May Buys and Sells


Hello fellow investors and welcome to my latest post. With the title May Buys and Sells you would think I had a busy month of trading which is not the case. The truth is I did all of my transactions in one day May 28th. I made three purchases and sold two stocks. Four of the trades were made in my TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) and the other was in my RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan).

I made these moves in an attempt to improve my geographic asset allocation and to add to my position in some of the stocks I currently hold.

Let’s get to the good stuff shall we! I will begin with the stocks I sold.


Artis REIT

I have held onto Artis REIT for a couple of years now and finally made the decision to sell for a couple of reasons. First last year they cut their dividend by 50%, as a dividend investor I don’t love cuts. When the cut was announced I decided to wait until the share price recovered before I sold. The second reason why I sold was because I held five REIT’s and that is probably too many to have.

When I sold the stock the share price had gained 14.6% so I was able to make some money out of my investment. With this decision I will lose $89.16 in dividends.

This transaction took place in my TFSA.

The second stock I sold was:

Boston Pizza

I bought Boston Pizza Royalties Fund a couple of years ago at the same time as Artis REIT. Selling a stock is never really an easy decision but the main reason why I chose to sell this time is because their has been no dividend growth since I have owned the stock, and not sure if there will be any increases in the near future.

When I sold my shares had increased by 9.34% so like above I made some money on this investment. I will lose $147.72 in dividends.

This transaction took place in my TFSA.


My first purchase on the day was:



I decided to add to my position in ScotiaBank before the purchase I had a small position in the bank. The share price dropped after the bank announced it’s second quarter earnings. I had been watching the stock for awhile and the share price had been declining slowly when it dipped below $69 I made my move.

I bought an additional 18 shares @ $68.85. I now hold a total of 45 shares of the bank. The bank pays a quarter dividend of $0.87 and these additional 18 shares will add $62.64 in dividends to my forward income.

This transaction took place in my TFSA.

My second purchase was:


I purchased BMO International Dividend ETF. This buy was to add to my position that I already have in the ETF. I hold this ETF to diversify my portfolio away from Canada. The ETF currently holds 104 international stocks with a strong focus in Europe and Asia. I have been wanting to increase my position for some time now and when I sold the two stocks mentioned above I knew right where to put that money.

The ETF currently pays a monthly dividend of $0.09. I bought an additional 184 shares bringing my share total to 431. These additional shares will add $198.72 in dividends to my forward income.

This transaction took place in my TFSA.

My third and final purchase is:

Power Corp


I decided to add to my position in Power Corp when I saw the share price come back down from just over $32. Since I first bought the stock the share price hasn’t really moved to much but the company did start increasing it’s dividend and I believe the stock will start to go higher over time.

Power Corp currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.4050. I bought an additional 48 shares to bring my share total to 231. These 48 shares will add $77.76 in dividends to my forward income.


Well folks that was all the buying and selling I did in May. Did you guys make a lot of trades??

Thanks for reading



8 thoughts on “May Buys and Sells

  1. I have owned BPF.UN.TO for awhile. They distribution has not been increased in almost 3 years. With a lot of their restaurants in Alberta, the effect of a bad economy and the increase of minimum wage from $12.20 to $15.00 in 2 years have definitely affected their bottom line.

    I made buys myself with CM.TO and ITP.TO. I jumped to soon to add to CM.TO, bought cannot time the market.

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  2. Canadian banks are looking quite enticing right now, especially considering they keep falling in price. Time to put add more money and get into the buying mode!


    1. Thanks I think I came out alright as well. My portfolio is slightly better now with more geographic exposure. I noticed all your moves in May great job as well!


  3. These are awesome trades! Love it! Nice, solid stocks and ETF! They gonna make your portfolio bullet-proof! The recent sell off in Scotia Bank is a great buying opportunity! Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks German when I seen Scotiabank drop I knew I had to pick up some more shares. I really like the ETF it helps me get exposure to Europe and Asia. I look forward to reading what you’ve been up to.


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