AbbVie Raises Dividend


Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some dividend news I received on Friday. On Friday one of the stocks I own AbbVie (ABBV) announced quarterly earnings, during that announcement the board of directors declared a 10.3% dividend increase that will take place in February. AbbVie currently pays $1.07 per share this will increase to $1.18 per share when they pay the February dividend.

I currently own 67 shares of AbbVie so with this increase my quarterly income will increase by $7.37, annually my income increases by $29.48

If you own shares in AbbVie congrats fellow shareholders on your raise.

Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “AbbVie Raises Dividend

      1. Not too bad! Better than at the peak of like $120. New investor here, got in at $76.69 for 10 shares. In my short investing career, ABBV is the best performing stock in my portfolio

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      2. Nice I just started following your blog. I got my shares at a good price. I wish I had had some cash when the stock was in the low $70s to buy more. I would say Fortis is my best performing stock to date.

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    1. Hi Bert it was really nice to see this increase. After the acquisition announcement I remember people were talking about whether the dividend was safe. I’m looking forward to the combined entity as well.


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