Second Dividend Raise of 2019

Realty Income Corp

Hi everyone I’m here to share another dividend raise with you. Yesterday the board of directors of Realty Income Corp announced a 3% raise to their dividend. This is the 5th raise from Realty Income Corp that I have received since I first bought shares early in 2018. The company will now pay a monthly dividend of $0.2255 up from $0.2210.

I currently own 47 shares and with this announcement my monthly income will increase by $0.21 and annually by $2.52.

If you own Realty Income Corp then congrats on the raise ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading!



9 thoughts on “Second Dividend Raise of 2019

  1. Loved seeing that raise although it was a bit lighter than I expected. That was the first, of hopefully many, dividend increase for the year. This coming week and next should should see quite a few increases being announced for my holdings.

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