September 2018 Net Worth

September 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to my September net worth post. Above is a picture of a beach why did I chose that picture? Well I chose it because when I retire (hopefully) I want to spend a lot of time on a beach relaxing, so I kind of use it for motivation to push me to become better with my finances.

My last net worth post was for June, back in August I took a break from blogging and missed July so this post will cover July and August. Looking back over the last couple of months not a lot has happened. The only big thing was in August I bought an iPhone that was expensive but I had saved for it and didn’t go into debt to purchase it. I have slowed putting money away to make lump sum payments on my car, hopefully in September I can start putting money away again to pay off the car. My investments continue to rise along with the market. Since I have so much of my net worth tied up in the market I am always happy to see it go higher, however I do realize at some point the market will go down which will affect my numbers.

Let’s get to the numbers shall we!

September June Change
Cash & Savings $5,961.09 $5,510.52 $450.57
Investments $129,831.77 $125,685.24 $4,146.53
Car $13,907.00 $14,282.00 -$375.00
Liabilities $6,406.28 $6,989.30 -$583.02

Cash & Savings (+$450.57)

September June Change
Car Account $575.07 $154.70 $420.37
Cash $478.28 $449.85 $28.43
Emergency Fund $4,907.74 $4,905.97 $1.77

My cash increased slightly over the last couple months as I mentioned above I had one big expense in August I purchased a new cellphone. About the middle of July I started saving for it so I stopped setting aside money in my car account and emergency fund. In September I expect to resume putting aside some money to help pay off my car.

Investments (+$4,146.53)

September June Change
Locked in RRSP $4,815.78 $4,641.42 $174.36
TFSA $32,635.41 $31,213.42 $1,421.99
RRSP $92,380.58 $89,830.40 $2,550.18

Nothing really new to report here other than my portfolio continues to grow alongside the market. At the end of August I made a big contribution to my TFSA account so I could buy a stock in September so helped the growth for the account.

Car (-$375)

I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GLS and according to Canadian Black Book the value of the car is now $13,907.00. I check this every three months.

Liabilities (-$583.02)

September June Change
Credit Card $24.50 $30.18 -$5.68
Car $6,381.78 $6,959.12 -$577.34

I continue to pay off my car debt my making a payment every two weeks, slowly but surely I will pay off this debt. I also pay my credit card bills every two weeks so that is why it is a low amount.

Net Worth

That’s a wrap folks thank you for reading.



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