November 2019 Net Worth

Net Worth


Hi everyone I would like to share my net worth with everyone. Going back in my blog archives I realize the last net worth post I did was back in September 2018. I stopped writing these posts because looking at the site stats not many people were reading them, and I forgot the reason why I was sharing them in the first place. That reason I shared was because they helped focus me to stay on particular goals I had set. Doing the posts allowed to reflect at the end of each month where my financials stood. For awhile now I have been following the blogs Genymoney, Our Table for Two and Poorer Than You and  they have been posting their net worth’s every month, after reading them I feel inspired so I have decided to get back into writing about my net worth.

Let’s take a look back at some of my numbers from September 2018.


  • Cash & Savings  $5,961.09
  • Investments  $129,831.77
  • Car  $13,907.00


  • Car $6,406.28


Total net worth stood at $143,293.58

September 2018 to October 2019

Let’s take a look back on what has happened between posts shall we. In October 2018 I added to my liabilities by borrowing $6,000 from my parents. I used this money to investment in stocks. By doing this my liabilities increased to 12,406.28. When setting my goals for 2019 one of my top goals was to become debt free in 2019. I am happy to share with you that in August I made the final payments on my car and to my parents. This has been the first time in seven years I believe that I haven’t owed anyone anything.

My banking situation has changed since my last September as well. Back then I used to bank at just Royal Bank of Canada and Tangerine. In 2019 I opened an account with an online bank  called EQ Bank, what attracted me to them was their 2.30% interest rate for their savings accounts. That was the highest rate I could find, I was tired of only receiving 1.07% from RBC and I believe 1.25% from Tangerine.

For investments nothing really has changed for me in this area. I still have the three investment accounts, I still invest in dividend stocks and the dividend payments are really starting to fuel the growth of my accounts. I guess the one thing that has changed for me is I have stopped contributing money bi-weekly into my TFSA and RRSP accounts, this was done because back in September 2019 I was unsure what was going to happen with my job.

Now that we are all caught up let’s get to the new updated numbers. All the numbers that I will share below were as of November 1st, 2019

Cash & Savings ($6,398.80)

Royal Bank of Canada

  • Cash  $150.00
  • Emergency Fund  $1,382.84

I have five accounts at Royal Bank a couple of accounts are joint with my parents so I won’t count them as my net worth. I keep my emergency fund with the bank even though they offer the lowest rates just in case I need money quickly. With my other banks it takes a few days to access the money. I am currently working on building my emergency fund back up to $2,000.


  • Savings $449.55

I just have the one account with Tangerine. I’m thinking about withdrawing this money and moving it to EQ Bank to enjoy the higher interest rate. I will let you know next month.

EQ Bank

The bulk of my savings is now with EQ Bank with my account I am allowed to have four sub accounts so I have opened them and they all receive the 2.30% interest rate if money is in them.

  • General/Investing  $130.36
  • Car Fund  $700.78
  • Travel  $1,201.52
  • Future Housing $2,383.75

I have given my accounts names for their purposes. In the General/Investing I am going to put the money that I want to invest with into this account to earn interest once I know what stock I will buy I will withdraw the cash and make the purchase. Car Fund is quite simple a new vehicle in the future. My car is five years old and in good shape, but I need to start saving for the next one and hopefully pay cash for it. I would like to start doing some travelling in the future. In fact next September I plan on travelling to Long Beach, California to attend the next FinCon event (personal finance conference) I have never been but really looking forward to meeting all of my internet friends. The travel account will go up and down quite a bit probably as I still need to buy my flight, the other half of my AirBnB and get some spending money. Future housing is for the future, I don’t know what that will entail yet, that could be a house or an apartment.

Investments ($174,031.85) 


Sept 2018 Nov 2019 Change
RRSP $92,380.58 $114,661.53 $22,280.95
TFSA $32,635.41 $53,750.89 $21,115.48
LIRA $4,815.78 $5,619.43 $803.65
Total $129,831.77 $174,031.85 $44,200.08

My investments have grown quite a bit over the last thirteen months. Thanks in part to the stock market continuing to reach new highs, also I have been focusing on my TFSA account in an attempt to max out my contribution room. Back in July I turned the DRIP back on for all of my stocks. DRIP is Dividend Re-Investment Plan this is going to allow me to buy shares of stocks that I currently own commission free and help grow both my income from dividends and provide me more shares that will help my net worth grow or fall depending on what the stock market does.

Net Worth

As of November 1st my net worth stands at $180,430.65. I decided not to include my car in the net worth post because I currently find an accurate price for it online. I believe my car is probably worth around $6,000 but I wasn’t sure.

Net Worth

Well folks that’s a wrap on my net worth post. I will be making this a monthly post to help track my progress on growing my net worth. Do you keep track of your net worth? Please feel free to comment below.





6 thoughts on “November 2019 Net Worth

  1. Looks good, your investments keep growing at a nice clip.

    Next logical step to continue to increase networth would probably be a house/condo I assume eh…

    I do track my networth, though not every month, and I don’t really post about it. Last time I looked, I I finally cracked 500k. The only liability currently is the mortgage, so need to get that down to really boost the networth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jordan, yes the investments are definitely growing at a good clip. Yes a house/condo is the next logical step but that will be a few years down the road. I would like to max out my TFSA account then start building up my savings accounts.

      Congrats to you guys for cracking 500k.


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