November 2019 Dividend Income


Hello and welcome everyone to my November dividend income post. I will be sharing with you all of the dividends I received in my three investment accounts, any trades I made and to let you know if my portfolio received any dividend increases. FMAN (February, May, August and November) are slow months for me, November was no exception I did eek out a gain over 2018’s total so that is positive. I had 12 stocks and 1 ETF pay me for a grand dividend total of $460.48. The income breakdown per account is as follows:

  • RRSP $297.59
  • TFSA $159.31
  • LIRA $3.58

I had three US stocks pay me so here is the currency that I received the dividends in. Just a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD $103.06
  • CDN $357.42


2018 2019
Royal Bank of Canada $75.46 $100.80
Bank of Montreal $68.16 $93.73
AbbVie $71.69
Texas Instruments $20.70
Realty Income $13.66 $10.67
BMO International Dividend ETF $22.23
BMO US Dividend ETF $32.16
Total $211.67 $297.59

My US additions to the portfolio really helped me here. A really quiet month for this account with only five stocks paying their dividends in the month. In the future I would like to continue reinvesting money in these five as I believe they all have bright futures.


2018 2019
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79
Inter Pipeline $33.46 $34.91
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $28.19 $28.76
Plaza Retail Reit $24.33 $24.96
Chorus Aviation $17.96 $18.40
Canadian Apartment Properties Reit $9.20 $9.55
European Residential Reit $3.94
Artis Reit $14.76
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Laurentian Bank $60.16
Total $200.37 $159.31

A normal months worth of activity here with all my monthly stocks paying me. The reason for the big income drop was because of my decision in August to sell my Laurentian Bank shares and put the money into BNS. Other than that all of my stocks paid me more due to the dividend re-investment plan I have set up on all of my stocks.


2018 2019
Diversified Royalty Corp $3.58
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $3.58


# of Shares Forward Income
Plaza Retail Reit 5 $1.40
Chorus Aviation 2 $0.96
Inter Pipeline 1 $1.71
The Keg Royalties Income Fund 1 $1.13
Diversified Royalty Corp 1 $0.22
Total 10 $5.42

I was only able to add 10 new shares to the portfolio this month all from my monthly dividend payers.

Forward Income From DRIP Shares

If the pattern holds true in December I should be back up over $20 but with share prices rising you never know 🙂

2016 to 2019 Dividends

2016 to 2019 Dividends

The green line is above the yellow that’s the end goal. As mentioned above I was able to eek out a small gain over last year ($21).

Dividend Goal 2019

2019 Dividend Goal

Well folks as of November 30th my dividend income stands at $6,753.78 which is quite remarkable. As you can see the needle on the gauge chart is in the green representing the fact that I am above last year’s total. I have a goal of wanting to receive $8,000 this year which means I am currently  $1,246.22 short. I am predicting I should receive between $700 to $750 in December.

Stock Buys

November was all quiet on this front as well. At the moment I have turned my attention on slowly building up my capital. In 2020 my main target for acquisitions will be in my TFSA account as I have a large contribution room.

Dividend Increases

I received three increases in the month from:

  • AbbVie a 10.3% increase which will take effect with the February 2020 payment.
  • Telus increases their dividend by 3.6%. With this announcement Telus continues their semi-annual dividend increases.
  • Diversified Royalty Corp increased their dividend to $0.23 (annual) up from $22.25 cents.

Thanks for reading everyone I greatly appreciate you stopping by. Please feel free in the comments below to tell me how you did in November.





14 thoughts on “November 2019 Dividend Income

  1. So far so good! December should be an interesting month for you. I say almost $800! If you could focus more on your TFSA contributions next year, what would be great. Because those are tax-free returns!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Over the last couple years I have slowly made the shift of focusing on TFSA vs RRSP but now I’m turning my full attention to it. Those tax-free dividends are so tempting. I’m still working on how I will implement this strategy whether it’s investing small amounts or save up a couple thousand dollars and invest that way?? Thank for the support 🙂


  2. That ABBV arrival in you RRSP is big. Love the TXN entry as well.
    Looks like you’ll collect about $7,500 for the year. Outstanding work, Matthew.
    Sounds like you’ve got a plan for 2020 already in the works. I look forward to seeing it unfold.
    Enjoy the holiday season!


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