June 2018 Net Worth

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Hello to all of my personal finance peeps out there hope you are all doing awesome! Today’s post is about my net worth for the month of June and where I sit heading into July. For me June was a big month I celebrated my birthday on the 24th also I felt like it might have been my best financial month. I say that because on the investing side I received a record amount of dividends, you can find out here. On the debt side I was able to make a large extra payment towards my debt that I owe on my car. Also I had a small win, at the end of June I won $20 bucks in my fantasy baseball league.

June net worth gif

I do have some big news to share with you though. During the middle of June I decided to quit my part-time job. With this decision I am now down to one job, last year I work three at one point. One reason why I quit is because I wanted to take sometime off in between jobs and not burn myself out. Last year I worked three jobs and only had 15 days off throughout the year. Also I would have needed to pay money to renew my licence as a security guard by June 24 (my birthday) which would have cost $120, since I was becoming less committed to the job I thought this was a needless expense.

All numbers that will be shown below are as of June 30th.

June May Change
Cash & Savings $5,510.52 $6,074.21 -$563.69
Investments $125,685.24 $121,492.82 $4,192.42
Car $14,282.00 $14,282.00 $0.00
Liabilities $6,989.30 $9,984.57 -$2,995.27

Cash & Savings (-$563.69)

June May Change
Car Account $154.70 $1,316.38 -$1,161.68
Cash $449.85 $454.92 -$5.07
Emergency Fund $4,905.97 $4,302.91 $603.06

My cash at the end of June dropped my $563.69 normally that is a bad thing but for me it is good. I say this because the drop came out of my car account and the drop means I made an extra payment towards my car loan. Normally I save up roughly $1,500 in the account then I go to the bank and put it towards my loan. My emergency fund continues to grow, each month I will continue to put money into the account each month until the balance reaches $10,000.

Investments (+$4,192.42)

June May Change
Locked in RRSP $4,641.42 $4,095.99 $545.43
TFSA $31,213.42 $30,175.75 $1,037.67
RRSP $89,830.40 $87,221.08 $2,609.32

June was a great month for my investments I had some big growth. Each account grew nicely one reason for this was one of my stocks Enbridge received approval in Minnesota for their Line 3 replacement program and that send the stock price soaring. Last month I mentioned that I was concerned with the lack of growth from my portfolio that concern has subsided a little bit after this month. If I take dividends  ($650) out of the equation my portfolio grew by it’s own $3,542.42.

Car ($14,282.00)

I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GLS and according to Canadian Black Book the value of the car is now $14,282.00. I check this every three months. I will post a new value in my July post.

Liabilities (-$2,995.27)

June May Change
Credit Card $30.18 $97.54 -$67.36
Car $6,959.12 $9,887.03 $2,927.91

Hey guys I am so happy to share this with you. In June I was able to pay down a large amount of my debt. I mentioned above that I quit my part-time job in the middle of the month, a week or so after that I received all the money that they owed me roughly $800 after taxes and at that time in my car account I had $1,700 so once I received my new money I immediately went to the bank and made an extra payment of $2,500 towards my loan. I figure I knocked off 7 to 8 months worth of payments.

Net Worth

June saw my net worth increase by $6,624 my biggest increase in a single month since I started tracking my net worth. Fingers crossed I can sustain that kind of growth 🙂


How did you guys do in June? I hope your net worth grew as well.

Thanks for reading


June 2018 Net Worth


11 thoughts on “June 2018 Net Worth

  1. Happy birthday Matt! Congrats on another great month. It’s great to see your net worth increasing like this. And your GIFs are always funny 😆

    It is also good to see you piling up cash. I’m not sure how the residential real estate market is right now in Canada, but have you thought about adding real estate to your assets?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the HUGE increase!! Your dividends and your net worth were setting records in June! Keep up the good work! Good for you to make sure you have time for yourself, don’t want to burn yourself out!

    Liked by 1 person

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