September 2019 Dividend Income

Sept Dividend

Hello and welcome everyone to my September dividend income post. In this post I will share with you everything that happened to my investing portfolio in September. September is a big month in terms of dividends received, I had 21 stocks and 1 ETF pay me. My September income from dividends was $721.71, if we ignore the special dividend I received in April than September was my highest month in terms of dividends received.

I have three investment accounts and the income breakdown per account is as follows.

  • RRSP  $400.96
  • TFSA  $240.46
  • LIRA  $80.29

I had 8 US stocks pay me in Sept so here is the currency I received the dividends in. Just a reminder to keep things simple I report the US currency as Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it to Canadian.

  • USD $101.34
  • CDN $620.37


2018 2019
Enbridge $99.98 $112.91
Power Corp $44.69 $93.56
Fortis $86.28 $93.15
Lockheed Martin $17.60
Home Depot $16.32
Johnson & Johnson $18.86 $15.20
3M Company $14.40
Bank of America $14.02 $12.96
Realty Income Corp $13.37 $10.65
Walgreens Boots Alliance $9.15
Microsoft $5.98 $5.06
Alimentation Couche-Tard $4.20
BMO International Dividend ETf $9.72
BMO US Dividend ETF $32.09
Canadian Utilities $29.50
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $17.25
Total $375.94 $400.96

I received some big payments this month from Enbridge, Fortis and Power Corp. I also received my first dividend payments from Walgreens Boots Alliance and 3M Company which I purchased in August before the ex dividend date. Over time I am planning on adding to all of my US stocks listed above so hopefully that income will continue to rise.


2018 2019
Canadian Utilities $32.25 $65.10
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79
Inter Pipeline $33.18 $34.63
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.57
Plaza Retail Reit $24.08 $24.73
Chorus Aviation $17.80 $18.24
Canadian Apartment Properties $9.20 $9.55
Suncor $8.82
Canadian National Railway $6.83 $8.06
European Residential Reit $3.97
Artis REIT $14.58
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Total $165.93 $240.46

Received some big growth in my TFSA mostly from new investments in Canadian Utilities, The Keg, Suncor, European Residential Reit and BMO International Dividend ETF. Now that I have the drip set up you should start to see the income from some of these stocks slowly creep up over time.


2018 2019
Enbridge $76.75
Diversified Royalty Corp $3.54
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $80.29

Not too much going on with this account. The income is quite high due to the Enbridge payment.


I had a great month with the dividend re-investment plan (DRIP), as I was able to purchase quite a few shares and increase my forward dividend income.

# Of Shares Forward Income
Plaza Retail REIT 5 $1.40
Enbridge 3 $8.85
Power Corp 3 $4.86
Chorus Aviation 2 $0.96
Canadian Utilities 1 $1.69
Fortis 1 $1.80
Inter Pipeline 1 $1.71
The Keg Royalties Income Fund 1 $1.13
Diversified Royalty Corp 1 $0.22
Total 18 $22.62

I hope you guys don’t mind charts lol, I decided to create a new one that displays the forward income that I will be receiving from all of the new shares that I receive through DRIP.

2016 To 2019 Dividends

Dividend Goal For 2019

I crossed the $5,000 mark in year-to-date dividends with September’s income. Around October 15th I should reach and surpass 2018’s dividend total which would mean I would have two and a half months of dividends received growth.

Stock Buys/Sells

This is probably the only area in which my portfolio was quiet. The only stocks I bought were the shares through the drip, and I did not sell any stocks.

Dividend Increases

I had a nice month in this area as I received five raises.

  1. Texas Instruments
  2. Microsoft
  3. Fortis
  4. Lockheed Martin
  5. Realty Income Corp


Well that’s a wrap for my September income post, please feel free to leave a comment below I enjoy hearing from you. How was your September>

Thanks for reading




21 thoughts on “September 2019 Dividend Income

  1. Nice…so almost a 5% yield – do you track your portfolio growth as well as income growth? I was just curious because my portfolio is about double that, but you have a higher income, so I wasn’t sure..but just checked and my yield is closer to 2.25% so it makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t been tracking my portfolio growth I probably should though. I think maybe my income is higher because I don’t have any mutual funds. I think in your post you mentioned a Canadian fund maybe that is making your yield lower? I do know that my portfolio did grow by $5k from Sept 1st to Oct 1st.


      1. If I remember correctly you use RBC Direct investing right? They actually track your portfolio performance for you.. you can compare it to certain benchmarks,’s pretty handy.

        My Canadian Equity fund is actually a decent yielding fund – however I do have one fund that pays zero income, and XAW only pays 2 distributions a year.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey Jordan sorry just seen your message. I do in fact use RBC Direct Investing, I will have to take a look at the portfolio performance feature and get back to you on the growth question you asked. Oh ok about your funds, that one that doesn’t pay any income that is the one that might be bringing the yield down.

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  2. What a great month Matthew! I haven’t taken a look at my September dividends yet. They’re not as high as yours but I’m wondering if it was a high month for me too 🙂

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  3. Very nice progress this month! Very nice TFSA income growth, 5 dividend increases and crossing the 5K mark. Keep up the good work! Are you expecting any big payouts in December to reach the 8K dividends?


  4. Great progress as usual, Matthew.
    The charts look good to me… more is better, right?
    I like the transition you are making in your RRSP. I’m familiar with many of the stocks there and you have some great selections you’ve made. I’d like to figure out how to get MSFT into my portfolio, but I’m hoping for a dip that may never come.
    The forward dividend income from DRiPs is growing very rapidly. Keep that up and you’ll be going places. Keep up the great efforts.

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