Dividend Increase #1 of 2020


Hi everyone today’s post is a small one. I just wanted to share with you my first dividend increase of the year, it took only nine days into 2020 for my first stock to announce a dividend raise which was Canadian Utilities. The board of directors on Thursday January 9th after the market closed announced a three percent raise to the dividend. Dividend raises are always great and welcomed by investors but this raise was a little lower than what I was expecting and I think what other investors were expecting as well. Usually the raises are higher around 5% to 6% for Canadian Utilities. I can’t complain too much can I? A raise is a raise and I’m happy to receive more money.

The dividend will be increasing to $0.4354 quarterly up from $0.4227. I currently own 156 shares so this raise increases my quarterly income by $1.98, annually my income goes up by $7.92.

If you own the stock congrats on your raise as well. Thanks for reading and I will have a new post coming out on Thursday where I will share my goals for 2020.




16 thoughts on “Dividend Increase #1 of 2020

  1. A raise is a raise, true. But when it’s less than expected and when the rate has been declining over a few years from 10% to 7.5% and now to 3%, its time to take a hard look at the company. Do a deep dive into the results, presentatations. conference calls and ask if your original thesis has changed. What’s changed in the company to cause the change in pattern. Its not business as usual, its time for some research and thought.

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  2. Hey Matthew, congrats on the raise. Gotta love those consistent dividend increases from our Canadian oligopolies.

    I just recently starting blogging and ran into your blog. I’m also a fellow Canadian Investor πŸ™‚

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  3. 9 days in an you already received your first dividend increase. Not too bad. Sure, it was lower than their recent history, but what else is new based on 2019’s results. Hopefully other companies in 2020 reverse course and start increasing their dividends by larger amounts.


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