Phones, Oil, Cash & More Phones



Hello and welcome back everyone! Before I begin I hope my American friends have a happy and safe long weekend. Today I will be sharing with you my last five stock purchases in June all for my TFSA account. June was clearly a busy month for the portfolio but I expects to slow down in the second half of the year.  The purchases took place on three different days, and they used up all of my cash that I had in my TFSA account.

I won’t go into great detail as to why I bought the stocks that I did. All of the stocks I already own and you’ve read why I bought them in the past.

June 11th, 2020

Buy #1 Enbridge (Ticker: ENB)

On June 11th I noticed that Enbridge’s price had fallen to below $42 and thought it was a good time to buy the stock. I already own the stock in my RRSP and LIRA accounts so why it in another account? I would like to sell the shares in my RRSP account but I still want to own it, so over time I will buy it in my TFSA and match the share count in the RRSP account.

I purchased 10 shares @ $41.63 per share. Enbridge currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.81 per share. With the purchase my quarterly income will rise by $8.10 and $32.40 annually.

Buy #2 BCE (Ticker: BCE)

For the same reasons that I gave for Enbridge I started a position in BCE in my TFSA account. BCE is one of the top two telecoms company’s in Canada in my opinion. I believe the telecoms will fair better in the environment we are currently in as many people need or want phones, internet is a must have to stream movies, tv shows or stream work meetings or chats with friends or fellow bloggers.

I purchased 15 shares @ $58.06 per share. BCE pays a quarterly dividend of $0.8325, the 15 shares will increase my quarterly income by $12.49 and annually by $49.96.

Buy #3 Go Easy ( Ticker: GSY)

Another buy of Go Easy, I shared with you the other day of a recent GoEasy purchase so not much to say other then I believe the company is a good growth stock for the future.

I bought 10 shares @ $52.18 per share. Go Easy pays a quarterly dividend of $0.45 and the new shares will boost my income by $4.50 quarterly and $18 annually.

June 12th

Buy #4 Telus (Ticker: T.TO)

I think Telus is the best telecom stock in Canada just above BCE. Why I think this is because of the company’s investments in Health and Security, two areas the company has been growing their investment.

For this buy I used up all the remaining cash I had in my account and was able to by 9 shares @ $23.38 per share. Telus pays a quarterly dividend of $0.29125 and so with these 9 shares my quarterly income will grow by $2.62 and annually by $10.48.

June 25th

Buy #5 Telus (Ticker: T.TO)

On June 25th and making a contribution and receiving some dividends in my account I had some money to spend and decided to buy more shares of Telus. This time I was able to purchase 17 shares @ $22.68. I was able to lower my costs slightly with the purchase.

My dividend income will grow quarterly by $4.95 and annually by $19.80.

So what do you think of my purchases?


Stay Safe




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