June 2019 Dividend Income

Hello and welcome everyone to my June income post. Also today is Canada Day so I would like to wish my fellow Canadians a happy and safe holiday.

Canada Day

June was a busy month for me in terms of dividends received. I had a great month, it was the best month I had in which no special distributions were paid out by any of my investments. I received payments from 17 stocks and 1 ETF. My income collect from these stocks came in at $718.53.

June money gif

The income breakdown per account is as follows:

  • RRSP $412.07
  • TFSA $227.49
  • LIRA $78.97

In June most of my US stocks paid me so my US income was higher this month here is the currency breakdown for June.

  • USD $75.60
  • CDN $642.93

To keep things nice and easy I pretend the US money is Canadian that way I don’t have to convert it.


2018 2019
Enbridge $98.64 $112.91
Power Corp $44.31 $93.56
Fortis $85.43 $93.15
Inter Pipeline $36.85
Lockheed Martin $17.60
Home Depot $16.32
Johnson & Johnson $18.59 $15.20
Bank of America $5.70 $10.80
Realty Income $13.44 $10.62
Microsoft $5.97 $5.06
Canadian Utilities $61.35
US Dividend ETF $31.88
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $17.04
Total $382.35 $412.07

New investments as well as dividend increases paved the way for growth in my RRSP. I did eliminate three positions, well really only two as Canadian Utilities is now in my TFSA account. You may notice that my US stocks paid me more last year well that was when my brokerage was converting the income for me. As mentioned above I now keep the US income in US dollars.


2018 2019
Canadian Utilities $65.10
BMO International Dividend ETF $38.79
Inter Pipeline $32.76 $34.84
Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.70 $28.38
Plaza REIT $23.73 $24.61
Chorus Aviation $17.56 $18.16
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $9.20 $9.55
Canadian National Railway $6.83 $8.06
Artis REIT $14.31
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31
Corus Entertainment $18.24
ZCL Composites Inc $90.80
Total $241.44 $227.49

My income decreased slightly here only because ZCL Composites Inc was bought and taken private earlier this year, so I no longer receive that special distribution.


2018 2019
Enbridge $76.75
Diversified Royalty Corp $2.22
Enbridge Income Fund $26.55
Total $26.55 $78.97

Not too much happening in this account 🙂

2016 To 2019 Dividends

Dividend Goal 2019

With the start of the second half of the year beginning today I look back at the first half and realize that I am pretty close to being on track to achieve my goal of receiving $8,000 in dividends this year. At the end of May I must admit I was having some doubts but now after looking at the gauge above I believe I can do it. I will just need to make some more purchases.

Stock Buy

  • Bought 7 shares of AbbVie

I bought 7 shares last week when the news broke that AbbVie was going to buy Allegren for $63 billion and the stock dropped 16%. This purchase added $29 to my forward dividend income.

Dividend Increases

  • Realty Income
  • Andrew Peller Ltd
  • Bank of America

These three increases I received will boost my forward dividend income by a further $9. After the increases and one purchase I made in June my forward dividend income now stands at $7,439.

Well folks that is a wrap on my June income post. I hope all of you had a great month as well. Please feel free to let me know how you did in the comment section.

Take Care!





11 thoughts on “June 2019 Dividend Income

  1. Matthew,

    Congrats on another successful month of DGI. And over $700 is a nice haul for one month. Looks like you’ve got some pretty aggressive investing goals to reach that $8k mark with a $7.4k forward dividend total. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. happy Canada day man.

    Wow got to love record months. That is a heck of a income. Love the abbvie buy on that dip.

    keep stacking those divs man. You can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

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