Five Buys In Two Days

Hello friends, today’s post is all about the stocks I bought last Friday and this past Monday. Last week we seen the markets take a turn downward and create some buying opportunities. Being in my mid 30’s, and being a dividend investor I wasn’t concerned about what the market was doing. I try to look to add to my positions in stocks or start a new invest. Last week I had the following motto.


For my time horizon being about 30 years before I retire I thought this was the perfect motto. In my opinion if you have a long time horizon you should buy during downturns never sell.

I made two purchases on Friday and three on Monday I will post them in the order that I purchased them.

Buy #1 (TFSA Account)


Canadian Utilities Limited is a global enterprise company. Its segments include Electricity, Pipeline & Liquids, and Corporate & Other. Its Electricity segment’s activities are conducted through two regulated businesses; ATCO Electric Distribution and ATCO Electric Transmission, and three non-regulated businesses, ATCO Power, ATCO Power Australia and Alberta PowerLine (APL). The Pipelines & Liquids segment’s activities are conducted through three regulated businesses, ATCO Gas, ATCO Pipelines and ATCO Gas Australia, and one non-regulated business, ATCO Energy Solutions. It delivers natural gas distribution and transmission services, energy storage, and industrial water solutions to existing and new customers. The Corporate & Other segment includes retail energy business, which through ATCOenergy, sells electricity and natural gas to large commercial retail customers. It also includes the commercial real estate in Alberta, and the strategic investment and expansion into Mexico.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Yes folks another purchase of Canadian Utilities, the stock is now trading under $30 and I think that is a buying opportunity.


Bought 21 shares @ $29.56 for a total cost of $630.71


This purchase will increase my quarterly income by $8.26 and $33.04 annually.


Buy #2 (RRSP Account)

Power Corp


Power Corporation of Canada is a diversified management and holding company. The Company has interest in the financial services, renewable energy, communications and other business sectors. Its principal asset is the controlling interest in Power Financial Corporation (Power Financial). Its segments are Great-West Lifeco Inc. (Lifeco), IGM Financial Inc. (IGM) and Pargesa Holding SA (Pargesa). Lifeco offers life insurance, health insurance, retirement and investment services, and is engaged in the asset management and reinsurance business. IGM is a financial services company operating in Canada, primarily within the advice segment of the financial services market. Pargesa is a holding company with diversified interests in Europe-based companies active in various sectors, such as minerals-based specialty solutions for industry; cement, aggregates and concrete; testing, inspection and certification; wines and spirits, and electricity, natural gas and energy and environmental services.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Power Corp is another stock that I like. The stock hasn’t really moved much over the last few years usually sitting under $30 but I feel that the future is bright and the stock will climb over time. I made this purchase to lower my average cost per share.

The Purchase

I bought 63 shares @ $27.10 for a total cost of $1,717.25. With this buy my average cost drops from $29.09 to $28.63.


My quarterly income increases $24.07 and $96.28 annually.


Buy #3 (RRSP Account)

TransCanada logo

TransCanada Corporation is an energy infrastructure company. The Company is engaged in the development and operation of North American energy infrastructure, including natural gas and liquids pipelines, power generation and natural gas storage facilities. Its segments include Canadian Natural Gas Pipelines, U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines, Mexico Natural Gas Pipelines, Liquids Pipelines and Energy. The Company operates in three businesses: Natural Gas Pipelines, Liquids Pipelines and Energy. The Natural Gas Pipelines and Liquids Pipelines segments principally consist of its respective natural gas and liquids pipelines in Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as its regulated natural gas storage operations in the United States. The Energy segment includes its power operations and the non-regulated natural gas storage business in Canada. TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TCPL) is its principal operating subsidiary.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

This is my second purchase of TransCanada I’ve been watching this stock for a few weeks. On Monday it was trading for pretty much the same price that I first bought it for so I decided to pickup a few shares.

The Purchase

I bought an additional 41 shares @ $51.37. The cost was $2,116.12


My quarterly income will increase by $28.29 and $113.16 annually.


Buy #4 (TFSA Account)



The Bank of Nova Scotia is an international bank and a financial services provider in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America, and Asia-Pacific. The Bank offers a range of advice, products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, corporate and investment banking, and capital markets. Its segments include Canadian Banking, which provides a suite of financial advice and banking solutions to retail, small business, commercial and wealth management customers in Canada; International Banking, which provides a range of financial products, solutions and advice to retail and commercial customers in select regions outside of Canada; Global Banking and Markets, which provides corporate banking, investment banking, capital markets and transaction banking solutions, and Other, which represents smaller operating segments, including Group Treasury.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

Yes I bought another bank lol. With this buy I now own five, I think this will be my last one but you never know. I purchased ScotiaBank for two reasons. The first being their operations in South America (Chile, Peru and Colombia) and Mexico. The second reason is the stock has been falling and I found it to be a buying opportunity.

The Purchase

I bought 27 shares @ $71.53 for a total cost of $1,941.26


ScotiaBank pays a quarterly dividend of $0.85 so the purchase will provide me $22.95 quarterly and $ 91.80 annually.


Buy #5 (TFSA Account)




The Keg Royalties Income Fund is a limited purpose, open-ended trust. The Trust’s objective is to provide consistent monthly distributions to unitholders at the highest sustainable level, and the Trustees of the Trust review distribution levels on an ongoing basis to fulfill that objective. The Trust pays distributions on a monthly basis to unitholders. The Trust is administered by its trustees and by the Keg Rights Limited Partnership (Partnership). The Trust, through the Partnership, owns The Keg trademarks and other related intellectual property from Keg Restaurants Ltd. The Trust makes cash distributions to its unitholders of amounts received by the Trust pursuant to interest paid on the Keg Loan and the Notes and pursuant to distributions on the Trust Units, less estimated amounts required for the payment of expenses, any cash redemptions of Units and reasonable reserves. The Keg GP Ltd. is the managing general partner of the Partnership and administrator of the Trust.

Source: RBC Direct Investing

This buy is similar to my purchase of Power Corp, I saw an opportunity to lower my average cost as the stock was trading $1 under my original purchase price. With this purchase I will now be able to drip 1 new share per month.

The Purchase

Bought 131 shares @ $17.01 for a total cost of $2,233.26. My original price that I paid for the stock was $18.02 and with this buy I was able to lower my cost to $17.56 per share.


The stock pays a monthly dividend of $0.0946 and I will receive $12.39 monthly and $148.68 annually.


Well friends as you saw last Friday and this past Monday were quite busy for my portfolio I made five buys and spent $8,638.60. These purchases will increase my future dividend income by $482.96. I can tell you I will be sitting back now and collecting my dividends to rebuild my cash supply.

Thanks for reading everyone please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. Did you buy any new stocks lately?





10 thoughts on “Five Buys In Two Days

  1. Hey Matt! You’re spending money like a BOSS! I like your buys at these levels. Out of the five stocks you bought, I only own CU. But I’m also interested in BNS and POW. This week I’m looking to add some Emera shares to lower my average cost and to build a solid position. Can’t wait to see the impact on your dividend income from new buys.

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