June 2020 Dividend Income

April Income Post Pic

Hi everyone, and thank you for visiting my blog today. Today I am going to share with you my June dividend income with you. June was very busy for my investing portfolio, I made lots of stock purchases and lots of stocks paid me dividends.

In June I received dividends from 22 stocks and 2 ETFs. These paid me a combined $695.72 a 3.17% decrease over June 2019. The dividend cuts I had earlier in the year affected my results but there was one factor out of my control that caused the decrease, Power Corp normally pays in June but decided to change their payout day to May. If I had received Power Corp’s dividend my income would have been 802.72 a gain of 11.72%.

The income per account is as follows:

  • RRSP  $355.66
  • TFSA  $249.47
  • LIRA  $90.59

I had seven US stocks pay me, here is the currency that I received the dividends in. Just a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD  $123.36
  • CDN  $572.36



2019 2020
Enbridge $112.91 $128.79
Fortis $93.15 $100.28
Lockheed Martin $17.60 $33.60
Johnson & Johnson $15.20 $24.24
Home Depot $16.32 $18.00
3M Company $14.70
Bank of America $10.80 $12.96
Microsoft $5.06 $10.71
Walgreen’s Boots Alliance $9.15
XAW ETF $3.23
Power Corp $93.56
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Realty Income Corp $10.62
Total $412.07 $355.66

New investments into 3M, Walgreen’s, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft helped fill in the gap from the missing Power Corp payment. I received my first ever distribution from XAW ETF they pay on a semi annual basis, my goal is to have the December distribution payment be at least triple the size of this one. I had a nice boost from Enbridge, that is all from dripping new shares quarterly and from their dividend increase.


2019 2020
Canadian Utilities $65.10 $67.92
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79 $37.23
Plaza Retail REIT $24.61 $27.76
Brookfield Renewable Partners $23.19
Canadian National Railway $8.06 $14.95
Suncor $13.86
Inter Pipeline $34.84 $12.36
Sun Life Financial $11.00
SmartCentres REIT $10.79
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $28.38 $10.75
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $9.55 $9.55
European Residential REIT $7.72
Fortis $2.39
Chorus Aviation $18.16
Total $227.49 $249.47

All of my new investments helped me eke out a 9.6% gain this month compared to June 2019. Also on a sad note BMO lowered it’s distribution on this payment for the ETF I hold hopefully it doesn’t go any lower.


2019 2020
Enbridge $76.75 $86.67
Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22 $3.92
Total $78.97 $90.59



# of Shares Forward Income
Enbridge 3 $9.72
Fortis 1 $1.91
Diversified Royalty Corp 2 $0.40
Total 6 $12.03

It was a slow month in terms of dripped shares, glad to see 3 new Enbridge shares. Next month should pick up for me in this department.

June 20 Forward Income From DRIP Shares


Year Over Year Dividends

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
January $298.97 $377.99 $436.34 $620.32 $680.27
February $205.66 $273.04 $309.75 $455.70 $475.32
March $249.31 $424.96 $519.44 $696.89 $808.35
April $346.87 $403.82 $533.09 $760.67 $755.16
May $288.53 $284.35 $369.72 $482.69 $540.21
June $269.00 $362.19 $650.27 $718.53 $695.72
July $367.33 $402.11 $543.91 $632.54
August $298.23 $289.40 $388.99 $535.11
September $285.41 $403.27 $568.42 $721.71
October $380.23 $399.38 $546.38 $669.14
November $293.02 $287.15 $438.59 $460.48
December $287.58 $404.51 $689.97 $752.25
Total $3,570.14 $4,312.17 $5,994.87 $7,506.03 $3,955.03


2020 Dividend Goal

June 2020 Dividend Goal


Oh so close to that $4,000 mark I was aiming for. I’m now just $5,544.97 away from reaching my yearly goal.

Stock Purchases

June was a very busy month in this area for me, I made a lot of purchases.

  • Telus   46 shares
  • Go Easy  18 shares
  • BCE  15 shares
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard   12 shares
  • Enbridge  10 shares
  • Open Text  10 shares
  • Enghouse  8 shares
  • XAW ETF  4 shares


Sold Stocks

  • Andrew Peller Ltd.  45 shares


So how was the month June for you?




9 thoughts on “June 2020 Dividend Income

  1. Looks like you still had a great month collecting those dividends!

    I was initially forecasting my first ever 4 digit dividend month in June but due to all the cuts, I came in about $200 lower than forecasted

    DG Capital

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job, Matt! Overall great results except for Power Corp roll over the dividend to the next month. No biggy, you’ll get a nice boost in July. Love seeing those massive dividends from Enbridge and Fortis. I recently added ENB to my portfolio, but that was after the ex-date. I’m thinking of adding more especially at low-40s range.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice matt

    alot of new buys which will propel those months income!

    love that Fortis has breached the 100 dollar mark. Those are the milestones I personally love seeing.

    why dont I own them yet? haha

    keep it up man, great stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Nice month Matthew! Sadly, you can’t control the dividend cuts or the month a company pays their dividend. You’re kind of stuck haha

    Do you think baseball will make it back for 60 games? I have a hunch it will get stopped at somepoint before!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Bert that is so true we can’t control when a company will pay or cut its dividend.

      I think the season will get stopped at some point. Heck my team doesn’t know where they will play their home games.

      Liked by 1 person

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