December 2019 Net Worth

December 2019 Net Worth

Hello everyone and welcome to my December net worth post. I plan of continuing these posts for the future as I like to share my progress on building my net worth. I haven’t set any net worth goals, but that might be worth thinking about for the future.

November was a very expensive month. I purchased my plane ticket for FinCon 2020, I thought it best to buy early. I didn’t buy the cheapest seat I chose to buy premium economy as I’m a bigger guy and thought the extra leg room would be beneficial for the five hour flight. The price of this purchase was about $1,683.00, the price for the ticket was $704 one way, so a round trip ticket cost $1,408 and the rest went to taxes.

Also new for me I am trying my hand at travel hacking or more accurately working towards travel hacking. In the last week of October I received my new credit card the TD Visa Infinite Aeroplan.

aeroplan-visa-infinite-card-Nov net worth

I signed up when TD was offering up to 40,000 air miles. You receive 15,000 miles as a sign up bonus then you can get another 5,000 when adding an authorized user. Which leaves the other 20,000. TD is offering double the miles on every $1 you spend in the first three months after activating the card. Maybe it’s just me but I am finally the process slow to get the miles awarded to my account, but the first week of December my point balance is sitting at 18,600.

Let’s get to the business at hand shall we. All the numbers below are as of December 1st, 2019.

Cash & Savings ( $9,183.77) 43%

Royal Bank of Canada

Nov 19 Dec 2019 Change
Cash $150.00 $1,793.03 1643.03
Emergency Fund $1,382.84 $1,835.00 452.16

There was a significant increase in my cash position this month due to my new credit card mentioned above, the authorized user I added gives me the money they spend and I pay through the RBC bank. In regards to my emergency fund I added some more funds and I moved closer to my $2,000 goal.


I have decided to move my money out of Tangerine where they pay a 1.1% interest in their savings account. I moved the money to EQ Bank where they pay me 2.3%.

EQ Bank

Nov 2019 Dec 2019 Change
General/Investing $130.36 $1,261.59 $1,131.23
Car Fund $700.78 $702.10 $1.32
Travel Fund $1,201.52 $1,203.79 $2.27
Future Housing $2,383.75 $2,388.26 $4.51
Total $4,416.41 $5,555.74 $1,139.33

My savings grew slightly this month. I moved $449.55 in my general/investing account from Tangerine. EQ Bank pays 2.3% interest rate and in November my money earned $9.78 in interest.

Investments ($179,059.59) 2.9%

Nov 2019 Dec 2019 Change
RRSP $114,661.53 $118,732.89 $4,071.36
TFSA $53,750.89 $54,396.01 $645.12
LIRA $5,619.43 $5,930.69 $311.26
Total $174,031.85 $179,059.59 $5,027.74

Another solid month in my opinion a gain of $5,027.74. I didn’t add any new money in my accounts or buy any stocks so my gains are just from the rise in the stock markets.

Liabilities $2,500

Like I said above November was an expensive month with the purchase of plane tickets and the spending on the new credit card, but not to worry folks I have the cash and that balance will be paid in full soon.

Net Worth

As of December 1st my net worth stood at $185,733.58.

Net Worth

That’s a wrap folks. Here’s hoping for a strong finish to 2019 and maybe I can cross $190k. If you have any comments please feel free to leave them below.




6 thoughts on “December 2019 Net Worth

  1. Matthew,

    Another solid month. And you’re getting up near that $200k level. I love getting to see some of those big milestones getting crossed off. We’re getting close to the $700k level which is pretty crazy to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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