Enbridge’s 9.8% Dividend Increase


Hi I am writing this in great spirits. Today while at my day job Enbridge’s board of directors decided to give me and all of my fellow shareholders an early Christmas present. Today December 10th Enbridge announced that they would be increasing the dividend 9.8% which will begin with the dividend payment next March.

So beginning in March the quarterly payment will increase to $0.81 per share up from $0.738. I currently hold 263 shares and with this news my quarterly income increases by $18.94 and annually by $75.76.

June money gif

If you own shares of Enbridge then a big congratulations to you.




2 thoughts on “Enbridge’s 9.8% Dividend Increase

  1. Congrats, Matt! That’a huge increase and you have a large number of shares! Nice increase to your forward dividend income. It’s equivalent of investing $1,500 of fresh capital that you didn’t have to chip in. I don’t own ENB in my personal account, but I bought 70 shares in my wife’s account below $39 a few years ago. That was a great dip. Since then they raised the dividend twice!

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