Dividend Increase #10 of 2020

Home Depot


I’m back with another raise to share with you. On February 25th the Board of Directors at Home Depot announced they were raising the dividend 10.3%. This marks the 11th straight year the company rewarded shareholders with a raise.

Home Depot will now pay a quarterly dividend of $1.50 per share. Just think the company is paying shareholders $6 per share just to hold the stock, I like that idea quite a bit.

I currently have 12 shares of the company and this raise will increase my quarterly income by $1.68 and my annual income by $6.72

Portfolio Raises in 2020

Stock Old Dividend New Dividend Forward Income
Canadian Utilities $0.4227 $0.4354 $7.92
Realty Income Corp $0.2275 $0.2325 $2.88
Canadian National Railway $0.5375 $0.5750 $2.24
3M Company $1.44 $1.47 $1.20
Suncor $0.42 0.465 $8.80
BCE $0.7925 $0.8325 $22.68
Diversified Royalty Corp $0.23 $0.2350 $0.98
TC Energy $0.75 $0.81 $35.52
Royal Bank of Canada $1.05 $1.08 $11.52
Home Depot $1.36 $1.50 $6.72
Total $100.46

Also with the Home Depot raise I have now received over $100 in Forward income from all of these raises. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

If you own Home Depot congratulations on your raise as well.




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