March 12th TFSA Purchases

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Hey fellow investors today I’m back to share with you some purchases I made on Thursday March 12th. What a crazy last couple of weeks, at one point my portfolio had lost over $40,000 and I was ok with that, the only thought running through my head was what stock to buy next. Last week I was able to put $10,000 into my account, on Thursday I spent about 30% of that on six purchases. All of the stocks I bought are current holdings of mine, I decided not to add any new positions this time. Also all the purchases were made in my TFSA account.

The stocks that I purchased are:

NFI Group (Ticker: NFI)

Yup NFI Group again lol, this is my third purchase of the company in two weeks. I purchased an additional 27 shares @ $22 per share bringing my total to 53 now. With this purchase my dividend income by $11.47 quarterly and $45.88 annually.

Canadian National Railway (Ticker: CNR)

I saw the stock drop to below $100 and told myself I needed to add some shares to the portfolio. This is the second time I purchased CNR this year the last time I paid $123.32 per share. This time I bought 5 shares @ $96.73 per share, with this buy I now hold 26 shares of the railroad.

The company pays a quarterly dividend of $0.575, so this purchase is going to add $2.87 in quarterly income and $11.48 annually.

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners (Ticker: BEP.UN)

This is my second purchase of this stock this year. The first buy was at $61.25 and I thought that was a little high after it’s big run up in 2019, so with what’s been going on I’ve watched it hoping that the price would drop. On March 12th I noticed the price hit $53 and thought it would be a good chance to lower my average costs. So I purchased an additional 10 shares @ $53.38, I now hold 31 shares of BEP and will look to buy more in the future.

BEP currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.5425 with this purchase my quarterly income is increasing by $5.42 and annually by $21.68.

SmartCentres REIT (Ticker: SRU.UN

This is the second purchase of SmartCentres REIT for me in as many weeks. Last time I purchased the stock at $30 per share and last week I seen it trading for less than $25 and thought it presented a good buying opportunity. I bought an additional 20 shares, just like the first purchase bringing my share count to 40 now.

SmartCentres pays a monthly dividend of $0.15417 so my monthly income will increase by $3.08 and annually by $36.96.

Bank of Nova Scotia (Ticker: BNS)

The banks like many stocks had dropped considerably and I thought Bank of Nova Scotia was looking very attractive trading in the low $50s. Before this buy I held 106 shares with an average cost of $71, on Thursday the stock was trading $53 so I took the opportunity to add to my position. I purchased 10 shares @ $53.03 per share.

Bank of Nova Scotia pays a quarterly dividend of $0.90 and so with this purchase I will receive an additional $9 per quarter and $36 annually.

Suncor (Ticker: SU

You guys are probably saying is he nuts buying a Canadian oil producer at this moment. Well I don’t think I’m nuts as Suncor is probably the best positioned producer to whether these current oil prices. The last time I bought Suncor the stock was trading in the $38 to $39 range so when I seen it sitting at $21 I knew I had to add to my position and lower my costs. I bought an additional 16 shares bringing my total share count to 65 now.

Suncor currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.465 and so with these additional shares my income will increase by $7.44 quarterly and $29.76 annually.

With these six purchases my forward income increases by $181.76 all into my TFSA account.

Have you been buying any stocks? Please feel free to let me know.




2 thoughts on “March 12th TFSA Purchases

  1. Great buys, Matt. I think we’re entering the most pessimistic phase as drastic measures are being placed to stop the spread of the virus. For 3 weeks in a row, the media is bombarding us with new cases of the virus. I see an end of it soon. The stocks are very cheap now!!

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    1. Thanks German, I feel like this might go on for awhile. I hope not but, I can’t be sure. Stocks are definitely cheaper now, I think I might wait another day to see what happens before I buy again.


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