First Dividend Raise of 2019



Hi everyone, well it happened! It only took 10 days into the new year to receive my first dividend increase. On Thursday January 10th the board of directors of Canadian Utilities announced a 7.5% increase to the dividend. This marks the 47th consecutive year that Canadian Utilities has raised its dividend. This is the fifth increase I have received since owning the stock.

The new dividend will be $0.4227 up from $0.3933. I currently own 154 shares and my quarterly income will increase by $4.51 and annually by $18.04.

Congrats to all my fellow shareholders on the raise.

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14 thoughts on “First Dividend Raise of 2019

  1. I’m still waiting on my first raise but I expect it to come from Realty Income this week. Last January saw a huge number of increases to get the year started off; however, I expect a bit of a slow down this year. Based on last years increases the last week of January should be a very good week! Congrats on your first raise of the new year!

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    1. Thanks JC! I tend to agree with you I also think there will be a slow down this year. I also own Realty Income fingers crossed that we get that raise this week. All the best to you in 2019!


  2. Hi Matthew. Thanks for the excellent blog. I am a new dividend investor and learn a lot from your posts. I purchased CU as one of my first dividend stocks and just heard today that it is suspending it’s drip. What are your thoughts on this.

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    1. Hi JB thanks for reading my blog. CU was one of my first stock purchases as well. I’m not sure what to make of them suspending the drip. It might mean that they don’t need the cash that they were saving by issuing shares instead of payment? At the moment I wouldn’t be to concerned depending on where you have your investment this might not effect you. If you are with a brokerage that offers you a synthetic drip you should still be able to drip your shares.


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