June 2020 Net Worth

Net WorthF

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Today I would like to share with you my net worth for the month of June. I like sharing my numbers with you because I find it helps me stay focused on my goals. In May the stock market continued to rise and that had a possible effect on my numbers as investing is a big part of my financials. Due to the rise of the markets and some savings in May my net worth increased 2.7%.

Cash & Savings ($7,002.85) + $1,394.59



May June Change
Cash $4.00 $449.11 $445.11
Emergency Fund $2,000.00 $2,332.33 $332.33
Total $2,004.00 $2,781.44 $777.44

Big increase this month with RBC. The cash is earmarked for the credit card when the bill arrives. My family has been ordering more from Amazon over the pass month. Since I have an account I order for them and collect points off my credit card. For the emergency fund there is an increase because in May the government sent it to me and claimed it was for a tax refund. When I filed my taxes in March I owed $569 so maybe I made a mistake and they corrected. Anyway I won’t complain!

EQ Bank

May June Change
Yearly Bills $782.43 $908.79 $126.36
Car Fund $1,286.84 $1,524.97 $238.13
Travel Fund $1,254.02 $1,381.18 $127.16
Future Housing $280.97 $406.47 $125.50
Total $3,604.26 $4,221.41 $617.15

I didn’t add as much to my EQ bank accounts as last month. I did however manage to continue to make bi-weekly contributions into each account. I earned $6.40 in interest as EQ Bank offers a 2% interest rate on your savings.


Investments ($175,706.85) + $2,613.34


May June Change
RRSP (RBC) $110,806.53 $112,570.13 $1,763.60
TFSA $57,101.11 $57,650.86 $549.75
LIRA $4,996.92 $5,193.26 $196.34
RRSP (WST) $188.95 $292.60 $103.65
Total $173,093.51 $175,706.85 $2,613.34

(WST: Wealthsimple Trade)

I continued to see the valuations of the stocks I hold go up. I also added new money throughout May. I made some small stock purchases throughout the month, not sure what I will do in June I have about $4,000 sitting in my TFSA account.

Liabilities ($7,200) – $700

In March I borrowed $10,000 to invest, I currently have paid back $2,800.

Net Worth

Going into June my net worth currently sits at $175,509.70 a 2.7% increase over May.

June 20 Net Worth

Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “June 2020 Net Worth

  1. Hi Matthew!

    I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying the experience here thus far. I was wondering if you could share any resources on how to invest as a beginner. I opened up my Questrade account and put a bit of money away in a TFSA and have some shares in VGRO. That’s the extent to my investing at this time but your blog and journey has inspired me to learn more about dividend earnings and passive income! Anything you can share? I appreciate it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Brinda

      Thank you for reading my blog, I greatly appreciate it. That is great to hear you have started to invest. Thank you for your question on investing, I reached out and asked some blogging friends to help and I have some posts that they wrote. Below I will list their name and the link to their post.

      Mark Seed – https://www.myownadvisor.ca/just-starting-out-how-to-get-started-with-investing/

      Court – https://modernfimily.com/investing-101-part-1-introduction/

      Tom Drake – https://maplemoney.com/how-to-buy-stocks-beginners-guide/

      Bob- https://www.tawcan.com/your-dividend-and-index-etf-questions-answered/

      Hope these help!

      Thanks again!


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  2. Hi Matthew, glad to see that you are currently doing well for your investments. Though I am not a local (I am from Singapore), I started my investing journey at 23. Now I am 30 this year, my capital invested is about $100k. My portfolio is mostly in REITs as good quality real estate in SG is scarce. May you enjoy your retirement soon sir!

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  3. Nice increase in net worth! The 10K that you borrowed, is it a fixed amount you pay? Do you plan to sell some of the holdings to pay back the loan faster? For example, if some stocks go up 40-50% in value in a short period of time, you could sell some before the next drop and repay the loan. If I’m not mistaken, you borrowed from your parents with 0% interest rate?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks buddy, I did indeed borrow the money from my parents at 0%. I don’t plan on selling any stocks to repay it quickly. The plan going forward is to pay $350 per month until I have paid it off.

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  4. Hey Matthew.. your blog is totally enjoyable and refreshing because its truly honest. Wish I had your wits at that age. (Im twice your age +1 and just going at it like you for the last few years). Im hoping to live long enough to see your net worth break the million. It will they way your going! best -d

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