Realty Income Corp $0.2275 $0.2325 $2.88
Canadian National Railway $0.5375 $0.5750 $2.24
3M Company $1.44 $1.47 $1.20
Suncor $0.42 0.465 $8.80
BCE $0.7925 $0.8325 $22.68
Diversified Royalty Corp $0.23 $0.2350 $0.98
TC Energy $0.75 $0.81 $35.52
Royal Bank of Canada $1.05 $1.08 $11.52
Home Depot $1.36 $1.50 $6.72
Transcontinental $0.2200 $0.2250 $2.44
Aecon Group $0.145 $0.16 $2.40
Power Corp $0.405 $0.4475 $40.12
Johnson & Johnson $0.9500 $1.01 $5.76
Algonquin Power & Utilities $0.1410 $0.1551 $18.56
Walgreen’s Boots Alliance $0.4575 $0.4675 $0.80
Total $170.24

If your a shareholder in Walgreen’s congrats on the raise.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Dividend Increase #16 of 2020

  1. Hey Matthew,

    Congrats on the increase. It sucks that majority of the increases that were pegged for this year have decreased and worse that many have cut back. So its a nice little surprise when these “raises” come around.


    DG Capital

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