2019 Goals

2019 goals


Hey everyone it’s that time of year again. It’s time to share my goals for 2019, I see on social media many of my fellow bloggers have shared their goals so I thought I better get mine posted to share with the world. I’m not sure what’s in store for me in 2019, I hope it’s filled with financial success with a side of fun and excitement. This year I have decided to set 8 goals spread out in three different categories savings, investing and health.


  1. Have $15,000 in a High Interest Savings Account By Year End

At the start of the year I only had $2,558.97 in my savings account which in my opinion isn’t a lot and in case something happens I should put money away to protect myself from any unforeseen circumstances. Another reason is I am currently part of a union at work and our contract is up later this year, so I should be prepared for that in case we don’t get a new contract.

2. Become Debt Free

Now I had this as a goal last year and didn’t complete it. I stopped making extra payments on my car last September as I found out that I was paying a fixed interest rate of 0.74%, I put that money earmarked towards the car into investing. Last October I borrowed some money from my parents to also invest with. As of Jan 1st I currently own $5,054 on my car and another $5,000 to my parents. This is the year folks where I become debt free and hopefully stay debt free for a long long time.

3. Stop Having a One Tracked Mind

I put this as a goal because over the last 15 years I have solely focused on investing and my savings have suffered. For example last year in October I had an emergency fund of $5,000 and I withdrew $4,000 to invest in a stock leaving only $1,000 left in case of an emergency. I can’t let that happen again, ideally I want to both invest and put money into my savings accounts.

4. Get a Travel Rewards Credit Card

This year I would to get a travel rewards credit card. I am currently researching different cards and it is hard to decide. I would like this card because in the future I would like to do some travelling and the card might be able to help reduce costs.


1.  Receive $8,000 In Dividends

In 2019 I’m going to try and push myself again to boost my dividends in a big way. In 2018 I received $5,994 that was an increase of $1,600 over my 2017 dividends.

2. Invest $15,000 In My TFSA

This year I am going to invest the majority of my money in my Tax Free Savings Account. I would like to max out this account soon as I have unused contribution room from prior years.


This year is going to be big for me in terms of my health. Back in November I found that I have type 2 diabetes so the last couple of months I have been changing what I drink and watching what I eat. By improving my health and being active I can keep the effects of diabetes at bay. To help with this over the Christmas holidays I got a treadmill.

1. Lose 25 pounds

I currently weight 224.8 pounds and I would like to try and get under 200. Over the last five and a half years I have lost 80 pounds.

2. Walk At Least 70,000 Steps Per Week

On January 1st I was asked by @MissMazuma if I wanted to join the 70k step challenge that she is participating in this year, I said yes. Here is her post about the challenge New Year, New Challenge… 70k Steps Per Week Join Us!!  

I thought this would be a great challenge for me to do as if will challenge me to be more active and I can get in shape, so a double win in my books. There are currently 13 of us participating. So far it has been great we are all supporting and cheering each other on.

Well folks there are my goals for 2019, what do you think? Did you set any goals? If you want to share them please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading




21 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. nice matt.

    Seems like a great list of goals. That sucks about diabetes. I know a couple people who have that. Just got to monitor that.

    I dunno a good Canadian Travel Card we just have a cash back card.

    Look forward to following your journey again in 2019.

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  2. Didn’t know you have Type 2 D. Is that curable or you just have to manage the sugar intake all your life? You have some ambitious goals for 2019. Repay your parents, load up your TFSA and increase dividends to 8K. And increase your savings account. If you parents are comfortable, maybe they can extend the pay period for two years. I hope they don’t charge you interest lol. Good luck with your goals in 2019 and I will gladly support you in the process.

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    1. Thanks buddy! As far as I know I will have to manage my sugar in take for the rest of my life. If I am active and keep my sugar in line then I should lead a pretty long and healthy life 🤞. My parents are really good they are not charging me interest.


  3. Dang, sorry to hear about the diabetes..but at least you are on the right path and can monitor it now.
    Good luck on the weight loss.

    Seems like you have some REALLY aggressive goals. I am not sure what your Income is or expenses are like but to hit these goals, you’d need to:

    -Save $12,442 to hit 15k
    – Pay down $10,054 debt
    -Invest $15,000 into your TFSA

    That is $37,496.00 of capital you need to deploy over the year. Best of luck! You must have a pretty high salary, or an intense savings rate…haha. Either way – will be fun monitoring your progress!

    All the best in 2019

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    1. Hey Jordan thanks! I decided to be real aggressive this year. Why not right!! 🙂 I don’t have a big salary but last year was my highest ever thanks to the new job. I try to save as much as possible. All the best to you in 2019!


  4. Great list of goals, Matthew. You’ll have your work cut out for you to hit all those goals, but considering your accomplishments from 2018, I think you have what it takes to do it.
    Sorry to hear about the health condition, but it will be good to be aware so that you can address it. Sounds like you are already focusing on it… good for you. Wishing you all the best in 2019, for both health and finances.

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