April 2020 Dividend Income


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Hello and welcome to my April income post. Today I will share with you everything I did and received in the month of April in terms of investing. In terms of investing April was good to me, my portfolio value increased by 5.9% and I received a good amount of dividends. I hope you all are safe and healthy wherever you live and received a good chunk of dividends.

I had 21 stocks and 1 ETF pay my portfolio a dividend in April another busy month. I received a total of $755.16 for the month. Last year’s total came it at $760.67 so this looks like I lost income however last year I received a special dividend worth $155 and you can never count on receiving special dividends every year. By taking out last year’s special dividend my income grew by 25% year over year. The income per account is as follows.

  • RRSP  $416.87
  • TFSA  $334.44
  • LIRA  $3.85

I had two US stocks pay me, here is the currency that I received the dividends in. Just a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD  $116.53
  • CDN $638.63



2019 2020
TC Energy $109.50 $119.88
BCE $110.95 $118.22
Altria Group $48.80 $70.56
Telus $56.68 $61.75
Algonquin Power & Utilities $41.02 $45.97
North West Company $0.33 $0.33
Leon’s Furniture $0.14 $0.16
Realty Income $10.62
Alimentation Couche-Tard $5.25
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Total $420.14 $416.87

As you can see my income is down slightly over last year, this is because of three sells I made over the year. Overtime my income should go up through the drip program of new shares and any dividend increases I hopefully receive.


2019 2020
Bank of Nova Scotia $23.49 $104.40
BMO International Dividend ETF $22.23 $39.42
Inter Pipeline $34.84 $36.91
Plaza Retail Reit $24.61 $27.76
Transcontnental $27.45
Chorus Aviation $18.16 $20.36
New Flyer Industries $16.58
Aecon Group $14.40
SmartCentres Reit $10.79
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $28.38 $10.75
Canadian Apartment Properties Reit $9.55 $9.55
European Residential Reit $155.00 $7.80
Go Easy Ltd $5.85
Andrew Peller Ltd $2.31 $2.42
Artis Reit $7.43
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Total $338.31 $334.44

If you were to look at the income you would see it is down however as I mentioned above about the special dividend, it was this account in which I received it. It was paid by European Residential Reit. Some of the stocks I bought in March paid me their first dividends so I was very happy to see this. Over the course of time you will likely see my TFSA be the busier of the accounts as I implement my Future Portfolio & New Strategy


2019 2020
Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22 $3.85
Total $2.22 $3.85



# Of Shares Forward Income
Algonquin Power & Utilities 3 $1.69
Telus 2 $2.32
BCE 2 $6.66
Diversified Royalty Corp 2 $0.40
TC Energy 1 $3.24
Altria Group 1 $3.36
Total 11 $17.67

I am currently only dripping new shares in my RRSP & LIRA accounts.

May 20 Forward Income From DRIP Shares

Year Over Year Dividends

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
January $298.97 $377.99 $436.34 $620.32 $680.27
February $205.66 $273.04 $309.75 $455.70 $475.32
March $249.31 $424.96 $519.44 $696.89 $808.35
April $346.87 $403.82 $533.09 $760.67 $755.16
May $288.53 $284.35 $369.72 $482.69
June $269.00 $362.19 $650.27 $718.53
July $367.33 $402.11 $543.91 $632.54
August $298.23 $289.40 $388.99 $535.11
September $285.41 $403.27 $568.42 $721.71
October $380.23 $399.38 $546.38 $669.14
November $293.02 $287.15 $438.59 $460.48
December $287.58 $404.51 $689.97 $752.25
Total $3,570.14 $4,312.17 $5,994.87 $7,506.03 $2,719.10

2020 Dividend Goal

May 20 2020 Dividend Goal

With all of the dividend cuts/suspensions I’ve received this year it is a safe bet I won’t be able to achieve my goal. Hopefully in the coming weeks and months businesses will be able to open safely and maybe some of the dividends could be reinstated to help me get close to my goal. At the beginning of the year I needed to average $791.67 per month in income to reach the goal, I’m currently averaging  $679.77.

Stock Purchases

  • Telus                                10 shares
  • Royal Bank of Canada  5 shares
  • Bank of Montreal          5 shares

Compared to March, April was a very quiet month for purchases. I was expecting the market to continue to decline instead it went up.

Dividend Raise

  • Johnson & Johnson 6.3%


Dividend Cuts/Suspension

  • Chorus Aviation                      – Suspended dividend
  • Keg Royalties Income Fund  – Cut dividend


So how was your April?

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “April 2020 Dividend Income

  1. Nice Matt

    A solid income with some big payers in there. Love to see stocks paying over 100 per month.

    great yr over yr growth.
    keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HI Matthew,
    It seems you weathered the cuts/suspensions and the lack of the special dividend payment pretty well, as you nearly beat last year’s dividend total despite all of that.
    Nice to see three $100 payers this month across two different accounts. That boost in the BNS payout is stellar, too.
    The DRiPs continue to fill the dividend bucket. You have a nice total for 2020 brewing… maybe $200 or more in new forward dividend income due to DRiPs by year’s end.
    Keep doing your thing… it’s working!


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