Dividend Increases 26 & 27 of 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back. This week I have received two more dividend increases and wanted to share them with you. One I was expecting because the company usually announces in December. The other raise was unexpected and I only found out about it scrolling through Twitter Tuesday night.

The first raise came from:


On Tuesday Enbridge announced a 10% raise to their dividend beginning in the first quarter of 2019. Also in the announcement they said they expect to raise the dividend by another 10% in 2020. Enbridge is a big holding for me I hold the stock in two accounts RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) and LIRA (Locked In Retirement Account).  This is the 6th raise I have received from Enbridge since I first started buying the stock.


I currently own 257 shares and with the raise my income will increase by $17.22 quarterly and $68.88 annually.

The second increase came from:

Realty Income Corp


As mentioned above I found out about this raise scrolling through Twitter and it came as a surprise. This is the 4th raise for Realty Income Corp on the year. If I knew they raised the dividend so much per year I would have bought more shares lol. As it stands I currently have a small position in the company so the income gained isn’t a lot.


I currently own 47 shares and with this news my monthly income increases by $0.03 and $0.36 annually.

If you own these stocks congratulations on the raises.

Thanks for reading



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