Third Dividend Increase of 2019



Hi everyone today I just wanted to share with you a dividend increase I received back on Jan 29th. On January 29th the Board of Directors of Canadian National Railway announced an 18% increase to their dividend. This is the biggest dividend increase I have received from one stock which was great to see. This is the second increase I have received since owning the stock.

I currently own 15 shares of Canadian National Railway and with this announcement my quarterly income will increase by $1.23 and annually by $4.92.

If you own the stock then congrats on the raise.





7 thoughts on “Third Dividend Increase of 2019

    1. Didn’t BPY announce an increase the other day or am I thinking I f another Brookfield company?? Yes it is great news for CN shareholders I will take that increase every single year 😁


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