New Purchase


Hi everyone thanks for stopping by. Today I just wanted to share with you a new purchase I made. On July 8th I purchased 110 shares of Transcontinental (Ticker: TCL.A). The stock was purchased in my Tax Free Savings Account.

Company Description

Transcontinental Inc is a Canada-based printing company. The Company has operations in print, flexible packaging, publishing and digital media, both in Canada and the United States. The Company’s segments include the Printing and Packaging Sector, and the Media Sector. The Printing and Packaging Sector includes the manufacturing activities of the Company, and generates revenues from various activities, such as the printing of retail flyers, magazines, newspapers, color books, personalized and mass marketing products, and the production of flexible packaging solutions in Canada and the United States. The Media Sector generates revenues through print and digital publishing products, in French and English, of various types, such as newspapers, educational books, specialized publications for professionals, retail promotional content, mass and personalized marketing, mobile and interactive applications, and geotargeted door-to-door and digital distribution services.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Over the last several months Transcontinental has popped up on my radar as I have seen other dividend investors purchase the stock. The company has been performing nicely in my opinion in terms of financials and executing their business plan. The stock is trading much closer to its 52-week low ($14.05) than its 52-week high ($32.36). The P/E ratio currently is 9.31 which is cheap.

The company has been increasing its dividend for the last 17 years. The payout ratio currently stands at 55.92% according to Yahoo Finance which provides the company to continue to raise the dividend if they choose. The dividend is paid quarterly at $0.22 per share.

The Purchase

I bought 110 shares @$14.75. This purchase will boost my income by $96.80 annually.

So what do you think of my purchase? Do you own the stock?




5 thoughts on “New Purchase

  1. I have mixed feelings about this company. I think they need to get rid of their printing division altogether and focus on food packaging and digital marketing. Physical prints is a dying industry. We’ll see how this story will turn around. Good luck!

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